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  2. Engaging Personalisation Connected Specific Quick Customer Informed Impatient Adapting Evolved Smarter Fussy Fickle Mobile Accessible Tech Savvy Enlightened Always Online Opinionated Influenced Empowered Busy The NEW Customer is On the move Demanding
  3. The NEW Customer is OMNIPotent OMNIscient OMNIpresent
  4. 60% “We know that of our U.S. store sales are influenced by our customers’ experience on and . of the products we sell online are picked up in-store.” 50% – Brian Dunn, Former CEO, Best Buy
  5. 76% “ of consumers researched online prior to purchase during the holiday season.” – Google 2012 Post Holiday Recap
  6. Global retail is in a state of disruption 8
  7. Disruption: Mobile 9
  8. Mobile + Tablet E-Commerce Sales 2012 11% $25B 2017 25% $108B
  9. 48% time on all retail websites is on mobile or tablet
  10. Disruption: Social 15
  11. Yesterday Today Online, 4% Online, 7% Webinfluenced offline, 38% Offline, 96% Source: Forrester, Euromonitor and Economist Intelligence Unit Offline, 55% Source: Forrester
  12. 70% retail apparel & footwear sales are web influenced Source: FORRESTER RESEARCH WEB-INFLUENCED RETAIL SALES FORECAST, 2011 TO 2016 (US)
  13. Disruption: Logistics 18
  14. Disruption: Data 19
  15. Empowered Connected Consumer 20
  16. Multi-Device
  17. Retail trends 1. Digital Commerce growing - European e-commerce sales will grow by 78% by 2016, to USD 230 billion (Forrester, February 2012). 2. Mobile shopping increasing - Shopping on mobile devices in the UK is set to increase by 53% in the next 12 months hitting £4.5billion (Centre for Retail Research/Kelkoo 2012) 3. Physical and digital shopping merging - 45% US online shoppers plan to combine online, brick and mortar and mobile shopping in 2012 (PriceGrabber 2012 Shopping Outlook) 4. Opinions of others matter – Over 40% of men and over a third of women are more likely to purchase something if a friend has recommended it on a social network (JWT Intelligence Social Commerce Report) 5. Sales associates need information - 47% of customers highlight poor knowledge of Store Associates as the most disliked experience when in a store. (RIS News 2011 Shopper Experience Study) 6. Engaging experiences critical – ‘Fun to shop at’ is one of the key attributes for millennials when selecting their retailer of choice (Ad Age – How Millennials are Spending their Precious Dollars on CPGs)
  18. How
  19. Retailers need to break down the silos… 24
  20. Understand Where you are… Immersive Ecommerce Ecosystem Integrated Commerce Data portability across devices; relevant experiences for each device Transaction Basics Multiple devices supported (PC Web, tablet, smartphone) Limited Ecommerce PC Web only No Ecommerce Customer-centric connected commerce; leading edge capabilities; innovative digital products
  21. How A multi-disciplinary approach to commerce is uniquely able to provide clients with the full end-to-end commerce solution. Traditional Agencies Strategy Design Traditional Systems Integrators Implementation Optimization & Support By merging strategy and design with the technology and support expertise, we can provide clients with a cohesive solution from vision through implementation. This ensures that the vision is seamless across all channels for a transformed customer experience.
  22. A multi-disciplinary approach Strategy & Customer Insight Customer Experience Business Process Technology Analytics By combining the expertise of disciplines, we can create a unique and complete experience for companies seeking digital commerce solutions. Maintaining the relationship between these disciplines under a single practice ensures consistent methodology and ongoing collaboration between groups.
  23. How Strategy & CRUX In-Store Digital Platform Implementations 29
  24. Commerce platforms are at the center of the retail transformations 30
  25. Omni-Channel Innovation The consumer purchasing experience has shifted from one touchpoint to multiple touchpoints. Whether in-store, online, via mobile, tablet, or through social media, we understand how a customer approaches the shopping process. The various touchpoints along the shopper’s journey define the customer experience. We need to redefine and transform the customer experience.
  26. Measure Improve
  27. Don’t be afraid to fail “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 • Lorembeen trusted to sit times, I’ve ipsum dolor amet, consectetur take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over – sed do eiusmod tempor and over and over again in incididuntis why I ut labore et my life. And that dolore magna aliqua succeed.” • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur – sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua Don’t be afraid to fail
  28. Innovate Iterate Innovate • • • Path to Purchase – Awareness – Familiarity – Consideration – Purchase Interaction channels – Mobile – Web – Tablet – Social – In Store – OOH Services – Experience – Strategy – Technology – Support
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Editor's Notes

  1. Today’s shopper is much more complex. She looks like this.
  2. Retail is getting disrupted all across the world. Target CEO writes letter to vendors asking for showrooming help. Tesco in Korea digital extends it’s inventory to the subway walls.
  3. St. Peter’s Square during the announcement of Pope Benedict in 2005
  4. St. Peter’s Square during the announcement of Pope Francis in 2013
  5. But pretty quickly customers started bring the internet into the store
  6. Mobile  (tablet/smartphone) accounted for 11% of e-commerce sales in 2012 ($25B), will grow to 25% by 2017 ($108B) via eMarketerWill Influence $689 Billion in Retail Store Sales by 2016 (18% of all retail sales) via Deloitte
  7. 48% of all time spent on the digital retail properties is now via mobile or  tablet via @gfulgoni CEO of @ComScore
  8. [Justin please rebuild the two pie charts]
  9. We create an accurate profile for you, called aFashion Fingerprint®, based on your own body shape, style and preferences. All of our fashion and style advice is unique to you and based on your Fashion Fingerprint®.Our top styling team identify the most inspiring and flattering types of clothes for you. They give you a free personal Style Guide, that includes a list of your wardrobe Must Haves and the styles you should avoid.And then every day, our technology searches all brands online, from high street to high end, looking for Recommendations that best match your Fashion Fingerprint® , to present your own daily edit of the season’s best pieces.
  10. Retailers had a brilliant answer for the threat of e-commerce.Give customers two doors… one for e-commerce and one for stores.
  11. Razorfish is already a proven leader in the digital marketing industry, so by bringing our expertise in multiple disciplines under one practice, we are able to provide the full digital solution for all of our clients’ needs. Our experience in all areas made this practice a natural progression for the suite of razorfish solutions.
  12. These opportunities start with replatforming projects. That’s the inflection point when retailers pick new vendors and re-evaluate incumbents.
  13. Razorfish is already a proven leader in the digital marketing industry, so by bringing our expertise in multiple disciplines under one practice, we are able to provide the full digital solution for all of our clients’ needs. Our experience in all areas made this practice a natural progression for the suite of razorfish solutions.