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Project Portfolio - L-3/IS Communications/Media Relations


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This project portfolio is a collection of the design work I created while working as a Communications/Media Relations Intern with L-3 Communications/Integrated Systems in 2002. The print samples have been sitting in a binder for years, so I figured why not scan them and convert them into a series of slides.

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Project Portfolio - L-3/IS Communications/Media Relations

  1. 1. Design Work by Eileen Gainer-Carelock Communications/Media Relations Intern with L-3 Communications/Integrated Systems PROJECT PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. PROJECT PORTFOLIO INTRO  I worked as a Communications / Media Relations Co-op with L-3 Communication / Integrated Systems from May until December 2002 when the Co-op program ended.  In the course of my time with the department, I was responsible for the following:  Generating graphics and copy for company publications.  Populating company InfoStations with new materials.  Proofreading and editing the newsletter for the company fitness center.  Filing news clips and maintaining the media contact list.  Maintaining a log of operational status for InfoStations around the facility.  This also fulfilled the college internship requirement for my journalism degree.
  3. 3. PROJECT PORTFOLIO INTRO  Originally hired for more admin/communications support centric tasks, the team began to throw more design projects my way.  This project portfolio is a collection of the design work I created during the Co-op program.  I primarily used Photoshop and Illustrator.  NOTE: Some information has been blurred or blocked out as L-3/IS is a secure facility, and while I was not involved in any projects requiring security clearance, references to building numbers on-site, acronyms, etc. have been obscured.
  5. 5. WHO’S WHO AT L-3/IS? 07.18.02 Web Graphic 08.30.02 InfoStation Slide
  6. 6. THE HORIZON 07.17.02 Web Graphic 07.18.02 InfoStation Slide
  7. 7. THE HORIZON 07.25.02 Page Graphic Printed in Fall 2002 Issue
  8. 8. PASS OR SWIPE? 07.24.02 Web Graphic, InfoStation Slide
  9. 9. HR APPRECIATION DAY 08.19.02 Flyer
  10. 10. BANNER AND SIDEBAR ADS O9.17.02
  11. 11. HELP DESK 08.23.02 InfoStation Slide
  12. 12. DONATE BLOOD 10.02.02 Poster
  13. 13. DONATE BLOOD 10.03.02 InfoStation Slide
  14. 14. DON’T CHANCE THE FLU 10.03.02 Flyer
  15. 15. TWO FITNESS NEWSLETTER Formatting & Layout
  16. 16. CHILDREN’S DIVERSITY POSTER CONTEST 10.08.02 Web Graphic 10.09.02 InfoStation Slide
  18. 18. A MESSAGE ON HR BENEFITS 10.09.02 Web Graphic
  19. 19. CHILDREN’S DIVERSITY POSTER CONTEST 10.10.02 Instructions, Entry Form
  20. 20. CHILDREN’S DIVERSITY POSTER CONTEST 10.24.02 Ballot, Sign
  21. 21. HR BENEFITS UPDATE 10.25.02 InfoStation Slide
  22. 22. CHILDREN’S DIVERSITY POSTER CONTEST 10.31.02 Winner Certificate
  23. 23. QUIT SMOKING 11.01.02 InfoStation Slide
  24. 24. QUIT SMOKING 11.19.02 Flyer
  25. 25. PROJECT CHRISTMAS SPIRIT 11.06.02 Poster
  26. 26. PROJECT CHRISTMAS SPIRIT 11.08.02 Web Graphic 11.22.02 Certificate of Appreciation