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First in the World

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First in the World

  1. 1. First in the World InfoWeb Presentation
  2. 2. First in the World Chairman of Peoples  Mao-Tse-Tung Republic of China President of USA  George Washington  Fahein Chinese traveller in India  Alexander the Great Foreign invader to India Person to reach South Pole  Amundsen
  3. 3. First in the World Person to reach North Pole  Robert Pearey Person in Space  Yuri Gagarin Person in Moon  Neil Armstrong Lady t climb Mount Everest  Junko Taiei European to visit China  Marco Polo
  4. 4. First in the World Place where atom bomb was dropped  Hiroshima Man to walk in Space  Alexei Leonov Woman cosmonaut in Space  Valentina Tereshkova Woman Prime Minister of a  Mrs.Srimavo Bandernaike country Woman President of a  Maria Estela Peron country
  5. 5. First in the World Woman to Command a Space Mission  Colonel Eileen Collins(USA) The first residents of International Space station  Bill shepherd(USA), Yuri Gidzanko and Sergei Krikalev(Russia) The first blind man to scale Mt. Everest  Erik Weihenayer (USA) The first Muslim woman to  Irine Zubeida Khan become the Secretary Geneeral of Amnesty International The first space astronaut to  Jerry Ross (USA) go into space seven times till date
  6. 6. First in the World The first South African to  Mark Shuttleworth become the second space tourist The first woman Prime  Ms.Chang Sang Minister of South Korea The first youngest  Sergey Karjakin (Ukraine) grandmaster of the world in chess The first adventure flying  Felix Baumgartner successfully across the English Channel without aircraft China’s first man in space  Yang Liwei
  7. 7. First in the World The first muslim woman to  Shirin Ebadi receive Nobel Prize The first woman of the world to climb Mt..Everest four times  Lakpa Sherpa(Nepal) The first aircraft to round the entire world non-stop b his 2 engine aircraft in 67hrs  Steve Fossett First woman to be appointed Governor of a province in  Habiba Sorabhi Afganistan The first woman of the world to swim across five continents  Bula Chaudhury(India)
  8. 8. First in the World The first woman Prime Minister  Portia Simpson Miller of Jamaice The first woman foreigh  Margaret Backett Secretary of England The first double amputee to  Mark Inglia scale Mt.Everest The first woman president of the  Prativa Patil republic of India The first athlete who won eight  Michael Phelps(USA) gold medals in individual events in one Olympic Games
  9. 9. First in the World The first woman athlete to touch  Ms Yelena Isinbayeva(Russia) 5-0 metre mark in pole vault The first Hindu Chief Justice of Pakistani Supreme Court  Justice Rana Bhawan Das Th efirst duly elected woman President of an African country  Allen Johnson Sirleaf The first woman governor of the State Bank of Pakistan  Shanshad Akhtar The first woman Chancellor of  Angela Merkel Germany First Woman President of Chile  Dr.Michelle Bachelet
  10. 10. First in the World First Religion of the world  Hinduism First country to print book  China First country to issue paper  China currency First country to prepare a  USA Constitution First country to hold NAM  Belgrade (Yugoslavia) summit
  11. 11. First in the World First country to host modern  Greece olympics The first person to sail round the  Magellan world  Columbia The first shuttle to go in space  Viking I The first spacecraft to reach on Mars First person to land on Moon  Neil Armstrong
  12. 12. First in the World• The first President of the USA  George Washington• The first Prime Minister of  Robert Walpole Britain  Margaret Thatcher• The first women Prime Minister of England• The first muslim (woman)  Benazir Bhutto Prime Minister of a country• The First woman Prime of a  Mrs. S. Bandernaike(Sri country Lanka)