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The positives and_negatives_to_lithium_batteries_for_laptops


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The positives and_negatives_to_lithium_batteries_for_laptops

  1. 1. “The Positives and Negatives to Lithium Batteries for Laptops”Have a laptop? Who doesn’t? Today, the laptop is as common as having a toothbrush; and theyprovide a high number of conveniences for both professional and personal communications. Thissaid, most of us could not tell you what kind of battery their laptop computer uses or how it evenfunctions specifically. The problem is, eventually your laptop battery will die, and you will be forcedto purchase a new laptop or a laptop battery on sale. When you do, will you buy a nickel or lithiumbattery for replacement? The choice is clearly yours, but below, we discuss a number of key pointsof the comparison to help you in this decision.Technology keeps improving upon itself every day, and this extends of course, to the computer. Notone piece of technology is optimized faster in today’s world, to make for a productive, efficient, andconvenient future. Take the lithium ion batteries that are now being used more and more for ourlaptops. While there are a number of choices of laptop battery on sale, more and more the positivebenefits of the lithium ion battery are outweighing any negatives. Below, we take a look at the mostcompelling advantages and disadvantages of the lithium ion laptop battery on sale, in relation to therechargeable battery.AdvantagesThe laptop battery on sale that you will often come across for your laptop is that of the lithium ionbattery. So, what is it about these kinds of batteries that make them so popular and well sold? Hereare the most compelling advantages or benefits of using lithium ion batteries for your laptop:
  2. 2. • Lightweight: First, lithium ion batteries are extremely lightweight, when compared to other choices for rechargeable batteries. What’s more, just because it is lighter, does not mean it loses something in the translation. Lithium batteries can pack just as much energy in a small, lightweight battery as a standard nickel one. • Hold a Charge: Another compelling reason to choose lithium batteries over nickel is that whereas nickel batteries lose on average, over 20% of their energy per month; a lithium battery loses only 5% of its energy. • Multiple Charge Uses: Lithium batteries also offer hundreds of charge and re-charge cycles of use, whereas nickel charge and re-charge cycles is much less. • No Memory Effect: Lastly, in nicked batteries, you typically have to discharge the battery prior to recharging it. With lithium batteries, this isn’t necessary.DisadvantagesWhile getting a lithium laptop battery on sale can offer a number of conveniences, it can also beperceived to have some disadvantages as well. Here are the most significant disadvantages oflithium batteries: • High Temperature Sensitivity: One drawback to these seemingly convenient lithium batteries is they are very sensitive to high temperatures, and subject to battery degradation. • Short Life: Lithium batteries, while convenient, have a relatively short life of use of approximately two to three years from the date that they were manufactured-regardless of amount of use. • Volatility: Though it is uncommon, there is a chance that lithium batteries-due to their chemical composition and extremely sensitive nature-will burst into flame. This occurs in the event that a lithium battery fails.
  3. 3. • Computer Requirement: While nickel batteries can be maintained without the use of the product they serve, lithium batteries requires that the product maintain them.• Expensive: Due to the conveniences listed above, most laptop battery on sale in the lithium category will still be much more expensive than that of nickel batteries.• Discharge: If it happens that a lithium battery is somehow discharged completely, the battery will be unusable.Source: