How we Tapped the Power of Cloud for Our Online Business


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How we faced the problem with our Internet based Site - "The Youtube of Flash Animations" of scaling. And How the Cloud Computing helped in the scaling of our Online Business. A presentation which explains the whole concept of Cloud Computing by taking the real example of our Platform - Uploading & Sharing of Flash Animations.

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How we Tapped the Power of Cloud for Our Online Business

  2. 2. CLOUD COMPUTING IN LAYMAN TERMS Consider a builder building apartments, he starts with one unit at a time and then EXPANDS
  3. 3. CUSTOMIZATION He also provide you with lot of options to Customize your apartment, which Varies the Costs for different requirements. ''‘° Eect'c. ‘cm oxfl »'9‘“ Qu: ‘ute ‘Ave 09 u n‘cmsr “Ce wndsc No’“‘°“°
  4. 4. CLOUD COMPUTING ANALOGY Analogous to above, Cloud Servers dynamically expands and adjusts according to client needs.
  5. 5. CLOUD COMPUTING CUSTOMIZATION ANALOGY 4’ Similar to Customizable Requirements ofa house, The Cost Varies for different amount of Server requirements.
  6. 6. -,2-«ea
  7. 7. THE TRADITIONAL APPROACH Keeping all your files organised, accessible and backed up requires a server Most small businesses buy a small server
  8. 8. Small is Expensive A typical small business sewer costs £5,000 — £10,000 including the software. plus: - Maintenance - / dm1r‘ - Power - llpgrados All this yields a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of around 51000.00 per user
  9. 9. Small is High— Risk lust one server is a high—risk strategy: - Recovery time in event of har‘dwar'e failure can be several days - "All your eggs in one basket"
  10. 10. Small is Inflexible Server stuck in the office, where remote access is difficult and insecure.
  11. 11. CLOUD COMPUTING BUZZ “Biggest Paradigm Shift in 20 years” “Game Changers” “Pay As You Go” “]ust On” “Tremendous Cost Cutting”
  12. 12. Enter the cloud”.
  13. 13. As an end-consumer, believe it or not you've been using Cloud for 0 long times 3: WndowsLive Hotmarl Y)‘: -I00! MAIL C-Mail 7. Aotz» Y9" V lllti| l ". ”‘ Google ~ ~ av
  14. 14. cnoun COMPUTING KEY COMPONENTS Virtualisution High Speed Internet Grid Computing Remote Access Utility Computing Software as a Service
  15. 15. VIRTUALIZATION ‘Separate application from the infrastructure. ‘Servers can be shared by many applications. ‘Applications can be shared by many servers.
  16. 16. HIGH spam) INTERNET Access to online systems fast enough for general office use Mobile broadband provides acceptable speeds everywhere
  17. 17. SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE 0 7. $9 3 Saas, stands for Software as a Service . , ueu. .,, . , $‘. :‘°° °’°o 6’ V’ Rather than relying on desktop software or traditional servers, software is hosted by a third party, and available via the cloud.
  18. 18. l / So. ... You can buy software, storage and processing ‘as a service‘. You only buy what you use. You can connect to it from anywhere!
  19. 19. oun APPLICATION ON CLOUDS - "The Youtube of Flash Animations" MOST RECENT FLASH time: A" V C-‘WOW! A" V POPULAR TAGS Being Plaved- ». -10319‘-: »-tern» HoslPIaved - Top Rater: - Most Commented ~ Top Favorites innelme: All v Ramdlop Melody umr Snov. rnr_; 1 lo 2-! M5602 flash Unload Flash I Cir~: unstnptrones Salamanmas Md 5 Cwerrvmarrrlerrng Asarnblea V National F'ariam9nianaS Frautle , ,' ' , Electoral lllly : -zulrru mnarm ‘ ' f FACEBODI» Sud: mam kuilluvadisr , cycle mlfillt StIeQn (Inner mun l J __ V cluuni . ... ,.r. arm; x: IatnxAi1cmObde ‘ghoul: 190 I I I I I 4 how: no I I I I I «I hour: ago I I I I I (“Ch “rh Wm“ “uh _mm. m . .'v‘a--. r'r~la~-. arm’. ' ' wlsus Aninrllx-)n alanbed-er IQM-Ix 2321312 dow"| om|365 gr-qr. 1oIImIIlDlr-_1J9In SPONSORS meepan C Tech
  20. 20. FEATURES WORTH DISCUS, ABOUT THE APPLICA'I'I 4“ UPLOAD SHARE DISCOVER People used to The system allows Users from around the Upload their Flash users to Share the World can View or Animation on Cloud Flash Animations Download the Flash through ShareSWF. on Social Networks Animations. ~ like Facebook.
  21. 21. PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED WITH TRADITIONAL HOSTING PROBLEM 1 : Occasional Traffic Spikes on ShareSWF due to Social Network Sharing on Facebook. MySpace can't be handled by ordinary Hosting Players etc. PROBLEM 2 : Lots of Flash Files Uploaded, Shared & Viewed thorough ShareSWF, consuming lots of Server Bandwidth, which can't be added quickly on the Hosting.
  22. 22. OUR SHIFT TO CLOUD SERVERS The Elastic Computing handled the Occasional Traffic Spikes generated through Social Networks. (PROBLEM 1 of ShareSWF. com SOLVED) Cloud Servers bandwidth can be extended as your needs grow without any server downtime. (PROBLEM 2 of ShareSWF. com SOLVED)
  23. 23. WHAT WE ACHIEVED THROUGH CLOUD SERVERS As the Application is on Cloud, It handled all the Traffic spikes automatically, which adds up to Reliability and Customer Satisfaction. ShareSWI-' is now one of the largest Flash Animations Repository on the Web’ . $2 ON CLOUD . ./
  24. 24. WHOIAM I am Neerai arwal. The Developero ShareSWF. com You can Contact Me at B ad min@shareswf. com facebOOk. com/ neeraj. aggrawaI 9 +91 —9926465653