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  1. 1. By: Elizabeth Fama
  2. 2. Elizabeth Fama Young-adult author Best known book: “Monstrous Beauty” Attended University of Chicago Has a BA in biology Has a MBA and PhD in economics and finance She has four children Married to John H. Cochrane, who is also an author. Follow her on Twitter!! @elizabethfama
  3. 3. Genre of Overboard Overboard is a Realistic Fiction book Young-adults Adventure Suspense Family Published in 2005 Book takes place anytime between 1990-2005 Inspired by a real ferry disaster in Indonesia
  4. 4. Main Characters Emily- forced to move to Sumatra with her parents to work at the hospital with them. She tries to leave on her own but the ferry ends up sinking. She tries to save not only herself but her knew friend. Isman- A 7 year old boy Emily becomes good friends with and takes care of to survive.
  5. 5. Major Themes Survival Friendship Family Independent Lonely Religion Personal Strength Positive and negative thinking
  6. 6. Quotes “I think you should sleep for a time, and I will watch you to see that you are safe.”  Shows that Emily is a good friend to Isman “You’re not really afraid of the dark are you Emily?”  Shows how Emily is scared, and can hurt her chance of survival “I’m so desperate for those boats, I’m making them up in my head.”  Shows how tired, and desperate for being rescued Emily is
  7. 7. Summary of Book Emily is forced to move to Sumatra with her parents to work at a hospital. She gets so tired of it she decides to run away to an island where her uncle is supposedly staying. When she is on the ferry to the island the ferry starts to sink. Everyone is frantic and is pushing and shoving, Emily then finds herself in the water with no life vest. She decides to swim for a light she sees out in the ocean, but it ends up being a lot farther than she thought. On her journey to the light she finds a little boy named Isman. She decides to take care of him and promise him she will get him home safe. They become very close and Isman relies on her for everything. When they reach the island it is nothing but a pile of rocks and a lighthouse on top. They keep swimming and Emily ends up losing Isman in the currents. Emily finally reaches and island and passes out, when she awakes she is on a boat with Isman right next to her.
  8. 8. Works Cited Fama, Elizabeth. "Author Elizabeth Fama." : Teacher Guide for Overboard. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2013.