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Pak face

  1. 1. MISSION STATEMENT To be succesful by Effectively % efficiently Utilizing our philosophies, So thet We achieve & Maintain Constatnly the High Standards of Product Quality & Customer satisfaction Vision & Philosophy Nothing in this earth or in the heavens Is hidden from ALLAH To indulge in honesty, integrity and self determination, To encourage in performance and Most of all to put our trust in ALLAH,So that we may, eventually through our efforts and belief, Become a leader amongst glass manufacturers
  2. 2. Of South Asian CountriesBrickmaking in Pakistan can be traced back to the 5000 yearsold Mohinjodaro civilization where burnt brick was usedprobably for the first time in the recent age. Although it ranksamongst the oldest crafts yet the quality of bricks hascontinued to deteriorate over the centuries. A brick of today isfar more inferior to what it was in the older days. For instance,it is less strong, more porous, has variable shape and sizebesides being more efflorescent. All these defects are betrayedin the poor quality of brickwork seen in the buildings erected inthe last three decades in our country. Pak face 23 km Multan Road LahoreBoard of directors  Mr. Abdul Rahim  Mr. Abdul Sattar  Mr. Abdul Majid  Mr. Abdul Ghuaffar
  3. 3. Introduction: Started since 1970. Has four partners. (Pvt) limited. Is the only Co. use the raw material made in the Pakistan. No involvement of banks because banks never provides there services to brick making companies. Export: Pak face Co. Ltd Export their to UAE. Home delivery. Contract with the labour(terms and conditions). 1 circle of forty days to manufacture 9 hundred thousand bricks. Samples designed according to the demand of architechture. 3 inch size width (only Co. make this size in Pakistan). Skilled labour(through training).
  4. 4. Accomodation facility to labour.40,000-50,000 bricks (daily production).Total no. of workers is 150.PlanningThere are four major plans: Reducing average cost. Beneficial for client. Customer satisfaction. No compromise on rules and regulation.Skills and RolesRaw material manager Major labor force is working under this manager. Labor skills vary person to under this manager. Labor skills vary person to person means they have classes of labour for all different types of bricks.Assembling Manager
  5. 5. Keeps the track of bricks required daily basis to fulfill the requirement. Know the procedure of manufacturing the bricks. Know which minerals used to manufacture bricks.Process of bricks Pak bricks Co. trying to maintain the quality of bricks for about 30 years. Using very good quality of local clays. By quarrying different clays, from different fields with different properties. These clays are trucked to stock pile for:
  6. 6. 1. Weathering. 2. Blending. 3. Milling. 4. Moulding or extruding. 5. Burning properly with good quality coal. The chemical analysis usually found in Pak bricks by P.C.S.I.R laborotaries as follows:Brick analysisI/L 0.60SIO 60.40AL203 20.40Fo203 7.00CaO 2.80MgO 1.50Na2O 4.67K2O 2.40With crushing strength 2500-3000P.S.IAbsorbing capacity about 13%Bending strength 22kg/cm2
  7. 7. Account manager Keeping records. Check & balance of overall organization. Know about the % of those bricks which are of no more in use. Maintain records on daily, weekly, monthly, circle wise and yearly basis. On these analyses he decides whether the organization is progressing better or not. Pay is better as compared to other managers.Sales Manager Price rates of the bricks are decided by him. Related to sales of bricks is deal by him. Looks at the sales on daily basis. Also decides the rates of the bricks which are broken in the production process.Finance Manager He deals with permanent customers after mutual consent of CEO.
  8. 8. Decides the rate of bricks offered to the general customers & to the permanent customers. Keeps the track of the inventory of the minerals used in brick making. Decides the salary packages of the CEO employees.Production Accounts Sales Raw AssemblingMaterial Manager Sales FinanceManager Manager Manager Accounts ManagerLabor
  9. 9. Leadership CEO takes all the decisions of the Co.  Example: In the month of June and July employees have to work more than their routine work because it is mostly a rainy season & it’s difficult for them to maintain the quality of the bricks that’s why during theses months most of the bricks Co. stop their production. CEO never gives preference to the needs & requirements of the employees. In short Leadership is basically autocratic.
  10. 10. Competitiors Butt bricks Mashallah bricks Madina bricksPak Face provides bricks to Pak steel mills(KARACHI) Itehad Group of Industries Islamia University(ISLAMABAD) Comsat University(ISLAMABAD) Wapda Grid Station Sharif Trust GPO(LAHORE) Sareena Hotel(ISLAMABAD)
  11. 11. Dr’s Hospital(LAHORE) CM House(LAHORE) Governor House(LAHORE) Ministers Colony(LAHORE) Russian Plant(BALOCHISTAN) Motorway Head Quarters Beacon House School(LAHORE) Sunder Industrial State Kotlakhpat Jail Shharif Medical City The Punjab School LahoreFuture OutlookAs this was a challenging year for pak face in the light ofeconomic issues facing Pakistan:Hyper inflation, high interest rates, depreciating currency,increasing utility and fuel charges and last but no least, risingcost of commodities. Nevertheless , Pak Face managed toachieve strong operating results by achiebibg production
  12. 12. efficiencies ,improvement in operations, implementation ofcertain cost cutting measures, locating better sources ofpurchases and imports. Going forward, we wil continue to focusour attention on reducing operating cost, improving productionefficiency and explore new and more attractive foreign marketsfor our products.Auditors TeamThe present auditors Talha Sattar and Company CharteredAccountants retire and offer themselves for reappointment. Assuggested by the Audit Committee, the board of directors hasreccomended their reappointment as editors of the companyfor the year ending June 30th, 2009, at a mutually agreed fee.Human Resource DepartmentManagement and employee relations continued to remaincongenial. Development of human resource has always been apriority area in the company as the Directors consider HumanCapital as the best asset of your company. During the year,recruitment, training and performance management have beenfurther strengthened to achieve higher employee motivation.By the grace of Almighty ALLAH our employees’ commitment,professionalism and focus on quality and customer carecontinue to help us achieve our growth targets.Staff Retirement Benefit
  13. 13. The company operates a funded contributory provident fundscheme for it’s employees and contributions based on salariesof the employees are made to the fund of monthly basisSTATEMENT OF ETHICS AND BUSINESS PRACTICESThe board has adopted the statement of ethics and businesspratices. All employees are informed of this statement and arerequired to observe these rules of conduct in realtion tocustomers, suppliers and regulations.SUBSEQUENT EVENTS(after june 30, 2008)There have been no material changes since June 30th, 2008 andthe company has not entered into any commitment, whichwould materialy effect it’s financial position at the date.BOARD OF DIRECTORSThe Board Of Directors, which consist of ten members and onealternate member, have responsibility to independantly andtransparently monitor the performance of the company and
  14. 14. takes strategic decisions to achieve sustainable growth in thecompany value.Pak Bricks
  15. 15. The secret of beauty of Lahore city partly lies in the bricks madeof fine local clay, which are used on exteriors of old as well asthe new buildings. From centuries old monuments to modernbuildings, the classic clay bricks continue to adorn thearchitecture with their timeless beauty.
  16. 16. Brick ProductionBasically the process of brick making has not changed since thefirst fired bricks were produced some thousand years ago.The steps used then are used today, but with refinements. Thevarious phases of manufacturing are as follows i. Securing the clay ii. Beneficiationiii. Mixing and formingiv. Drying v. Firing and coolingSecuring the clayClays used in brick making represent a wide range of materialsthat include varying percentage of silica and alumina. They maybe grouped in three classes. (a) Surface Clay Mostly bricks in Pakistan are made from surface clays, which are 3 to 4 feet in depth. (b) Shales These clays are obtained from decomposed rock, may he near mountain areas. (c) Fire-Clays
  17. 17. Found deeper under the surface. These fire clays have more uniform chemical composition than surface or shale.BENEFICATIONRaw clays are often blended to obtain a uniform consistency. “The clay is then passed from grinders and screens to secure theoptimum particle size for mixing with water.MIXING AND FORMINGThere are three basic process used in mixing and formingphase, a) Extruded Bricks In this stiff mud process the clay is mixed with water to render it’s plastic after which it is forced through a die that extrudes a column of clay like toothpaste. The column gives two dimensions of the unit: it is cut by the wire to give the third dimension. b) Moulded Bricks The older method of forming the brick, the soft mud process much more water is used. The mix is put in wooden or steal moulds to form the size unit required.
  18. 18. Moulds are lubricated with sand or water. These are called sand struck or water struck bricks. c) Pressed bricks Clays with very low plasticity are used in the dry press- process.DRYINGAfter the bricks are formed, they must be dried to remove asmuch as free water as possible. Drying a part from sun dryingis done in direct dryers with controlled temperatures draftand humidity.Firing and CoolingBricks are fired and cooled in a kiln an oven type chambercapable of producing temperatures 870C to 1100C ( 1600-2000f) Depending on the type of raw material.There are two types of kilns i) Periodic ii) Continuous QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT
  19. 19. The testing of materials is one of the important requirements ofcivil work from quality control point of view.Standard tests for brick are as follows:- 1) CRUSHING STRENGTH TEST This test should be performed in laboratory. The Pakistan standard provides for testing of half bricks after filling frogs with mortar and curing. According to PS 208 the minimum crushing strength should be 2000 to 2500 P.S.I for ‘A’ class and 1200 to 1500 P.S.I for ‘B’ class. 2) WATER ABSORPTION TEST By determining the water absorption one can get idea of strength and durability of bricks. The percentage of water absorbed is determined on dry weight basis. The Pakistan standard requires immersion of full bricks separately in cold water. The maximum absorption is laid down as 12-13% for A/B class 16=17% for C class 3) EFFLORESCENCE TEST The deposition of salts on the surface of bricks during expose in actual use is known as efflorescence. These salts consist mainly of Sulfate of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium. When bricks are baked over 1100C
  20. 20. temperature, the salts are decreased too much to see the efflorescence tendency the sample bricks are placed in deep water in a tray. Water is allowed soak for 24 hours and allowed to dry for few days. The cycle is repeated. Deposits of salts are observed and percentage is noted. If surface is more than 50% affected the bricks should be rejected. In some areas soluble salts are also present in the soil and water underneath the foundation. To avoid these salts, proper damp proof course should be made b) EFFLORESCENCE AFTER CONSTRUCTION Due to presence of magnesium and calcium salts in the bricks and mortar which are insoluble in water for example “magnesium sulphate and calcium carbonate” give rise to an efflorescence of fine crystals after the bricks are built into position. These crystals usually appear in winter but after two or three seasons, these are vanished away automatically. Also we can clean these salts by washing with simple water.4) DIMENTIONAL TEST As it is known the consumption of motor and number of bricks required to erect a masonary wall, depend, on it’s thickness more than any other dimension.
  21. 21. A small difference of 1/8” in thickness will mean an extracourse of masonary in every six feet height.