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  1. 1. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  3. 3. OHA (Open Handset Alliance ) ,a group of several companies formed on 5th November 2007 to further develop Android OS.. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  4. 4. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  5. 5. Name Version Cupcake 1.5 Donut 1.6 Éclair 2.1 Froyo 2.2-2.2.3 Gingerbread 2.3 Interesting fact Honeycomb Icecream Sandwich 3.2 4.0 Jelly Bean Android Versions are 4.1 named in alphabetical order after a dessert Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  6. 6. Application Framework Enabling reuse & replacement of component Dalvik Virtual Machine Optimized for mobile devices Integrated Browser Based on open source WebKit engine Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  7. 7. Optimized graphics powered by custom 2D graphics library 3D based on open GL SQlite Structured data storage Media Support common audio , video and image format Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  8. 8. GSM telephony (hardware dependant) Bluetooth,EDGE,3G,Wi-Fi(hardware dependant) Camera ,GPS (hardware dependant) Rich Development Environment SDK include device emulator, debugger, memory & performance profiling , plug in for Eclipse IDE Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  9. 9. Fig. Architecture 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar of Android OS Neeraj panwar
  10. 10.  Linux Version 2.6 as - h/w abstraction layer  Proven driver model  Security, Memory & Process Management  Efficient computing resource management  Stable and proven for mobile platform Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  11. 11. Written in C/C++ - System C Library(libc) Surface manager - composing different drawing screens Display/Graphics(SGL)-for 2D graphics OpenGL | ES – 3D Graphics Library Media Libraries SQLite –RDB engine-light weight WebKit–web browser engine–embeddable web view Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  12. 12. Includes a set of core libraries that provides most of the functionality-JAVA Every Android application runs in its own process Dalvik VM executes files in the (.dex) format Device can run multiple VMs efficiently Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  13. 13. Manages the lifecycle of applications Content provider : Enable applications access data from other applications Resource Manager : Providing access to non-code resources Window Manager Notification manager 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar Neeraj panwar
  14. 14.  SQLite Databases: relational database library for storing and managing complex data  Files: you can create, write, and read files from the local storage or external media (SD Cards)  FileOutputStream, FileInputStream, and Resources classes. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  15. 15. Java Source code Interpreter only machine optimized for use on low powered, low memory devices like phones Compile Java source using Dalvik uses the Java programming language but not the JVM Java “class” documents output from compilation process Dalvik is not a Java virtual machine. It uses “dex”. bytecode format “javac” Translate Java compiled class files into “dex” files called Execute Under the Dalvik virtual machine Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  16. 16. Android Emulator -A virtual mobile device that runs on our computer -use to design, debug, and test our applications in an actual Android run-time environment Android Development Tools Plugin -for the Eclipse IDE – adds powerful extensions to the Eclipse integrated environment Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS) Integrated with Dalvik-this tool let us manage processes on an emulator and assists in debugging 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar Neeraj panwar
  17. 17. Fig: Emulator Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  18. 18. Resume (visible) onResume() onPause() onResume() Paused (partially visible) Started (visible) onStart() Created onStop() onStart() onRestart() Stopped (Hidden) onCreate() onDestroy() Destroyed Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  19. 19. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  20. 20. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  21. 21. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  22. 22. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  23. 23. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  24. 24. Android is a disruptive technology, which was introduced initially on mobile handsets, but has much wider potential. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  25. 25.  I made this presentation based on the information I found on these web pages 1. - Google Android official webpage 2. - Open Handset Alliance webpage 3. (mobile_phone_platform) Wikipedia information 4. - Official Google Blog Moreover, I found the interesting topics on Google Android browsing Google Groups,and, of course, using Google search by itself. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  26. 26. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar
  27. 27. Neeraj panwar 10EIAIT034 IET ,Alwar