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  • Today, Digilant is delivering on that goal (reducing wasteful digital spending and improving the effectiveness of digital advertising using real-time targeting intelligence) by providing breakthrough solutions (many with patents pending) for hundreds of agencies and brands around the globe.
  • Digilant’s platform can be optimized for customer acquisition as well as branding campaigns. Digilant leverages direct premium publisher relationships that meet the client’s audience criteria to create a custom branding platform. Digilant Multicultural enables marketers to reach entire spectrum of cultural segments – locally, nationally or globally.
  • At the heart of Digilant is AIM (Audience Investment Management). The AIM Consolidated Media BuyingPlatform is our comprehensive end-to-end platform that aggregates data from multiple sources- including Digilant’s own proprietary sources- to identify the most productive media placements for brands in nanoseconds.What is a consolidated media buying platform?As defined by Forrester, it’s a fully integrated technology stack that ties together Demand-Side Platform, Data Management Platform and Sell-side Platform functionality to provide transparency, control and access to premium inventory that is unavailable on ad exchanges.
  • The advantage of integrating the technology stack:Ingest customer data to create audience and page indexes without data leakageFeedback loop between analytic engine and bidders creates smarter bidding for improved performance
  • There are dozens of ad technology platforms but only four are truly consolidated media buying platforms, end-to-end solutions that connect agency platforms to publishers: Google acquired Doubleclick, Admeld and Invite to create an integrated stackAdobe acquired Omniture, Auditude, Demdex and Efficient Frontier to create an end-to-end solutionWhat sets Digilant apart is its customizable algorithms, vertical industry solutions and multi-cultural and general market segmented targeting.
  • Real-time display advertising represents a revolution that is heavily dependent on having access to customer data and powerful analytic and targeting tools. Unlike the competition, Digilant focuses on full-funnel targeting, combining prospecting and retargeting techniques.
  • Digilant creates prospect pools by analyzing customer data to create audience and web page indexes to discover high-value prospects.
  • Digilant creates prospect pools by analyzing customer data to create audience and web page indexes to discover high-value prospects.
  • AIM stores the optimization ‘learnings’ – typical DSP’s can’t.AIM allows for discontinuous campaigns. Campaigns that run for two weeks each month, but repeat monthly. Or run quarter 1 and then again in quarter 3.This means the campaigns level of optimization picks up where it left off that last campaign. It doesn’t have to start learning from ground zero again like most DSP’s. This is a huge advantage translating to substantially improved campaign performance.
  • Generally 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98%. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online.How does retargeting work?Technically all that is necessary is to place a JavaScript tag in the footer of your website. This code creates a list of people that visit your site by placing anonymous retargeting "cookies" in their browser. This list allows Digilantto display retargeting ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites. Since Digilant works with the largest ad exchanges, we can retarget your customers just about anywhere they might go online.Retargeting generates greater online sales by keeping your brand front and center and bringing "window shoppers" back when they're ready to buy. Every time your customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition. The high click-through rates and increased conversions that are typical with retargeting campaigns underscore the value of good branding and repeated exposure.
  • The Digilant's Difference

    1. 1. The Digital Advertising Industry’s LeadingConsolidated Media-Buying Platform 2012
    2. 2. Digilantis an independentmarketing technologycompany that providesmarketers with aplatform to supportthe entire media buy–from planning throughexecution, measurementand optimization–with ultimate precisionand transparency.Founded in 2009, and launched as Adnetik, the companywas created to reduce wasteful digital spending andimprove the effectiveness of digital advertising using real-time targeting intelligence.
    3. 3. Since 2009, Digilant has maintained a 95% Customer Retention RateAgencies Brands
    4. 4. U.S. Ad Exchange Inventory Partners & ReachAd exchanges are technology platforms that facilitate the bidded buying and selling of onlinemedia advertising inventory from multiple ad networks. The approach is technology-driven asopposed to the historical approach of negotiating price on media inventory.Via our ad exchange inventory partners, Digilant reaches more than 95% of the internet audienceper month.Digilant has access to more than 7 billion impressions per day and views more than 230 millionunique cookie IDs per day in the U.S.In addition to connecting to the industry’s leading ad exchange inventory partners, Digilant cancreate a customized branding platform for each brand through premium publisher partnerships.Digilant’s branding platform provides marketers with an avenue to control the negotiation of theirown direct deals with publishers and ad networks for integrated campaigns and provides frequencycapping and de-duplication of users across all inventory sources.
    5. 5. Consolidated Media Buying Platform Consolidated Buying Platform DSPs DMP SSPs • Invite Ad ExchangesBrands • Mediamath • Rubicon Publishers Google | OpenX | RMX • Pubmatic • Dataxu
    6. 6. Advantages of an Integrated Technology Stack• Server-to-server interaction between advertisers and publishers• Feedback loop for bid optimization• Transform customer data into actionable insights
    7. 7. Digilant’s Learning Engine & Optimizer Bidder optimizes on click or action 1000s of Nano Fastest Tier on Google AdX operating at Segments 500,000 QPS Optimizing variables include: • URL • Referring URL • Time of day • Creative • Ad Placement • User profile / IDClick • Impression Investment AIM Look-A-Like Modeling • Tactic • Browser & OS • Browser default language • Geographic location • Domain Optimization Engine identifies patterns that produce results!
    8. 8. The Digilant DifferenceDigilant’s optimization technology is the most sophisticated inthe industry.The algorithm is customizable.The system analyses customer data,third party data, and web data to informoptimization. Once this data isaggregated, the system ranks therelevancy and expected performancefor each available ad to inform the bidprice. When the system finds a matchand places a winning bid, the ad isdelivered to the user and the responseis recorded for use in the next round ofbidding.
    9. 9. Competitive Landscape
    10. 10. Full Funnel Marketing = Prospecting + Remarketing• Full-funnel campaigns that combine intelligent prospecting and retargeting drive new customer growth by 40% or more.• Campaigns that integrate data, targeting and bidding in a single, integrated solution can drive down costs by up to 700%.
    11. 11. The Digilant Difference multicultural index™ Leverages the power of page index™ and audience index™ to reach the growing multicultural and diverse audience segments in the U.S. Latino Index™ and Asian Index™ go beyond browser language and zip code targeting to reach the aforementioned audiences by contextual vernacular language in-page for video, display and mobile advertising. Urban Index™ and LGBT Index™ harness the strength of zip code targeting, audience behavior and contextual relevance to target the optimal audience in the optimal place at the optimal time. Marketers can target multicultural and diverse consumers at scale with brand safety using the optimal creative and message in the optimal location at the optimal time.
    12. 12. Digilant’s AIM Military Offering AIM Military targeting tactics include: • AIM Index Military Custom White List • Military IP Targeting (.mil) • Military Base Zip Code Targeting • Behavioral Targeting • Geographic (City, DMA, State, Country) • Site Retargeting Reach 30 Million Americans with $2T in annual consumer spending power!1/2/2013 :: Page 12
    13. 13. The Digilant Differencepage index™ is Digilant’s proprietary webpage classification tool that offersprecise placement targeting and semantic analysis for structural pageelements and webpage content.audience index™ is Digilant’s prospecting technology that identifiespreviously undiscovered audience segments via attribute scoring technology page index™ audience index™ • Custom target unlimited # of URLs • Expand beyond retargeting – utilize against specific audience targets proven audience learnings to • Cookie-less targeting (1st ever enable prospecting within RTB space) • Audience ID’s commonalities • Expand audience reach thru look- evaluated within 6,500 attributes alike modeling for URLs white/black • Algorithms applied to users of high- lists value to identify other like users • Page level specific, not domain, for • Continuous evolution – new users perfected interest relevance added to the algorithm daily to keep the targeting pool fresh
    14. 14. Page Index™page index™ categorizes inventory bya number of proprietary attributesthat influence visibility and relevance Sample of attributes •Content •Keyword Relevance •Number of ads on page •Above or below the fold • Size of page in KB • Location of ads •Number of videos •Border size •Number of images •Page length in pixels 35 properties total Leverage one of a kind technology to discover high-value inventory segments in a fully transparent environment
    15. 15. Page Index™ Semantic ClassificationSeed documents contain Seed is processed Categorize seed keywords/ideas/top by proprietary content in terms of performing URLs model relevance Search for similar URLs using look-alike modeling
    16. 16. Multicultural Page Index™
    17. 17. Audience Index™ Hunt for these users on the exchanges Create a new target list of users that Capture audience match + attributes using pixel onadvertiser’s webpage Analyze millions of Run list of attributes +/- user attributes against entire universe of usersUse custom scoring to discover high-value audiences outside your current customer base instead of targeting the same tired users 17
    18. 18.  Algorithm & Campaign ! Algorithm Stored for Future Use!DIGILANT owns and operatesits own algorithmic bidding andoptimization technologyCampaign learnings and optimized algorithms fromclient’s campaigns are stored inDMP for future use to “Hot Start”the next campaign  Typical DSP
    19. 19. Power Retargeting Customize your retargeting messages using Dynamic Creative Optimization to meet specific needs, interests and priorities of your audienceTest offers against one another (and how various headlines andmessages may have impacted them)And/Or:Keying off of and/or injecting location into the ad, Ex: "Fly in from Boston and spend the weekend with us"Implementing personalized retargeting Ex: If user visits "Lodging" area of site, present offer "x" If user visits "Ski School" are of site, present offer "y" (which may be a lodging/ski school bundle)Keying off of or injecting weather data, Ex: "Its 35 degrees and Sunny, perfect spring skiing Customizable features conditions" • Headline Or, "We just received x inches of snow in x hours…..“ • ImageIncrease conversion on average 1-3x • Call to action Leverage insights for placement and audience with creative intelligence to maximize your advertising potential
    20. 20. Digilant Latino™: U.S. Hispanic Consumer ReachTotal U.S. Hispanic audience online  26.8M unique users*Digilant views 97% of these users 14.6 times per day across itsLatino Index™. UU (000) 97% Audience reach 30 25 25 20 15 15 14 10 6 5 3 2 4 1 0*Source: comScore Media Metrix August 2012.Digilant’s U.S. Hispanic consumer audience reach is based on the average of unduplicated users profiles that travel through the Latino index monthly.
    21. 21. Digilant Urban™: U.S. Black Consumer ReachTotal U.S. African-American audience online  23.3M unique users*Digilant views 90% of these users 24 times per day across itsUrban Index™. UU (000) 25 90% Audience reach 20 20 17.5 16.3 15 14.3 10 5 0 Digilant Google (M) AT&T Adworks Yahoo Sites (P) (N)*Source: comScore Media Metrix August 2012.Digilant’s U.S. Black consumer audience reach is based on the average of unduplicated users profiles that travel through the Urban index monthly.
    22. 22. Types of Targeting Standard Page Index Audience Index Multicultural • behavioral data* • ad visibility • attribute score • contextual vernacular • contextual relevance • contextual relevance • behavioral data* language in-page • custom segmentation • custom segmentation • look-alike modeling* • browser language • demographic • geography / DMA • demographic • contextual relevance • geography • (cookie-less) look-alike • geography / DMA • custom segmentation • look-alike modeling* modeling* • custom segmentation • demographic • power retargeting • page quality • geography / DMA • search retargeting • page structure • power retargeting • search retargeting • behavioral data* • look-alike modeling* • ad visibility • attribute score • page quality • page structure* behavioral data includes any range of data from both first party and/or third party sources* look-alike modeling can be used for URL modeling or audience modeling
    23. 23. Ad UnitsDisplay Mobile Video• Sizes: 300 x 250, 728 x • Sizes: 320 x 50 and 300 x 50 • Types: 90, 160 x 600, 468 x 60, 180 x • In-Browser / In-application Pre-roll- appears before users 150, 300 x 600, 336 x consumes video content • XX-Large Image Banner 320 x 280, 120 x 600, 88 x 31, 234 x Post-roll- appears after video 50 pixels 60 Universal Unit GIF, PNG, JPEG for content is consumed• Creative supports still image < 10 KB file size In-banner- appears within JPEG, GIF, flash, SWS Supplemental unit Animated GIF video content on a webpage for animation < 15 KB file size Interstitial- appears in the• Length: 3 loop max 15 second • X-Large Image Banner 300 x middle of video consumption max 50 pixels • Length: 15 or 30 second max• Other: Standard and Rich Universal Unit GIF, PNG, JPEG for media/expandables still image < 10 KB file size • Other: VAST 2.0 compliant Supplemental unit Animated GIF *Please inquire about for animation < 15 KB file size additional sizesRich Media/Expandable*• Base Dimension 480 x 603 728 x 90 300 x 250 160 x 600 120 x 600• Expanded 468 x 210 728 x 300 600 x 300 400 x 600 420 x 600• Direction Down Down Down & Left Left Left * Other sizes available
    24. 24. How it Works Online and in VideoTime = 0.000 seconds 1. A visitor lands on a page and the publisher sends an ad request to the ad exchange. 2. The ad exchange makes the user profile available to all bidders. Digilant 3. The advertiser’s bids are automatically sent to the exchange by the bidding algorithm. 4. The highest bid wins the impression. 5. The winner’s creative is served and the page is rendered.Time = 0.100 secondsWhat comes across in the users profile?> Time of day > Date > Full URL > OS > Referral URL > Browser type > Location (IP) > Browser ID > Search history
    25. 25. How Ad Exchanges & RTB Works What’s in the ad profile? •Time of day •Date •Full URL •OS •Browser Type Time = 0.000 Advertisers •Browser ID seconds •Referral URL •Location (IP) 1. A visitor lands on a 1 •Search history… page and theOffers publisher sends a bid request to the ad$1.00 2 exchange. 2. The ad exchange 3 makes the users profile available to allOffers bidders. 3. The advertiser’s bids$1.10 are automatically sent to the exchange by the bidding 5 algorithm.Offers 4. The highest bid wins$1.25 the impression. 5 5. The high bidders creative is served and the page is rendered.. Time = 0.100 seconds Ad Ad Server 25
    26. 26. How it Works in Mobile
    27. 27. Brand SafetyBrand SafetyAll pages crawled by Digilant are given a brand safety rating for each of the followingbase safety content categories through AdSafe: Adult content, Hate speech, Guns /Bombs / Ammo, Spyware / Malware, Offensive language , Gaming / Gambling, LegalityPremium, Quality ContentIncrease Brand Value: Improve media efficiency through the elimination ofunderperforming inventoryBlock ads from appearing on sites that contain offensive content
    28. 28. Additional Brand SafetyDigilant uses it’s own technology for Page Index™ to score sites. As an addedprecaution marketers can choose to use the AdSafe Firewall Use AdSafe’s Firewall or another provider’s to prevent ads from being served next to inappropriate content
    29. 29. PrivacyDigilant takes privacy seriously. That’s why we havepartnered with Evidon to wrap all behaviorallytargeted ads with the Advertising Options Icon: The icon appears at the top corner of an ad, providing users with choice and control over how their information is used for targeting Digilant was recognized as one of the industry’s leaders in privacy and self-regulation by Evidon through inclusion in the green light program.
    30. 30. Real-Time Comprehensive & Transparent Reporting
    31. 31. Real-Time Comprehensive & Transparent Reporting
    32. 32. Case Studies Leadership Global Presence
    33. 33. Digilant Influences a Geo-targeted U.S. Hispanic Audience For a Large Grocery Store ChainBackgroundA grocery store chain wanted to increase perception of valueamong Hispanics. They partnered with Digilant to target theseconsumers in key geographic areas.
    34. 34. Digilant Influences a Geo-targeted U.S. Hispanic Audience For a Large Grocery Store ChainResult:• Drove an 8% increase in brand lift, which outperformed the Vizu norm over 100%!• The campaign successfully reached Hispanic consumers in Los Angles and San Diego, driving double digit brand lift for each of the cities. Digilant was able to show how effective its targeting capabilities were in brand-building and positively influencing consumer perception in real-time among geo-targeted U.S. Hispanics.
    35. 35. Digilant’s Real-Time Optimizations Maximize Brand LiftBackgroundA large CPG company partnered with Digilant to increasepurchase intent among consumers for their hair care products.
    36. 36. Digilant’s Real-Time Optimizations Maximize Brand LiftResult:• Drove a 14% increase in brand lift, which is more than double the Vizu purchase intent norm!• Optimized the campaign to drive brand lift. After multiple optimizations were performed based upon creative reallocation and frequency adjustments, the campaign soared in its performance. Digilant was able to optimize in real-time against the strongest performing components to maximize purchase intent for the CPG company product.
    37. 37. Executive Leadership Team
    38. 38. Executive Leadership Team
    39. 39. Executive Leadership Team
    40. 40. Contact UsDigilant Amsterdam Digilant London Digilant Mexico City Digilant São PauloDigilant B.V. Prinseneiland 57 Willow House Galileo No. 20, Suite 102 Rua Luigi Galvani, 42. cj 123/1241013 LM Amsterdam. The 17-23 Willow Place Col. Polanco Chapultepec Brooklin. São Paulo, SPNetherlands London, SWIP IJH Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, CEP 04575-020. BrasilTELE +31 (0) 20 7795943 TELE +44 (0) 207 268 3936 C.P. 11560, DF México. México TELE +55 11 2889 5677FAX +31 (0) 20 7794287 FAX +44 (0) 203 402 3704 TELE +52 5281 7339 EMAIL brinfo@digilant.comEMAIL EMAIL EMAIL mxinfo@digilant.comDigilant Boston Digilant New York(Global Headquarters) Digilant Madrid 349 Fifth Avenue100 North Washington Street Avenida de Brasil New York, New York 10016Suite 502. Boston, MA 02114 17, entreplanta A United States of AmericaUnited States of America 28020 Madrid. España TELE +1 781 929 6753TELE +1 617 849 6900 TELE +34 91 770 46 99 EMAIL usinfo@digilant.comFAX +1 617 849 6920 FAX +34 91 770 47 05EMAIL EMAIL esinfo@digilant.comFor more information, visit