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Poster evaluation


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Poster evaluation

  1. 1. Poster evaluation
  2. 2. Final Poster
  3. 3. Images I usedOut of the many photographs that I took, IDecided to pick these two. The image on theLeft is very sombre, catches the mid-shot ofThe alter-ego, yet we can still see far downThe street. The facial expressions are veryBlank and uncaring, which sets the moodOf our horror genre as it detaches itselfFrom caring about murdering innocentPeople. The image on the right is set againstA plain background, however there isShadowing as I have used artificial light toCreate this affect. The shadow symbolisesThe overcast feeling of the alter-ego whoIs always hanging over him, like a pest problem. Both characters here are wearing the sameClothing as it represents them being the same person. The male villain has his head tilted downWhich creates mystery and darkness around him. The reason that I have placed the villain on aBlank canvas was so that I could later edit it in Photoshop with less hassle. On the left image, weAre slightly at a high angle, this connotes the idea that the alter-ego has power over him andDominance.
  4. 4. After taking various photographs, I managed to pick two that fitted what I wanted to do very well. Atfirst I was unsure about what type of poster I was aiming for, and after trying various different ideasout, I managed to pick the most suitable idea. Although both of these images look very different, Imanaged to make them work by using Photoshop to edit them. The male villain on the right has hishead tilted down and there is no eye contact. This conveys that he is a mysterious person whodoesn’t give off many hints about his personality. The picture of the right shows eye contact as thealter-ego is staring at the camera.I used the image on the right as my main image as the background was blank and I could easilymanipulate it how I wanted it to look. The reason I didn’t use the background image on the left isbecause it was too busy and would distract the audience from my intention of the poster; which is tocapture their attention and make them want to see the film. I changed a lot of light settings such asbrightness/contrast and black and white in order to achieve my dark background.To lay the image on the left on to the image on the right, I first had to cut out the alter-ego with themagnetic lasso tool in Photoshop. I then edited the transparency of the image so that the maleseeped through her. The reason I did this was to show that there are two personalities featuredbehind the male villain. I then used a blur/soften tool in order to smooth the edges of the hair of thealter-ego, so that she wasn’t too sharp on the eyes, but she would still be very striking to the eye. Ithen realised that there were logos featured in my image, so I got rid of them by using a sample andpaint tool.Because of the way that I have laid the female image higher than the male, it makes it seem asthough she’s always reoccurring, and doesn’t ever disappear from him. It shows that she is alwayspresent and can control his every move, always watching what he is doing.The lighting grades from dark to light as we look higher up the poster. The reason that I have editedit in such a way is because it puts emphasis on the female alter-ego, but it doesn’t take too muchaway from the dark depths of the male villain. The lightness also connotes that the alter-ego isn’treally there and is a figment of the villains imagination. The transparency of the image also adds tothis effect, and makes the perfect combination between light and transparent, creating a faded look.
  5. 5. The movie that this poster is taken from is a drama genre.However, I have chosen to challenge the conventions of thisTrailer and borrow some ideas and adapt them in to the horrorGenre that is my poster. I have borrowed the idea of the fadedText using key words that link with the movie. In my poster I haveFeatured the words “split, danger and psycho” The reason thatI used these keywords is because ‘split’ refers to the splitPersonality of the villain as he has an alter-ego. ‘danger’ as itLinks in very well with the typography featured in our horrorTrailer. Final the word ‘psycho’ connects with our horror genre,Which is psychological thriller. All three words I feel are fittingFor my poster and horror trailer as they all connect with issuesDealt with in the trailer. I used the three words as a sort of taglineFor the film. I made the three words fit in the blackBowler hat that is worn by the male villain because it fits inWith the rule of thirds. So at the top of the poster is the alter-Ego, then comes the very important text, lastly the male villain.But each connecting with one another and drawing the attentionOf the audience to them, which gives the poster enigma, makingThe audience interested and more likely to go and watch the film.A good idea was to also put stars and quotes from magazines onMy poster. This makes the audience believe that the film has beenGiven a good rating, making them more likely to see it in theCinema. The reason that I made my title bold and opaque is soThat it stands out and tells the audience what the movie is called.“The girl next door” would also be a film that most would assumeTo be a more adult movie, rather than a serious horror film.By creating a light and dark effect in my poster, it highlights theMost crucial features, but doesn’t take away from the poster andMakes it look original. This poster was published by Total FilmMagazine. As I have borrowed some techniques used, it will linkIn with my front cover that I made as Ive branded my magazineBy Total Films.
  6. 6. This poster is very simple, yet I adapted parts of it to my film poster. ThingsLike the dark lighting, contrasting with the light lighting which help toCreate a creepy effect on the audience.One thing that I have challenged about this poster is that there is a close-upUsed to create more tension between the audience and the character.AlthoughI have used a character who looks at the camera, it’s only a mid-shot andDoesn’t focus in on the eyes, but more on most of the body. Which is stillQuite effective as I have edited it in such a way that captures the imaginationOf the audience without being too busy as a poster, with too much going on.I have used the idea of keeping the image centred with text above and belowit, as I feel that this is a good technique which entices the audience to feelinclined to read up about the new movie coming out.Because of where the film title is positioned on the poster, it looks likeThe villain is staring down at it, which is similar to what they have achieved inThe Conjuring poster, as it looks like the woman is burning the title. AlthoughI have used the technique in a different way, it still comes across as effectiveBecause it looks like the male villain wants you to personally read the titleAnd to come see the film. This poster was featured in Total Film magazine,which is what I based my front cover off of, so my poster and the film will linkAs they’re featured by the same company.
  7. 7. Like most film posters, I have incorporated a billing block so that it conforms to the conventions of film posters and looksMore professional. All of the important information is featured here which relates to our horror trailer, such as the filmCompany who produced it, an actor from the trailer, who the music was by, the directors and producers, who it wasWritten by and the costume designer. I put all of these small details in as every film poster has this and it is useful for theAudience if they’re interested in films and would know a director/producer by name if they saw it. I have also added inWhen the film will be released ‘2013’ as the audience will want to know when it’s coming out so that they can keep a lookOut for it in the cinemas when it is finally released.The reason that I have made the text of my film poster white is because it links in with our horror trailer, and also myMagazine front cover. I wanted the three pieces of main work to flow smoothly and look like they were all a part of theSame feature. By effectively making each piece of work the same sort of style, it all ties in as a complete package, whichMakes it appealing for the audience. The font type that I have used for the title of the horror film is also the same fontThat is featured in the trailer and on my magazine front cover.
  8. 8. Overall, I am very happy with my final product. I feel that it encodes all of the right symbolsAnd situations that are featured in the trailer. The main features of the horror trailer all tieIn with the two pieces of work which I have produced as well as the trailer (film poster andMagazine front cover)From my film poster we get the sense of identity which the characters possess in the filmWhich is the male villain being controlled by the alter-ego, and the alter-ego looking veryInnocent which creates the idea that she is innocent in some way as she also looks veryYoung, however looks can be very deceiving. Which adds to our horror sub-genre ofPsychological thriller and gives it more umph.