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JSFOO - 2013 - India’s First JavaScript Conference - An Overview

  1. JSFOO - 2013 India’s First JavaScript Conference - An Overview
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  3. JSFoo Conference – Bangalore – SEP 20-21,2013 • JSFoo is India’s first ever JavaScript Conference. • The event is held annually. • The theme for the 2013 edition of JSFoo was “Original creations with JavaScript”. • Aims of this conference, according to the JSFoo website: “We showcase innovative work done with JavaScript. If you have created something at work or outside your work commitments, with or without a business model in sight, something you’ve done for the love of seeing it come to life in front of your eyes, JSFoo is the place to talk about it!’’
  4. Firefox Operating System (OS) for Mobiles • “Bringing the Open Web and APIs to Mobile Devices With Firefox OS” presented by Robert Nyman, Technical Evangelist, Mozilla. • Complete OS built using JavaScript and HTML5. • Spoke about building HTML5 Apps for Firefox OS using Web APIs and Web-Activities. • The OS makes it easy to build Apps and deploy. • Building an app involves simple ‘drag and drop’ action although making it dynamic will require some code.
  5. Bug Buster : Better and Faster Testing • Presented by Olivier Crameri, Co-founder, Bug Buster. • Bug Buster was used to test a product. • It creates test cases from your code so that developers don’t have to write the test cases. • Developers only need to check whether conditions have been addressed. • When the code is run through Bug Buster, it creates test cases and displays the results. • Video available at :
  6. Flying an ArDrone Quadcopter using JavaScript • “Programming Flying Robots’’ Presented by Sreekanth Vadagiri, ActiveSphere. • He flew an ArDrone Quadcopter with the JavaScript code. • Video available at link below:
  7. Camera Motion Detection for Gesture - Based Interaction • “Using Camera Motion Detection in JS for Gesture-Based Interaction’’ presented by Vinci Rufus, Neev Technologies. • A remote-less car was made to move according to motions and gestures. • Project received great applause. • The video is available at the link below:
  8. HTML 5 for the Masses : Making the Future the Now • Christian Heilmann, Principal Developer Evangelist, Mozilla spoke about how to code effectively in HTML5. • He cited benefits and limitations of both HTML5 and JavaScript. • Spoke on browser behavior, limitations and how to appropriately handle them. • He listed compatibility issues with browsers other than Firefox. • Ventured to speak on extra tags and functionalities provided by Firefox which developers don’t use. • Video link for this must watch talk is at the link below :
  9. Memory Profiling JS Applications for High Performance • “Memory Profile Your Javascript Applications For High Performance’’ presented by Jaideep of ThoughtWorks. • He spoke on how to do a memory profile of your page or code and optimize it. • It included garbage collection and deletion of the variables and variable scopes, its usage and how to track it.
  10. Other Interesting Talks 1. HTML5 and JS-based Guitar Tuning App: • Presented by Jaison Justus, Front-End Developer, Bang The Table. • Developed an HTML5 and JavaScript App. • Helps tuning a guitar. 2. RaphaelJS - based Graphics – Rendering Library: • Presented by Sushant Sudarshan from Fusion Charts. • Spoke about a new library built on top of RaphaelJS. • Used for rendering graphics. For all other wonderful talks at JSFoo, visit
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