Twitter for geography teachers and students


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Presentation from the Geographical Association Annual Conference at the University of Manchester on 13th April.
A short presentation on the basics of Twitter and how it can be useful for Geography teachers both in and out of the classroom

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  • Twitter for geography teachers and students

    1. 1. Twitter for Geography Teachers and @jennywrenwatts
    2. 2. Some basics • Social Networking and Micro-blogging service • Users send ‘Tweets’ up to 140 characters long. @ to reply # hashtag RT retweets Trending TopicsDM Direct Messages
    3. 3. A Communication Tool Source: Barrett (2008)
    4. 4. Personal Learning Network (PLN)• Twitter as a tool to establish your own Personal Learning Network• Teachers (from across the world), University Departments, the GA, the RGS, Publishers, Fieldwork Centres …….• Sharing information: links, ideas, resources• Collaboration• Interaction is the key!
    5. 5. Twitter Interaction
    6. 6. #geographyteacher
    7. 7. #geography Other hashtags: #education #teachers #elearning #edchat #ukedchat #nqt #teachmeet#pgcetips – hanbook edited by Timhandley
    8. 8. Gathering Information• From main stream media• Real life responses to events• Searching twitter• Media you weren’t aware of.
    9. 9. Making connections• Ask hor help/advice/suggestions.• Tell the world about your blog posts.• A few of blogs discovered through twitter: – Living Geography: – Blogstronomy: – Views of the World: – Geofactualidades: – David Rogers: Geography,Teaching, Learning: – The Big Picture: – Tony Cassidy: Teaching and Learning – I think…:
    10. 10. Twitter and Students• The use of the twitter will very much depend on school context.• Make sure students area aware of the language• Have a set of behaviour guidelines.• Make any accounts private so you can control who follows you.
    11. 11. Gather live data with TwitterIn the classroom: – Use twitter to ask questions to your followers – Use twitter to engage in live conversations: British Antarctic Survey – Use twitter to find real life opinions on different topics – Set up a twitter to tweet about an event at certain times: a hypothetical earthquake or tsunami – Use data from twitter: USGS•Outside the classroom: – Ask students to tweet observation/experiences/measurements/ other data at different sites. These can be mapped later.
    12. 12. Share news and resources• Set up a twitter account to tweet articles you want students to look at.• Ask students to tweet relevant articles they have read to share to others.
    13. 13. Social Network Toolkit
    14. 14. Geography tweeters to follow… @GeoBlogs @NoelJenkins @JohnSayers @kenny1973 @maxrayner @TonyCassidy @RHULGeography @HumanGeoMonster @McGeog @VictoriaOSulli1 @APHumanGeog @TheMapAddict @GeoSpeech @geogphil @NatGeo @Geospatialnews @geographile @josephkerski @simonrenshaw @worldmapper @RGS_IBG @OxfordEdGeog @richardallaway @Esri @The_GA @HoddrGeography @GAGeogger @bobdigby @JonWolton @profdavidharvey @annefgreaves @Geodebs @lucyoxley @BobLangGeog @victoriaellis @davidErogers @jo_blackmore @GeoVation @mark_howell101 @ValVannet @Liz_Smith @PrimaGeographer @MissionExplore @GeoCollective @RavenEllison @RobGeog @AngusWilson @real_earth @urbanphoto_blog @geoviews @ibgeography @NatGeoEducation @Shaf_Hansraj @geognews @SamGeoAtkins @geoplace @olivercarr @Geoelle @GeogWhiting @aknill @theAAG @jennywrenwattsFor a huge list of Geographers on Twitter see the ‘isageographer’ list from Geographical Magazine Twitter @GeographicalMag
    15. 15. Tweeting Geographers at #gaconf12
    16. 16. Summary• Twitter is a helpful tool to establish your own Personal Learning Network• Interaction is the key• Make new connections and uncover new sources of information• Twitter can be used to help distribute information to students
    17. 17. For more information• BETT (2010) Twit to woo: how to harness social media 8 Jan 2010, Available at:• Barrett, T. (2008)• Edudemic (2010) Ultimate Twitter Guidebook for Teachers. Availble at:• Guardian (20??) How Twitter will revolutionise academic research and teaching. Available at:• Twitter Handbook for Teachers:• Washington Post (2012) Teachers take to Twitter to improve craft and commiserate. Available at:• Wilson (2012) Establishing a Personal Learning Network (PLN) through Social Media A teachers’ manual for the future of professional development. Availble at:
    18. 18. Any Questions? Contact Or @jennywrenwatts