Neev CakePHP Managed Services Offerings


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The presentation covers:
- CakePHP Managed Services - Transition Road Map
- CakePHP Managed Services - Operations Manual
- CakePHP Managed Services – Application Information
- CakePHP Managed Services - Knowledge Transfer Workshop
- CakePHP Managed Services - Transition Phase
- CakePHP Managed Services - Neev SLA driven Support
- CakePHP Managed Services - Services Covered

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Neev CakePHP Managed Services Offerings

  1. 1. Neev CakePHP Managed Services Offering
  2. 2. Magento Hybris Commerce SaaS Applications Adobe Marketing Cloud Custom Development 300+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan ’05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners Part of Publicis Groupe Hybris and Adobe CQ centers of Excellence Offices at Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai Member of NASSCOM Key Company Highlights iPhone Android PhoneGap Windows Phone HTML5 Apps Web AWS Rackspace Joyent Heroku Google Cloud Platform Mobile Cloud Outsourced Product Development User Interface Design and User Experience Design Performance Consulting Practices Quality Assurance & Testing Digital Marketing, CRM, Analytics (Omni-Channel) About Neev Click here to know more about us
  3. 3. • Introduced in April 2005, CakePHP is an OpenSource MVC-based web application framework. • Some of the benefits that CakePHP brings are:  Lets us rapidly build applications.  Requires lesser code thus making development simpler and less complicated.  Can be used in commercial applications since it is distributed under the MIT license.  CakePHP – based apps are more secure due to the presence of in-built tools for input validation, CSRF protection, Form tampering protection among others. • CakePHP is used to build web applications and to manage websites and blogs. • It is used by many sites including mapme, bookingboy, among others. CakePHP – An Overview
  4. 4. CakePHP Managed Services - Transition Road Map Acceptance of Operations Manual Knowledge Transfer Workshop Transition Phase Neev SLA driven Support
  5. 5. • The first steps in the transition process involves reviewing or jointly preparing and acceptance of the Operations manual by Neev. • Our Operations Manual would consist of the following items: o Infrastructure o Infrastructure overview and diagram o Infrastructure / service configuration o System access and credentials o List of project specific packages installed o System image maintenance process CakePHP Managed Services - Operations Manual o Security configurations (eg. security groups, IAM/bucket policies) o Deployment process and procedure o Monitoring tools, Services and Thresholds o Backup configuration o Restoration/DR procedures o Possible improvements
  6. 6. • Database schema with table and field name definitions • Latest codebase or access to Git/SVN • Technical document explaining the code structure. (can be jointly built if not available.) • Test Cases / Unit Tests / Smoke Tests. • Simple Test or Selenium scripts if any. • Functional Overview diagram. • Details of 3rd Party integrations tracking tools if any, (eg: Omniture/GA tags, A/B Testing or Personalization snippets.) CakePHP Managed Services – Application Information • Past history of incidents • Standard Operating Procedures for content updates, bug fixes, Enhancements. • Workflows for Staging and Approval of work • Presentation Layer document with design guidelines, color palettes, fonts, UI components style guide etc. • Known issues and solutions / workarounds to fix them • Escalation Matrix and owners.
  7. 7. • Joint session with the existing technical team to run through the project and engage in a Q&A session to get doubts clarified. CakePHP Managed Services - Knowledge Transfer Workshop Pic Source:
  8. 8. • Neev team starts with fixing medium and minor tickets (P3 & P4) tickets . • Higher priority, P1 and P2 tickets is fixed jointly with the existing technical team’s involvement. CakePHP Managed Services - Transition Phase Pic Source: Pic Source:
  9. 9. • Once the onboarding is complete, the Neev team takes over resolution of all tickets, and provides monthly reports on the activities. CakePHP Managed Services - Neev SLA driven Support Source: Source:
  10. 10. • Frontend Design changes • Content updates (content and images provided by the client) *Doesn’t include creating new landing pages / micro sites • Bug fixes and minor enhancements • Performance Tuning • Data backup and restoration • Smoke Tests • Tracking & reporting errors & SEO issues via Google Analytics / Google Webmaster CakePHP Managed Services - Services Covered
  11. 11. • A dedicated team of 4 resources who carry out enhancements and bug fixes. • Avg. Tickets closed / month : 85 -120 tickets • 6 Month Average Server Uptime : 99.89% (including scheduled maintenance downtime) Read about the work done by us for giftease here. - A supplier for kitchen and bath products. • A shared resource team that carries out Frontend UI design changes, feature enhancements, bug fixes and performance tweaks. • Plans to provide additional services like advanced analytics, A/B Testing, Heat maps and Click flow reports and other services that will help in improving the conversions on the site. • Avg. Tickets closed / month : 30 • Avg. Server Uptime : 99.87% (including scheduled maintenance downtime) Success Stories - Case Studies
  12. 12. - A high fashion eCommerce store built on Magento Enterprise. • Offering managed services via a shared resource team • Team carries out Frontend UI design changes, performance tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes • Avg. Tickets closed / month : 30 One of the leading Indian fashion and apparel eCommerce portals in India. • The technology stack involves Magento Enterprise, running on Nginx. • 24/7 Infrastructure support for their current production and staging environments. • This comprises of Amazon EC2, RDS, SNS, S3, Cloud Front, Elastic cache etc. • Avg. Server Uptime : 99.79% Read about the work done by us for Fashionara here. - Largest eCommerce site for used Cameras. • It is a bespoke eCommerce Application built on by Neev. • Managed services team involves one dedicated backend resource and a shared hosting administrator. Read about the work done by us for KEH here. Success Stories - Case Studies ..continued
  13. 13. A Few Clients
  14. 14. Partnerships
  15. 15. India - Bangalore The Estate, # 121,6th Floor, Dickenson Road Bangalore-560042 Phone :+91 80 25594416 Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India - Pune Office No. 4 & 5, 2nd floor, L-Square, Plot No. 8, Sanghvi Nagar, Aundh, Pune - 411007. Phone :+91 20 64103338 For more info on our offerings, visit