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Artifical inteligence


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Artifical inteligence

  1. 1. PresentationPresentationOnOn““Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence””
  2. 2. According to JohnAccording to JohnMcCarthy:-McCarthy:-“AI is the science and engineering of“AI is the science and engineering ofmaking machines intelligent”making machines intelligent”ArtificialArtificialIntelligence is the intelligence ofIntelligence is the intelligence ofmachines and it’s a branch ofmachines and it’s a branch ofComputer Science which is concernComputer Science which is concernwith the automation of intelligentwith the automation of intelligentbehavior. AI relates to Computerbehavior. AI relates to ComputerScience because it follow theoreticalScience because it follow theoreticalprinciples of this field.principles of this field.Introduction and DefinitionIntroduction and Definition
  3. 3. HISTORY OF AI18-2016-18 Calculating Present1STDigital Machines GeneralCalculation 17-19 1923 ProblemMachine Mechanical Robot Solver &Toys 1st gameplayer
  4. 4. Components of AIComponents of AIKnowledgeRepresentationHeuristicsearchAIHardwareAIProgrammingLanguages &AIComponents
  5. 5. Three Types of AI MachinesLanguage Knowledge Intelligentbased based interfaceMachine Machine Machine
  6. 6. Application of AIApplication of AI• Cleaning the House:- This machine goes aroundthe house and memorize the area of house• To write Essays:- As you write an essay your AImachine will automatically checks for grammatical andspelling mistakes• Medical Sciences:- It help the doctors by keepingall records of old patients, about their diseases , medicaltreatments that helps them in future.
  7. 7. • Military:- AI help the militaryofficers by providing theinformation of where the radars are?• Gaming:- AI helps in playinggames and making fun. A gameplayer toy robot named “DancingRobot wind up green “ just love todance These are 4 inches tall andavailable in 2 colors Red and Green.There are many toy robots likeRobopops and mini robot 8 inchestoy.
  8. 8. • Transformation of data:-By using AImachines one can transfer interval data intoordinal data and ordinal data into categoricaldata.For e.g. we have data:-45 7 9 43 1We want to sort and give ranks to it.Sorted : 1 7 9 43 45Ranked: 1 2 3 4 5There are logic / programming behind it .
  9. 9. Drawbacks of AIDrawbacks of AI• Children Forget to Take their Meals because of their badhabits of playing games.• Getting Profits is the only purpose of developing artificialintelligence machines.• AI machines are feeling less. It’s the weakness ofdevelopers that they can’t place the heart in computermachines.• AI is used by Terrorists for bomb blasting and for othercriminal activities.