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Hosting Magento Enterprise on AWS

  1. Hosting Magento Enterprise on AWS
  2. About Neev Web Mobile Magento eCommerce SaaS Applications Video Streaming Portals Rich Internet Apps Custom Development iPhone Android Windows Phone 7 HTML5 Apps Cloud AWS Consulting Partner Rackspace Joyent Heroku Google App Engine Key Company Highlights 250+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan ’05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners User Interface Design and User Experience Design Part of Publicis Groupe Member of NASSCOM. Performance Consulting Practices Development Centers in Bangalore and Pune. Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourced Product Development Offices at Bangalore, USA, Delhi, Pune, Singapore and Stockholm.
  3. Overview of AWS • AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the most popular and robust cloud hosting interface • It is a collection of web services that makes up a cloud computing platform • Offered by over the internet • The core services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 • AWS offerings are Accessed over HTTP using REST and SOAP protocols • Millions of sites and some of the Internet’s most popular sites, portals and e-Commerce Sites run on Amazon Web Services
  4. Minimum Architecture to deploy Magento Enterprise on AWS Minimum Architecture to deploy Magento for high concurrent traffic is as shown below :
  5. Server Setup : Simple Rules for Better Performance • Make your App Server stateless • Do not enable sticky sessions on the Load Balancer • Ensure that the Media Folder is stored in an S3 bucket and that it is served via Cloud Front. • Put your CSS and JS also on CloudFront • Enable IOPS for your RDS enabled database • Prefer larger CPU over higher RAM as Magento is CPU intensive • Use a Mem-cache Server • Use NGINIX instead of Apache • Using APC instead of Varnish may help improve speeds • Disable xDebug to improve performance
  6. How do the rules help ? Helps us serve nearly 50+Million visitors with under 5 seconds of page load times during peak loads. Couldn’t be better!
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