Kirk caldwell leadership management commitment


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A summary of Kirk Caldwell's vision for Oahu.

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Kirk caldwell leadership management commitment

  1. 1. Kirk CaldwellLeadership.Management.Commitment.Kirk was born in Waipahu wherehis father was a plantation doctor.When Kirk was a young child,the family moved to Hilo,where he grew up and wentto school. For nearly 30years Kirk worked in theprivate sector, includingas a law partner atAshford and Wriston, LLP,but with his local roots,he always wanted to giveback to the community andserve the public.Kirk began his public service career in 2002 when he was electedto the State House, representing the Manoa and University area. Hequickly rose to a leadership position as the House Majority Leaderfrom 2006-2008. While in the House, Kirk fought for tax relief forHawaii’s families, health care for children, and millions of dollars inmaintenance funds to fix our schools.In January 2009, Kirk was appointed Managing Director for theCity and County of Honolulu. Serving directly under Mayor MufiHannemann, Kirk oversaw the day-to-day operations of the City andCounty in serving the needs of O‘ahu’s nearly one million residents.At City Hall, Kirk was the primary point person for two of the biggestissues facing Honolulu, transit and homelessness. He also expedited$150 million in road repaving, creating hundreds of new jobs. Kirk isproud to have been part of an administration that balanced budgetsduring the Great Recession, while protecting vital city services.Now, Kirk is running for Mayor of Honolulu, where he will bringenergetic, hands-on, 24-7 management to getting City Hall back ontrack again.
  2. 2. Kirk has the experience, energy andknow-how to get our City back on trackagain. Here are the top seven things hewould do if he is elected.1 Islandwide Traffic Solutions Traffic is slowly strangling our community. Rail is only part of the answer. Kirk will get more express buses to suburban and rural areas, develop “smart streets” in town, and expedite road repairs which have fallen woefully behind in the past two years.2 Build Rail Better Better station design and placement, less visual impact, beautification along the rail route, and watching every penny more wisely. Most of all, Kirk will listen to legitimate concerns and re-engage the community in the rail dialogue.3 Water, Sewer and Roads Kirk helped develop plans and the means to pay for fixing these problems. He will get these plans back on schedule and he will be much more visible and accountable for getting them done.4 Managing the Fundamentals of City Government It shouldn’t take hours to get a driver’s license, days to get a call returned from the Mayor’s office, weeks to get a pothole filled and months to get a building permit. Kirk will bring hands-on management back to City Hall, and a 24-7 attitude to get things done.5 Economic Security Our people need to know that City finances are sound, their property tax rates are stable, and that the local economy is strong and growing. Kirk will ensure this economic security extends to working families and neighborhoods across O‘ahu.6 Keep the Country Country And that’s all the way from Waimanalo to the North Shore to the Leeward Coast. This means solving traffic and infrastructure problems and encouraging smart growth in the urban core. Kirk will also bring more of the country to the city with better park maintenance and new “pocket parks” in neighborhoods.7 Finding Common Ground Gridlock at City Hall and fighting for fighting’s sake is keeping us from moving forward as a community. Kirk will work tirelessly to find common ground and break the do-nothing cycle of government. Paid for by Friends of Kirk Caldwell, PO Box 61208, Honolulu, Hawaii.