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A Web-Based Automatic Resume Generation Tool on the Cloud for A US-Based Talent Solution Provider

  1. A Web-Based Automatic Resume Generation Tool on the Cloud
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  3. A Web-based Automatic Resume Generation Tool on Cloud • Neev created a web application that caters specifically to US military personnel. • It automatically builds resumes in a prescribed format with available inputs and allows users to download them in a variety of formats and even print them. • The application has been serving more than one lakh unique users.
  4. The Client • The client is a US-based employment solution provider bridging talent gaps through innovative cloud technology solutions. • It enables Governments, job seekers, military personnel, veterans, employers, industry, educators and students collaborate on a common platform Governments, job seekers, military personnel, veterans, employers, industry, educators and students collaborate on a common platform.
  5. Business Need • The military personnel and war veterans who returned from wars at Afghanistan and Iraq found it tough to find civilian jobs. • Their skills did not match their with the skill-sets required for the jobs available in the market. • The client required an innovative solution to help these military personnel and veterans find a job in the civilian world. • They were also looking to move to the cloud and take advantage of its cost effectiveness.
  6. Neev Solution • Neev built a web-application called ‘Resume Builder’ that allows job seekers to effortlessly build their resumes. • The application maps military job codes to skillsets in the civilian jobs and also suggests suitable jobs to military personnel. • The resume builder automatically builds resumes in a specified format in the background by capturing information entered by the job seekers. • The application also enables job seekers to dynamically update their resumes, print their resumes and to download them in a variety of formats including word document and PDF.
  7. Neev Solution (Contd…) • A deployment hosting service provider, Engine Yard was created on top of the AWS platform to deploy the application on cloud. • Neev also migrated the legacy client server code to the AWS cloud platform helping the client save costs. • Neev developed a module for user evaluation called STEM that is responsible for giving suggestions based on the inputs. • The application was developed at an Extended Development Centre (EDC) setup for the client at Neev premises.
  8. Top Features • Use of Agile methodology to rapidly develop new features enabled us to deliver the application within a very short span of time. • STEM module was rapidly developed and released within 4 weeks. • Cruise control setup locally for the build. • Automatic testing of every sprint to facilitate easier ‘automatic regression testing’. • Migration of cross-domain applications.
  9. Technology Footprint • Ruby On Rails (ROR) • Engine Yard deployment • Amazon RDS
  10. Top Challenges • Understanding the existing system and designing an architecture on top of this system so that the changes do not affect the existing system. • Creation of a resume by capturing available inputs. • Enabling resumes to be exported in different formats like word doc, PDF, etc. • Building secure APIs.
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