Elective Fair Art Presentation


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This presentation is intended to promote a middle school visual art program during an elective fair.

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Elective Fair Art Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to Visual Arts at Pat Neff Middle School ... Home of the Texans.
  2. 2. Art Is a Window on Our World. Rose Window , Notre Dame Cathedral
  3. 3. And What a Window It Is! René Magritte La Condition Humaine
  4. 4. What Do You Think of When You Think about Art? René Magritte The Pleasure Principle (Portrait of Edward James)
  5. 5. Creativity? René Magritte, The False Mirror
  6. 6. Making Things? Nancy Skoglund, Radioactive Cats
  7. 7. Thinking About Art? August Rodin The Thinker
  8. 8. Art History? Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night , 1889
  9. 9. Learning to See Things in New Ways? René Magritte Time Transfixed
  10. 10. Being an Art Critic? Roy Lichtenstein The Critic
  11. 11. Art Is All these Things... And More!
  12. 12. We Will Draw...
  13. 13. Paint...
  14. 14. Print...
  15. 15. Sculpt...
  16. 16. Make Pottery...
  17. 17. Do “Wheel Throwing...”
  18. 18. Make “Fiber Art…”
  19. 19. Explore Cultures...
  20. 20. Use Technology...
  21. 21. See Our Best Work at Artfest...
  22. 22. Participate in Los Leones...
  23. 23. Participate in Jr. V.A.S.E. (Visual Arts Scholastic Event)...
  24. 24. … and Learn about Yourself and Your World.
  25. 25. Come Join the Adventure!
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  29. 29. Students’ Artworks Cited In Order of Appearance: and more… Alfred M. “Tropical Lagoon.” Cardboard Print Justyn C. “Tooty Fruity Secret Door.” Cardboard Print Annalisa L. “Octopus.” Cardboard Print Matthew M. “Portrait.” Tempera Paint on Paper Rozalynn Ramirez “Flower Painting.” Tempera Paint on Paper Matthew M. “Landscape.” Tempera Paint on Paper draw… Amanda S. “Dragon Tail.” Pencil on Paper Amanda M. “Rabbit Still-Life.” Pencil on Paper Fahtima A. “Titanic.” Pencil on Paper paint… Hope D. “Sunset.” Tempera Paint on Paper Amanda S. “Scary Tree.” Tempera Paint on Paper Cecilia G. “Thunderstorm.” Tempera Paint on Paper
  30. 30. print… Crystal R. “Red Sea, Red Bird.” Cardboard Print Alex C. “Treehouse.” Cardboard Print Matthew M. “Undersea Mansion.” Cardboard Print sculpt… Sarah C. “Seahorse.” Papier Maché Gabby P. “Fish.” Papier Maché Sarah C. “Horse.” “Mouse.” Aluminum Wire Sculpture Olivia F. “Necklace.” Aluminum Repoussé and Fibers make pottery… Mixed Artists, Glazed Ceramics Mixed Artists, Glazed Ceramics Sarah C. “Bill” Glazed Ceramic wheel throwing… Mixed Artists, Wheel Thrown Ceramics
  31. 31. fiber art… Mixed Artists, Fiber Art explore cultures… Manuel P. T. “Locust.” Aluminum Repoussé Emily G. “Anubis.” Aluminum Repoussé Cecilia G. “Hieroglyphics.” Aluminum Repoussé technology… Monica C. “Flower Arrangement.” Altered digital photograph Thomas V. “Black and White Soldiers.” Altered digital photograph Croix C. “Golden Eye.” Altered digital photograph Justyn C. “Black Portrait.” Altered digital photograph Kevin S. “Soldier Train.” Altered digital photograph Joshua C. “Fractured Face.” Altered digital photograph Crystal R. “Faded Flower.” Altered digital photograph Manuel P. T. “Dinosaur.” Altered digital photograph
  32. 32. Artfest… Mixed Artists, Mixed Media Los Leones… Louis T. “Self Portrait.” Linoleum Block Print Trashcan Art. “Attitude Man.” Aluminum Wire Sculpture Kyle F. “Marilyn.” Tempera Paint on Paper Gabby P. “Blue Lady.” Tempera Paint on Paper Miranda W. “Unicorn.” Tempera Paint on Paper your world… Mixed Artists, Mixed Media adventure… Natalie L. “A Child’s Secret Place.” Cardboard Print Gabby B. “The Mysterious House.” Cardboard Print Manuel P. T. “Under the Sea.” Cardboard Print Gabby R. “Secrets.” Cardboard Print