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TrafikSense: Intelligent adaptive traffic signal

This presentation describe how deep learning can be used to optimise traffic flow and reduce wait time

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TrafikSense: Intelligent adaptive traffic signal

  1. 1. Traf kSenseReInventing Urban Mobility
  2. 2. Mission statement: Improve urban mobility using Intelligent traffic management solutions
  3. 3. Guess ? - 16 M Rides ( 2020 ) - 3000 traffic police - 60,000 crores wasted - 8 billion hours wasted (USA)
  4. 4. The problem Non adaptive traffic Signal Conventional Traffic Flow Management
  5. 5. Solution - Smart Signals - Use CV for car detection - Internetworked Signals - Deep Neural Networked Brain
  6. 6. How it works Computer Vision Unit Artificial Intelligence Unit Timer Config Unit Video Feed Upstream DownStream
  7. 7. Simulation Results
  8. 8. Revenue model - Data Collection - Smart automobile integration - Improved Urban Infrastructure planning - Optimizing logistic and delivery based on data driven data Traffic Management Centers & Urban Planners Automobile Logistic Company
  9. 9. Market Size Global Smart City Metro City ➔ $33.89 Billion by 2020 ➔ 11.57 % CAGR for 2015-2020 period ➔ $233 million allocated for India ➔ For ITS India has targeted ➔ 353 intelligent traffic light planned in bangalore ➔ Project planned worth 175 Cr INR
  10. 10. Competition Spectrum MioVision Inrix Waze Metrocount DataCorp Vaani Infra Luminator DriveCam Onnyx EfKon Bel WioMax RapidFlow TrafikSense TrafficDataAnalysis AI Traffic Management System Global India CityLog
  11. 11. Competition Comparison Value TrafikSense ITS AI TMS AI based traffic management Advance Traffic Prediction and Prevention mechanism Primary focus - Indian Market ( with future goal to go Global ) Advance Data Collection and analysis
  12. 12. Market for AI Traffic Management - Validated by transportation experts Dr. Ashwin Mahesh, Dr. Anvita Arora, Dr. Geetam Tiwari, V. Manjula - Positive feedback regarding the installation of AI based system for traffic management. Market for Data Collection/Analysis Platform - Deployment in CMU - Directorate of Urban Land Transport has agreed for pilot testing - Few Companies exist in this field Validation
  13. 13. Milestones May 2016 Aug 2016 Oct 2016 Dec 2016 Feb 2017 Pilot Deployment Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Hardware Integration & Lab Testing Simulation Execution Vehicle Detection Algorithm Ideation & Field Research
  14. 14. The Team Answer the question, “Why are we the ones to solve the problem we identified?” Nikita Bhalla Navneet Kumar Param Bole B.Tech, IIT Kanpur B.Tech, IIT Kanpur Full Stack Engineer Security Research Business Consulting B.E.(Hons.) BITS Pilani Artificial Intelligence App Development People’s Person B.Tech, MSRIT Backend Engineer Machine Learning Srartup Enthusiast
  15. 15. Advisors Answer the question, “Why are we the ones to solve the problem we identified?” Gaurav Arora Ashwin Mahesh Gitakrishnan Co-founder & CTO Noroc Solution IIT Roorkee - Computer Science IIM Bangalore Founder, Traffic Management Center Founder, LITHIUM Member, BTRAC Ass. Professor, IIT Madras Civil Engineer, IIT Roorkee Transport Expert You ?
  16. 16. - Mentorship - Network with SME - Regulatory Support - Funding - Global Exposure - Infrastructure What we need from you ?