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S ppresentation 090215


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RNE Resilience Workshop, 8 -10 Feb, 2015 Egypt

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S ppresentation 090215

  1. 1. 9 February 2015 RNE Resilience Workshop Christina Dankmeyer (ESP) FAO Social Protection Division for RESILIENCE
  2. 2. What is Social Protection? Social Protection can build RESILIENCE over the life cycle and promote systems for pro-poor and inclusive growth and sustainable graduation from poverty. Prevents Protects Promotes Transforms Social insurance e.g. crop, livestock, weather- index, savings, health Social assistance e.g. cash transfers, public works, food subsidies Livelihood support e.g. diversification of crops, human capital formation Social inclusion measures for rights, e.g. gender equality, child labour eradication
  3. 3. How does SP build Resilience? Childhood Illness/drought Unemployment Retirement Child grant Cash/Food Benefit Pension Education Diversify livelihood Training/skills Crop Insurance Public Works
  4. 4. Why Social Protection? Entry Points • SP For Whom? 75% of the world’s poor and food insecure live in rural areas, including the majority of people who have no access to adequate social protection. Functions • Prevention – Social Insurance measures • Protection – Social Assistance measures • Promotion – Livelihood Support • Transformation – Social Inclusion measures Interventions • Twin-Track Approach: • Emergency Assistance – Address chronic needs in times of shocks and stresses • Livelihoods Development – Address vulnerabilities as part of long-term development FAO’s Goal 1: Eradication of Hunger, Food Insecurity and Malnutrition FAO’s Goal 2: Elimination of Poverty FAO’s Goal 3: Sustainable Natural Resources Management
  5. 5. Social Protection for FSN and Rural Development  Advise on policy-making and programming processes  Generate knowledge and evidence on SP in support of FS(N)/AG/RD  Build institutional capacities at all levels to design and maintain SP systems that effectively protect and promote livelihoods  Advocate for the realization of the rights to food and social protection How does FAO promote SP? Social Protection Rural Services FSN and Natural Resources Management Resilient and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods