Project Partners Document Management Integration for Oracle eBusiness Suite


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Project Partners Document Management Integration enables users of Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) to automatically file all documents to Microsoft Sharepoint using the Oracle Attachments feature. Security si also setup based on Role or Responsibility based access in Oracle EBS and the Documents can be easily routed for approval using Oracle Workflow and URL links to the documents in Microsoft Sharepoint.

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Project Partners Document Management Integration for Oracle eBusiness Suite

  1. 1. Copyright © Project Partners, LLC
  2. 2. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCDocument Management Integration
  3. 3. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCAgenda Project Partners Overview Requirements for Business Documents Document Management Integration (DMI)
  4. 4. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCProject Partners OverviewFounded in 1997 by former chief architect of Oracle ProjectsWorld leader in delivering Oracle applications to project-driven firms16 year record of service excellence to 250+ clientsCollaborative, team approach delivers best of many options for the best fit toa client’s specific business process.Global delivery network provides consistent deliveryExperienced team of management consultants, former senior Oracle personnel fromconsulting, development, support, marketing and sales, and veteran end users of the E-Business Suite and Primavera applications4
  5. 5. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCProject Partners Lines Of Business5Project PartnersProductsOP3User Interface ApplicationsInvoicingTime ManagementDocument ManagementSalesforce/CRMIntegrationIntegration FrameworkProfessionalServicesUpgrade, Implement,and Enhance•E-Business Suite•Fusion Applications•Primavera ApplicationsTechnical ServicesManagementConsulting Services•PMO Services•Application Utilization•Best Practice AnalysisPrimaveraProductsP6 Enterprise ProjectPortfolio ManagementP6 AnalyticsPortfolio ManagementContract ManagementRisk AnalysisIntegration Solutions
  6. 6. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCRequirements: Business Documents
  7. 7. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCBusiness Documents:What are They and Where are They Held? Examples of Business Documents: Contracts, Invoices Supporting documents for requisitions/POs & expense reports HR documents like I-9, W-4, resumes Project Plans, Work Product (for knowledge repository) Where are they typically held? Hard copies in file folders – difficult to find/access for ageographically disperse organization Soft copies in a network drive – unsecure, unlinked to relatedbusiness transactions Soft copies in a Document Management System – still not linked tothe business transaction As Attachments in Oracle – linked to the business transaction, but notconducive to quick searches for related documents and bloat thetransactional database
  8. 8. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCBusiness Documents: What is Needed?Basic Needs Each document must be associated with the businesstransaction/s to which it is related All related documents must be held together in a properlycategorized library to enable quick searching and review Proper security as determined by the transactionalsystem must be applied on all documents Documents must be available for business workflows toenable review and approvals Should not bloat the transactional database to easedatabase space usage and performance
  9. 9. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCBusiness Requirements for EBSDocument Management Secure and convenient document management Easily create folders and filing structures Categorize and version documents Easy access to documents from EBS Applications Tight integration between document repository and Oracle Utilize native document repository features such as: Collaboration - routing, review, and approval Options for non-EBS users to utilize documents Scalable server options for large document volumeimplementations
  10. 10. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCCommon Document Repositories Oracle EBS Provides attachment capability to link documents to EBSApplications Ability to link and store, but no other document managementcapabilities Oracle WebCenter Content No native ability in EBS to directly link to Content Management Microsoft® SharePoint No native integration to Oracle No ability to directly link from an EBS Attachment No native Oracle security Need multiple servers to support large enterprises
  11. 11. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCSteps to Use SharePoint with Oracle EBS TODAY!1. Login and Create/NameFolders2. Upload Documents3. Copy Document URL4. Login and Query Business Object5. Paste Document URL via Attachment6. Click on Link in Attachments to ViewALL ManualNO Direct EBSLinkNO NativeSecurityTime ConsumingDocumentsError Prone
  12. 12. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCUsing Project PartnersDocument Management Integration
  13. 13. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCSolution: Project Partners Document ManagementIntegration Using Standard Oracle Attachment and MicrosoftSharePoint: Integrates Oracle EBS Applications and Microsoft SharePoint Creates a folder for each application’s documents Creates subfolders based on defined structures and setups e.g. relate each attachment category to a specific SP folder Extension to apply complex custom rules to determine folder Document Retrieval Creates a URL Attachment link in Oracle for easy document retrieval Documents accessible from Forms, HTML and SharePoint Native Oracle security – Role/Responsibility Applied to SharePoint folders and files Extension to apply complex custom rules SharePoint servers can be linked to different OUs/Orgs Extension to apply complex custom rules
  14. 14. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCUsing Project Partners Document ManagementIntegration
  15. 15. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCSecurity in SharePoint Role-based security for each SharePoint folder Predefined rules in DMI Security is set automatically for all files moved to folder Demo example:Role User Folder Name PermissionsProject Manager pbudelov Design-SP Full ControlProject Administrator DMIUser1 Design-SP ReadProject Manager pbudelov Scope-SP Full ControlProject Administrator DMIUser1 Scope-SP Full ControlAny DMIUser2 Scope-SP Read
  16. 16. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCDemonstrationDocument Management Integration
  17. 17. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCBehind the Scenes – How it works Lookups Link each EBS application to a starting folder in SharePoint Final start folder Associate each attachment category to a specific subfolder withinthe starting folder Concurrent process parameters Security Concurrent Process Batch or Real-Time Looks for new attachments in specific categories Client Extension Identify SharePoint Server URL Populate EBS-Username and business object ID to SharePoint Allows for directing certain documents to different SP Servers – forhigh volume implementations
  18. 18. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCUsing Project Partners Document ManagementIntegration User AttachesDocument inOracle DocumentPhysically Residesin OracleWith no user interventionSharepoint IntegrationAutomatically…… User AccessesDocumentAttachment (URL) DocumentPhysically Residesin SharePoint Custom SecurityDocument folder/subfoldercreated in SharePointDocument copied toSharePoint folder appropriatefor EBS categoryOracle document attachment deleted andreplaced with SharePoint document URLOne Action ManyResults
  19. 19. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCWorks With Any EBS Application UsingAttachments Use Project Partners SharePoint Integration with otherOracle EBS Applications, to automatically save documents Examples: Use anywhere Oracle EBS supports AttachmentsApplication Document Type SP-Folder NameAssets Warranties Asset NameHR Resume Employee #Payables Invoices Supplier NameProjects Notice to Proceed Contract DocsPurchasing Purchase Orders Supplier NameReceivables Invoices Customer Name
  20. 20. Copyright © Project Partners, LLC Oracle e-Business Suite R11.5.10.2, R12+ Oracle Database Version 9i -11g Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 Windows Windows XP/7/8Software Compatibility
  21. 21. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCIn Summary
  22. 22. Copyright © Project Partners, LLC Business documents are integral to the transaction and veryimportant for business history reuse Association with related business transactions is important Proper classification, security and common repository is key tomaintaining document integrity Project Partners DMI provides a single point solution that Retains End-User process (attachments in Oracle) Automatically classifies, secures and files all documents in centralrepository Simple to implement for common scenarios Flexible enough to handle the most complex requirements Reduces bloat in the transactional database and retains transactionassociationIn Summary
  23. 23. Copyright © Project Partners, LLC Saves time and reduces errors Dynamic folder creation in SharePoint Automatic folder naming Automatic document filing Dynamic MS-SharePoint link created in Oracle Simple to use Simple and flexible setup Easy document access - Oracle Forms, HTML or MS-SharePoint Fast access to latest document version Leverages Oracle role/responsibility security Large document volume support - SharePoint servers can be linkedto different OUs/Orgs Secure Easily set up custom security rulesWhy Project Partners SharePoint Integration?
  24. 24. Copyright © Project Partners, LLC
  25. 25. Copyright © Project Partners, LLCFor more information:Phone: +1-650.712.6200email: information@projectp.comwww.projectp.com25