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Storage Device


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Storage Device

  1. 1. Storage Device<br />neena 10YB<br />
  2. 2. Optical backing storage mediasuch as CDs and DVDsCompact Disc / Digital Versatile Disc<br />ADVANTAGES :<br /><ul><li>CDs and DVDs are portable i.e. they can be transported from one computer to another.
  3. 3. CDs and DVDs can be used to store data.
  4. 4. DVDs are used to hold large file such as movie files.</li></ul>DISADVANTAGE:<br /><ul><li>CDs and DVDs are Read Only Memory.</li></ul>-CDs tend to be used for large files (but smaller than 1Gb).<br />neena 10YB<br />
  5. 5. CD-ROM DVD-ROMCompact Disc - Read Only MemoryDigital Versatile Disk – Read Only Memory <br />DISADVANTAGE:<br />- It can’t put data more than once.<br />ADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li> CD-ROM generally holds about 700MB of data or 74 minutes of audio.</li></ul>- DVD-ROM can hold up to 4.7GB <br />neena 10YB<br />
  6. 6. CD-R DVD-RCompact Disc - Recordable Digital Versatile Disc - Recordable<br />ADVANTAGES:<br />-This is suitable for applications that requires ‘burning of data’.<br />-Retains a high level of compatibility with standard CD readers.<br />- DVD-R has a storage capacity of 4.71 GB.<br />DISADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>CD-R can be written only for one time but can be read many times.
  7. 7. The data in DVD-R cannot be changed.</li></ul>neena 10YB<br />
  8. 8. CD-RW DVD-RWCompact Disc - ReWriteableDigital Versatile Disc -ReWriteable<br />ADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>CD-RW and DVD-RW are rewriteable and the data can be delete.
  9. 9. The capacity for CD-RW is about 650MB to 700MB.
  10. 10. The capacity for DVD-RW is typically 4.7GB.</li></ul>DISADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>The disc tends to be expensive.
  11. 11. Many players don’t handle with RW disc.</li></ul>neena 10YB<br />
  12. 12. DVD RAMDigital Versatile Disc – Read Only Memory<br />ADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>This type of DVD is appropriate for DVD writers.
  13. 13. DVD-RAM have 1.46 GB storage capacity.
  14. 14. This type of DVD can be written over for many times.</li></ul>DISADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>DVD-RAM is expensive.
  15. 15. Less compatibility than DVD-RW</li></ul>neena 10YB<br />
  16. 16. HD DVDHigh Definition/density – Digital Versatile disc<br />ADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>It is a high density optical disc for storing data.
  17. 17. Has a high definition for video.
  18. 18. Has a capacity of 15 - 30 GB.
  19. 19. This type of DVD is mostly used for video recorders, computer memory and games.</li></ul>DISADVANTAGE:<br />- It has a smaller capacity than Blu-ray disc (50 GB).<br />neena 10YB<br />
  20. 20. Blu-ray<br />ADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>Has a storage capacity of 25 – 50 GB.
  21. 21. It is a high density optic disc.
  22. 22. It is mostly use for high definition video and Play station 3 video game.
  23. 23. It is the largest storage capacity of all optical media.</li></ul>DISADVANTAGES:<br />- Bluray disc supports only Bluray player.<br /><ul><li>It’s expensive.</li></ul>neena 10YB<br />
  24. 24. Solid state backing storage<br />ADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>Can be use as removable storage device.
  25. 25. It is the smallest form of memory.
  26. 26. Can be easily written and updated.</li></ul>DISADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>It is more expensive than other forms of storage.
  27. 27. It can be broken.</li></ul>neena 10YB<br />
  28. 28. Memory sticks / Pen drives<br />neena 10YB<br />ADVANTAGES:<br /><ul><li>Can store up to many gigabytes
  29. 29. Can use to transport files and backup data from computer to computer. </li></ul>DISADVANTAGES:<br />-Can be lost<br /><ul><li>Can be broken</li></li></ul><li>Flash memory card<br />neena 10YB<br />ADVANTAGES:<br />- Used in digital cameras, palmtops, mobile phones, MP3<br />players.<br /><ul><li>Is a non volatile computer storage.</li></ul>DISADVANTAGE:<br />- Quite expensive<br />