Hospital Management ERPNeera Labs Pvt Ltd,                          Neera Labs Pvt Ltd,India Development Centre,          ...
Introduction to ‘Hospital Management Software’    Hospital management Software, often referred as HMS, is the management o...
H MS F EATUR ES - OVER VI EW                              Appointment module                              This module supp...
HMS FEATURES - OVERVIEW        The Doctor Appointments, Appointment schedules, status,        timesheet and patient data a...
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Neera labs hospital_management_erp_brochure


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Neera labs hospital_management_erp_brochure

  1. 1. Hospital Management ERPNeera Labs Pvt Ltd, Neera Labs Pvt Ltd,India Development Centre, Global Delivery Centre,Jayswal Center, 10b Cross, 22, Hollytree Close,KHB Main Road, Inner Park Road,Kaveri Nagar, R.T.Nagar, Bangalore, Southfields, SW19 6EA,Karnataka, India - Pin 560032. London, UK.Mobile : +91 9731793793, Mobile: +44 793 746 9222Office : 080 42007134 Office : +44 203 583 1034Website: Website: Asia Pacific : Unites States : Europe :
  2. 2. Introduction to ‘Hospital Management Software’ Hospital management Software, often referred as HMS, is the management of H o s p i t a l M an a g e m e n t an organizations workforce. Hospital Management System is a process of implementing all the activities of the hospital in a computerized automated way Home page to fasten the performance. It displays all type of logins in the form of images. By clicking on particular image, particular login This project is to maintain the patient details, lab reports and to calculate the bill of the patient. You can also manually edit any patient details and issue bill page will be opened. By providing receipt to patient within few seconds. proper login credentials, employee can access his/her workbench. Its Windows based software with a central database with multi user access. Designed user friendly and with high performance and is a great user experience. You can achieve efficiency by - Effectively managing Patients Medical Records, - Can be seamlessly integrated with other systems State-of-art technology architecture H e l p d e s k wo r k b e n c h It contains new patient registration, Windows based Hospital Management software is developed with state-of art list of registered patients, doctor technology architecture. Users can access the HMS application through appointment module, list of attractive multi user login interface. Connections are encrypted through 256 bit SSL encryption. appointments taken and the blood- bank module. Blood bank module will keeps track of the donor details and blood issued to patients details. Doctor WorkbenchInnovation at Neera Labs delivers a Hospital Management Software which can This module mainly keeps track ofbe installed at any PC/System which is in intranet and accessible from any patient details. In this modulesystem through intranet. The HMS Software provides intranet mailing option, so doctor can easily see allthat any employee can stay connected with all other employees. information/treatment details of each and every patient. Doctor also can see his/her appointments and also provides “HMS is the most vital part of your organization. HMS keeps track of medical appointment schedule. records of all patients and avoids unauthorized , illegal access and improves the security of the medical records”
  3. 3. H MS F EATUR ES - OVER VI EW Appointment module This module supports making patient appointments and also block time for other activities of the doctor like operation, ward visit, meeting medical representative etc Patient management This keeps track of patient activities. Like patient registration, check up details, appointments, bed allotted, medicines, billing and treatment details. Doctor management This keeps track of the all the activities of doctor. Like Doctor registration, salary, experience, duty hours and patients appointment etc. Blood Bank Management This Module contains donor registration, blood details, MODULES received blood details and issued details.• APPOINTMENT MODULE Pharmacy Management• PATIENT MANAGEMENT It keeps track of medicine issued to patient. And also• DOCTOR MANAGEMENT maintains the monthly reports for medicine purchased and issued. etc• BLOOD BANK. Ward Management• PHARMACY MANAGEMENT. This Module interfaces closely with the housekeeping and• WARD MANAGEMENT. patient care sub modules of ward management to ensure that the materials required at the ward are optimized and• OPERATION THEATRE MODULE. provided at the right time. Also takes care of the daily dietary requirements of the patients and updates the inpatients billing accounts with the cost of providing them. etc Operation theatre Module This module records the surgery details, OT charges, including details of any complications and updates the system with the details of the cost incurred. You can generate surgery schedule and surgery report from this module.
  4. 4. HMS FEATURES - OVERVIEW The Doctor Appointments, Appointment schedules, status, timesheet and patient data are available anytime, at any system with proper login credentials in the intranet of the F I N A N CE M O D U L E organization. Finance Module is integrated with Doctor Module and other modules Stores data in MS SQL SERVER, it has powerful features of so that invoices can be generated data management to access the data efficiently. instantly. All the payments done by Windows Environment: HMS helps to maintain the valuable the patient can be tracked with the patient data for providing better information system. Also it patient id and keeps track of the insists on standardizing the workflow, patient flow and invoices and payments. various activities which enhance overall performance of the Tax reports can be generated organization. instantly at any time. Can generate reports time to time. Instant contact with doctor, nurse and patients. Multi user access control system.L ICEN SIN G MOD EL SShared Model (User Based) W A R D M A NA G E M E N THosted on a server shared with multiple enterprises. Shared model is This module, depending on thea cost effective model for startups. This model can support up to 20 functionality, is divided into four subusers per organization and license need to be purchased per user. modules as follows – 1.House keepingBilled on a monthly basis. 2. Dietary services 3.Room status moduleCloud Based ( User Based ) 4.Patient care servicesHosted on a cloud server. Customer can choose the type of cloud(private, public or hybrid) depends up on the choice. This licensemodel is a user based license and need to be purchased per user. Ifyou are not aware of the exact no: of users and if you belongs tosmall and medium scale industry, this is an ideal package to choose.One can choose single core to quad core CPU’s with high scalabilityon cloud resources. Billed on a monthly basisDedicated Server Model( Enterprise Model)Dedicated Server based Licensing is ideal for enterprises and canhandle large no: of users. Client can subscribe for multiple dedicatedservers with multi core CPU’s for load balancing. Billed on a monthly M E DI C A L RE C O R D Sbasis. This Module helps to maintain the core information on clinical care. A complete standard international classification Diagnosis is used to build up the data for medical records. You can maintain diagnosis, treatment advised and surgery/treatment details in the record. For more details please visit or write to for a product demo