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Neena gopinathan online assignment school and community


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Neena gopinathan online assignment school and community

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT Presented by Presented to NEENA GOPINATHAN Anupama Teacher Option: social science Lecturer In Social Science FMTC MYLAPORE FMTC MYLAPORE 1 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y
  3. 3. 3 IMPORTANT COMMUNITY RESOURCES 6-7 4 BRINGNING THE COMMUNITY TO THE SCHOOL 3 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y 7 5 CONCLUSION 8 6 REFERENCES 9 INTRODUCTION Community is the most important resource for education of the child. It provides the first hand learning experience about way of living. It is through his active
  4. 4. participation in community life that a child learns and develop the basic concept of history geography, economics etc. including various aspect of living in a community. The community is a treasure house of rich &varied source & can so it can enrich &supplement learning in social studies. To fully utilize the community resources an important role has to be played by teachers, administrators, parents &pupils. The community provides the connection between past &present& it inspires men everywhere. It has a dignity &a meaning. For utilizing the community resources fully in the school should take itself to the community. THE NEED FOR SCHOOL-COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIP. 4 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y
  5. 5. The school is the product of community which is called upon to serve. In this connection Prof. Ryburn has opined, there must be a vital connection between the life of the pupils in the school & the life of community in which they come. There must be a vital connection between the school which is the corporate life of pupils, teachers &community, otherwise the school can never succeed in its aim of enabling its pupils to get out &to face society &make necessary adjustment nor can it, as a corporate body ,even have the vital influence on the community which it ought to have.” For strengthening the relationship between the school &the community following suggestions be given due consideration: 1. Decentralize education & right persons from community be allowed due participation in management of schools. 2. Each school should have a local advisory committee consisting of notable persons the community. 3 .important &respectable members from community be extended invitations to attend important school functions. 4. Parent day-be organized every year in the school. 5. Parent-teacher association can be one of the vital instruments that can help in strengthening the relationship between the school &community. 6. It is also possible to organize community games in the schools. 5 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y
  6. 6. IMPORTANT COMMUNITY RESOURCES To make best use the available community resources, the teacher should help his pupils to catalogue the available resources before proceeding to study them. The catalogue should include every information available a about the place that can enrich instructions in social studies. For preparing the catalogue readily usable it may be divided into various sections as follows:  Places of historical interest: this section may include various temples, churches, mosques, old historical records, building, monuments, etc.  Places of geographical interest: It may include such places as factories, mills, railway station, sea-ports, air-ports, telephone exchange, radio station, T.V. center, theatres etc.  Places of social &cultural interest: this list may include various clubs, parks, museum,zoo,art galleries, fun &food resorts, university etc.  Places of economic interest: It includes banks, trading centers, stock exchange, markets, dairies,LIC buildings etc.  Government buildings: in this section should be included hospital, police station, water supply, community centre, various government offices etc.  A separate section be speared to catalogue traditions, customs,rituals,ceremonies,practices,beliefs,attitude etc. of the local community. 6 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y
  7. 7. Bringing the community to the school. Some of the important means of bringing the community to the school are given below:  Celebration of festivals  School as a social recreational and cultural centre  School should become the centre of adult education, both in rural and urban areas a) Issuing of books to parents and other members of the family in the name and responsibilities of the pupil b) Opening school library for the public c) Issuing books to the secretary of the old students  experience of the members of the public  There should be a parent – teacher association in school which will help all concerned to understand each other’s point of view.  Co-operation of parents in strengthening school programme.  Association of the parents in the management of the school. CONCLUSION 7 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y
  8. 8. The words of secondary education commission, ‘’what we should like to see in a two way traffic so that the problems that arise in the home and community life and the realistic experiences gained should be brought in the school so that education may be based on the and be intimately connected with real life and on the other hand, the new knowledge ,skills, attitudes, values acquired in the school should be carried into the home life to solve its problems, to rise its standards and link up the teachers, parents and children in one compact and naturally helpful group.’’ REFERENCE 8 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y
  9. 9. Teaching of social studies –A.S Kohli Social science education –Dr.K.Sivarajan Corrected by Anupama M R Lr. In Social Science 9 | S C H O O L A N D C O MMU N I T Y