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Neev follows a scrum-based Agile methodology. Development is done iteratively using sprints so that customer realises value early in the development cycle.

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Project Execution @ Neev

  1. 1. Project Execution
  2. 2. Agile Methodology followed at Neev
  3. 3. Project Execution • Project is executed using a tool called as Agile@Neev. • A product backlog is created based on requirement. • Sprint Planning is done and based on order of priority ,items in product backlog are allocated to a sprint. • In the Sprint Planning Meeting the tasks are allocated to developers. • Developers update the task as “In Progress” or “Completed” as appropriate. • Once a task is “Completed”, QA tests the feature and if it works fine, QA marks the task as “QA Passed”. A task is considered as Closed once its marked as “QA Passed”. • RoadMap gives us an idea of current project completion percentage. • Summary gives us an idea of the entire project, the no of user stories, open defects, closed defects etc. • There is a Document section to upload the project related artifacts. • There is an Activity section which gives the manager the details of code committed to SVN with the comments given by developers.
  4. 4. Task Allocation – (Agile@Neev) • Project Managers/Leads use the Issues section to allocate tasks to the developers. • QA’s also use the section to allocate defects to developers.
  5. 5. Code Review – (Agile@Neev) • The Architect/Designers/Leads are involved in the Code Review and they allocate the code review comments to the developers.Developers fix the code and mark them as “Completed” once done.The Reviewer then marks it as “QA Passed” after cross checking again.
  6. 6. RoadMap – (Agile@Neev) • Using RoadMap Section we can view the % of project completed and list of pending items.
  7. 7. Project Summary – (Agile@Neev) • This page gives you a complete overview of the project.
  8. 8. Clients
  9. 9. Partnerships
  10. 10. India - Bangalore USA Sweden The Estate, # 121,6th Floor, Dickenson Road Bangalore-560042 Phone :+91 80 25594416 Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 1121 Boyce Rd Ste 1400, Pittsburgh PA 15241 Phone : +1 888-979-7860 Neev AB, Birger Jarlsgatan 53, 6tr, 11145, Stockholm Phone: +46723250723 India - Pune #13 L’Square, 3rd Floor Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune – 411007. Phone : +91-64103338 Singapore #08-03 SGX Centre 2, 4 Shenton Way, Singapore 068807 Phone: +65 6435 1961 For more info on our offerings, visit