TeleTrust - early draft of value prop info - Ned Hayes


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This is a very early draft of our VC pitch. Core issue with this deck is that it is NOT a pitch -- it describes a product, but does not define the PROBLEM we are solving in any meaningful way. Feedback from a variety of early advisors helped us to clarify the problem and clean up our pitch so it was compelling.

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TeleTrust - early draft of value prop info - Ned Hayes

  1. 1. TeleTrustOpportunity and Strategy September 2010 Ned Hayes Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010
  2. 2. TeleTrust Founded April 2010: Bootstrapped by founders for first 6 months. Team with deep telecommunications experience and identity verification experience: trusted leaders in the Call Identity, Caller Name, Identity Verification and On-Device Payments. Founders created over $1.4 Billion in value for VeriSign, Illuminet, Vulcan Enterprises, Adobe Systems, and TNSI. TeleTrust LLC is dedicated to creating new value in identity and verification systems for emerging new classes of telecommunications providers and call connection networks. 2 Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010
  3. 3. TeleTrust Founding Team FOUNDERS Eric Rock, CEO, Founder – leader of telco group at VeriSign. Elected chair of National Telco Forum (LIDB/CNAM group), founder of National Verification Forum (identity data), 19 years of product innovation. Leadership of industry forums, decade-long relationship building expertise with national and international telco companies, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Qwest, VeriSign, CenturyLink, TNSI, Illuminet. Launched $500 million LIDB and Caller Name ID product lines nationwide. Ned Hayes, Product Lead, Founder – identity verification leader and mobile applications product expert. Launched Kiha Software, an on-device application and identity verification Android mobile startup for Paul Allen, formerly led Technology Innovation Group for CTO at Adobe Systems. Launched “Claim Your Identity” online identity system for Created mobile app roadmap for Adobe Systems. Multiple patents & publications in mobile technologies, cloud services, identity services. Gerry Christensen, CTO – recognized technical leader in telco industry and telco data engineering. Former CTO for Zoove, mobile phone marketing company. Member of team that acquired mobile messaging companies: Jamba!, Unimobile, and LightSurf. Leadership in the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Multiple patents and published reports on telco network services, intelligent network, location management. Expertise in mobile location services and prepaid services. Brian Golden, Interim CFO – primary revenue manager for VeriSign telco services. Structured accounting practices for AT&T, Verizon line billing. 20 years of experience in creating innovative revenue models for new telco and identity-related products. Facilitated $1.2 billion Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010 3 Confidential and exit for Illuminet to VeriSign.
  4. 4. Market Opportunity Today: identity verification today is only predicated on credit card and machine identity, both of which can be falsified. No system today can target and prevent mobile identity fraud by verifying the actual mobile device through the telco carrier. Tomorrow: TeleTrust is the trusted broker who cross-references every telco data element together to map and lock identity to a single phone. This identity is based on authentic phone record and call- in-progress information derived directly from the telecommunications system. Phone = Identity 4 Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010
  5. 5. Three Phases: Roadmap to Value PHASE 3: NEXT GEN TRUSTED IDENTITY & MOBILE WALLET Verified Multi-Factor Identity, Verified PII Verified Mobile Wallet + Payments, etc.Perceived Value PHASE 2: TRUSTED IDENTITY ON DEVICE Market Verified Location, Verified IP, Velocity Score value vector Verified Name+Address, Verified Portable Identity PHASE 1: ADVANCED MOBILE IDENTITY Verified Caller ID, IP Address, Name+Address Matching TODAY: BASIC MOBILE IDENITY . Non-Telco Data, Inaccurate, Weak Caller ID : Easily Faked . Past Present Future Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010
  6. 6. Three Phases for TeleTrust PHASE 1: Verification of Person ID using Telco Data – real-time  Includes telco-based authenticated name+address, caller ID, etc.  Customers: Major Merchants (Macy’s, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) PHASE 2: Verification of Person+Phone ID using a patented “Telco Dashboard” that rolls up variety of telco elements  Includes many elements derived from our SS7 & ENUM knowledge.  Customers: Major Banks & Credit Authentication (Experian, TransUnion, etc.) PHASE 3: Verification of Person+Phone for real-time Transactions (this creates a locked, verified Mobile Wallet)  Based entirely on telco sources, does not need a third-party key (or a Visa card).  Phone essentially becomes a secure, verified static IP address that can’t be spoofed, for the duration of the transaction. Verified through actual telco switch.  Customers: Consumers, Merchants, Banks, Credit Cards, Point of Purchase, etc. Confidential and Proprietary | 6 TeleTrust.US | 2010
  7. 7. PHASE 1: Verify against real telco billing records Merchant ConsumersTeleTrust Hosted Data Trusted Transaction & Businesses + Partner Data Third-Party Partners Broker TeleTrust Phone Number Data Datasets Queries Match TeleTrust TeleTrust Partial Address Match Personal Data Identity Verification TeleTrust Payment Fraud Data
  8. 8. Phase 2: Identity Dashboard – All Elements Telco Derived Verified Location NameProvisional Patents applied for of Phone Address (Lat/Long)Telco-Based Identity Dashboard IP andAggregates together multiple Phonetelco-derived data elements: ID (SIM)Telco Data Fields (Name, Address, Phone Type)Actual Phone Location, Biometrics, Velocity,ENUM IP Address, Caller ID TeleTrustPatents Pending 2010 Verified ID Confidential and Proprietary | 8 TeleTrust.US | 2010
  9. 9. Phase 3: Transaction Verification (Verified Mobile Wallet) Identity Validated through Telc0-Based Dashboard  Validate Phone ID – SIM, Location of Phone, Type of Phone, etc.  Validate Identity tied to that Phone ID – Verified Name, Address, etc.  Validate Velocity Score and Customer Credit Score  Validate Transaction, Lock Transaction, Finalize Transaction TeleTrust elements, combined, create a “verified mobile wallet” TRANSACTION: Instead of “card present” it will be “phone present” Confidential and Proprietary | 9 TeleTrust.US | 2010
  10. 10. TeleTrust Builds on Trusted History 2010-2011: TeleTrust builds on CNAM expertise for verification - Architecting and planning a robust, scalable system to use telco data in regulatory-compliant methods to ensure fraud prevention for merchants. 2011-2012: Verification Apps-stand alone and on-device apps 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 CNAM: VeriSign Planning for TeleTrust plansIlluminet LIDB LIDB became Telco Assured TeleTrust launch to lead market Supports Verification Launches• 1st to offer dominant data in telco data Caller ID LIDB/CNAM services by Company nationwide for verification & with telco provider LIDB / CNAM & connectivity fraud assurance• LIDB established Name Forum (national) Services to help prevent fraud 10 Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010
  11. 11. Product Architecture TeleSign MaxMind Callback IP Address & Services Location AT&T Verizon Sprint T-Mobile Telco Data Telco Data Telco Data Telco Data TrustID FinSphere Verified Mobile Location CallerID TeleTrust Proprietary Value Add Telco Data Layer & Matching (LIDB / CNAM / ENUM) Telco-Derived Data (SS7 / IP) TeleTrust Proprietary Data Correlation & Data Scoring TeleTrust Query Response (VPN / SOAP)TeleTrust Confidential and Proprietary |Customers Major On-Phone Credit Major TeleTrust.US | 11 Banks Purchases Bureaus Retailers 2010
  12. 12. Revenue Roadmap: 5 years 2015 Revenue $90.0 $82M Forecast = $80.0 $70.0 Verification steady $60.0 incremental revenue Mobile Apps $50.0 3 Mobile Wallet 2 Dashboard Dashboard as $40.0 1 Verification Growth Driver $30.0 CNAM Storage Consulting Long-Term Growth $20.0 in Mobile Wallet $10.0 $0.0 Baseline Consulting, CNAM 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Storage & CNAM Access 12 Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010
  13. 13. Future of TeleTrust: $174 million company by 2015 2015 Revenue 2011-2015 - Aggregate Revenues Aggregate Forecast = $174M Three large revenue $63.5 $55.3 Consulting CNAM Storage sources: 1 Verification  Verification 2 Dashboard (short-term) $48.5 3 Mobile Wallets 3 Mobile Apps  Dashboard (ongoing growth driver)  Mobile Wallet (long-term) 13 Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010
  14. 14. Vision & Intellectual Property (IP) TeleTrust creates the complete picture of a Telco-trusted identity  Elements include location, phone number port date, region, telephone velocity score, TrustID secure CNAM, FinSphere location TeleTrust patents / IP describe proprietary methods of verifying a mobile phone and authenticating on-phone transactions. TeleTrust originates a complete identity dashboard based on telephone… rather than on computer IP address & credit card.  Model similar to security dashboard provided by Iovation, Threat Metrix, but tied together by telco data – authentic telco record and call signal. 14 Confidential and Proprietary | TeleTrust.US | 2010