AirIQ -- a personal analytics startup I created in 2011-2012


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This is the VC and angel investment for "AirIQ" -- the personal analytics startup I created in 2011-2012. I did receive initial angel funding, was seeking Series A, when I decided to put the company and the product on-ice, in the wake of personal family needs, and the fact that Contactually was doing such a great job.

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AirIQ -- a personal analytics startup I created in 2011-2012

  1. 1. AirIQNed Hayes 2012
  2. 2. I’ve led data analytics product teams atAdobe Advanced Technology Labs + 4 startups focused on text analytics + machine learning GlobalPlanIT, Kiha TeleTrust, Meshin @ PARC
  3. 3. Key Insight: data analytics startups analyzing mountains of dataour team sees the detailed scoring of user data but the users don’t see the analytics. Why not?
  4. 4. Personal Analytics BENEFITS• Drives behavior (for the individual)• Measures behavior (for the business)• Produces bottom-line results
  5. 5. Numbers Matter Health MeasurementPersonal Finance Measurement
  6. 6. Numbers Matter Online “Friends”Politics: Numbers Matter
  7. 7. Personal Analytics• Can drive behavior (for the individual)• Measure behavior (for the business)• Produce bottom-line results• We have no personal analytics on our daily communications
  8. 8. What if we did?
  9. 9. Use Case is a 97. That guy He’s only a 22 for me.
  10. 10. Who are these people to you?49 66 84 91
  11. 11. Maybe the people who really matterAREN’T the ones who stand out in a crowd 42 71 35 86 16 22 98
  12. 12. Your Numbers Matter99
  13. 13. Critical Information in the Numbers• What’s your response rate to incoming email?• Are you communicating with the most important people first?• How fast are you in getting back to clients?• How comprehensive is your coverage of your prospect / client / partner list?• Who have you forgotten about this week?• How can you be more effective?• Who is wasting your time?• Who needs your love?
  14. 14. Numbers Tell the Truth Problems We Solve• INDIVIDUAL: How to know which emails / voice-mails were important? Which ones deserved a response? – Today’s Solution: Read them all.• MANAGERIAL: Managers don’t know if their sales people are responding to the RIGHT people, or taking the right actions. – Bottom line impact on end of quarter numbers
  15. 15. What if we had a Number?• A NUMBER that aggregates all your communications activities (keep it simple, clear)• Over time, longitudinal tracking of activity• Dynamically updates based on recent activity
  16. 16. Three Possibilities
  17. 17. 1. CONTACT RATIO RANKING Today’s activity (Jan. 4 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) BOEING (all contacts from this Company) is a (97) this week – 97 61 / 73 email & calls returned to this COMPANY Misia Tramp is an (89) this week – 89 54 / 61 email & calls returned to this PERSON 45 Jim Broadman is a (45) this week – 30 / 60 emails & calls returned this week 39 Anne Washington is a (39) this week – 12 / 24 emails & calls returned this week Janet Stephens is a (22) this week – 22 4 / 23 emails & calls returned this week.
  18. 18. 1. CONTACT RATIO RANKING USECASE That new client, Bob, is a 97 for me this week! My boss is the only 97 for me! Bob can stay a 22 forever in my book.
  19. 19. 2. TOPICS / ACTIVITY METRICS Today’s activity (Jan. 4 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) BOEING is a (90) this week – 90 61 email & calls made ABOUT THIS COMPANY “MSDN Global Sales” is an (84) this week – 84 56 email & calls made ABOUT THIS TOPIC PROJECTX is a (53) this week – 53 30 emails & calls made ABOUT THIS TOPIC 32 AIRBUS INDUSTRIES is a (32) this week – 22 emails & calls made ABOUT THIS COMPANY “PATH PLANNING” is a (15) this week – 15 4 emails & calls made about this TOPIC.
  20. 20. 2. TOPICS / ACTIVITY METRICS USE CASE I’m tracking ProjectX at a 99. I’m all over the account. I’ve got two accounts that are lagging. I’m only a 16 on Airbus, and 42 on UW.
  21. 21. 3. MANAGER TEAM METRICS– what my people did today Today’s activity (Jan. 4 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) 15 Communications with Important PeopleJOHN’SSCORE 45 Communications with Average PeopleTODAY= 55 55 2 Communications with Unimportant People / Timewasting Stuff
  22. 22. See what my people did today / this week / thismonth 55 71 35 86 16 22 98 Highest Communication Performers
  23. 23. Proof Points of Emerging Market in Personal Analytics
  24. 24. Klout• Measures social influence (FB, Twitter)• Not very useful for actual work measurement
  25. 25. RescueTime• Measures desktop activity by checking which applications are open. No communications.
  26. 26. Market is a Green Field(With Klout, we’ve only seen the beginning) Klout – Social Media Scoring $100 Million Opportunity ? -- Proof of a Market for Personal Scores RescueTime – Desktop Apps $500 Million Opportunity ? $5 Billion Market ? Personal Scoring of Vital Communications & Daily Activity Email, Phone Calls, SMS and Other Important Activities
  27. 27. Market is a Green Field(With Klout, we’ve only seen the beginning) Klout – Social Media Scoring $100 Million Opportunity ? -- Proof of a Market for Personal Scores RescueTime – Desktop Apps $500 Million Opportunity ? $5 Billion Market ? Personal Scoring of Vital Communications & Daily Activity Email, Phone Calls, SMS and Other Important Activities
  28. 28. Opportunity : Big Data Analytics “One market which will be huge in 2012 is ‘Big Data’ – deriving business insights frompreviously unmanageable amounts of data.” “Processing the data faster or combining the data to create better information represents an enormous opportunity for start-ups.” “EMC, IBM and HP have all recently announced massive investments in this area for 2012 — acue for talented entrepreneurs to invent andpackage products from Big Data.” – Ron Conway, The Economist, Nov 17, 2011
  29. 29. Emerging Opportunity: Market ResearchWe are entering an era of personal analytics wherewe can take control of our own data, display it in adashboard, and use it to inform better life decisions. – Wired.UK – Martin Blinder Intelligence Squared If Conference • analytics will set the Analytics field on fire in 2012 and beyond. – Shawn Hessinger, All 12/21/2011 • has been largely restricted thus far to corporate life. A majorgrowth area for the field lies in the personal realm.With Jim Wilson, a researcher at Babson, I’ve been researching and observingthis area of personal analytics… it’s time to start writing about it. – Thomas H. Davenport, All (Deloitte Analytics) • 12/19/2011
  30. 30. Opportunity Validation• Who can validate this market further?• Projected Initial Customers: Sales people – Have a real pain point (300 emails a day) – Understand the value of metrics (users of Klout) – To check my hypotheses: I talked to 10 sales people, & have conducted a Focus Group around sales scenarios. – A second Focus Group scheduled for later January.
  31. 31. What to Measure? What numbers do you need?HYPOTHESIS: Contacts, Companies & TopicsCONTACTS•Frequency: Ratio of Correspondence with people•Velocity: Time to Correspondence with peopleCOMPANIES•Frequency: Ratio of Correspondence with companies•Velocity: Time to Correspondence with/about companiesTOPICS•Frequency: Ratio of Correspondence on specific TOPICS•Velocity: Time to Correspondence on specific TOPICS
  32. 32. Initial Validation (Video Clips) Play clip at: Play clip at:
  33. 33. Takeaways• PROBLEM: There’s a near-term opportunity: real pain point• ADDRESSABLE: We can solve these pain points with the right mix of product, technology, customer engagement• COMPETITION? No one else is solving it today for these customers – not Salesforce, not NetSuite, not SalesLogix, no one.
  34. 34. Why We can do this NOWPersonal Analytics • DATA-MINING TOOLS: Machine Learning / Semantic Analysis / Data Analytics Engines have finally matured, and can be used reliably on very large data sets for actual learning of content and topics. • LOW OVERHEAD: Open Source tools exist for crunching large data sets, including the terabytes of personal information. These tools have little cost to the team developing the apps. • ACCESS TO DATA: Open Authentication (OAuth) allows quick and clean access to myriad sources of personal data, that can be accessed for analysis, and results shared back to individuals.
  35. 35. How to do this NOW Personal Communications Data AnalysisPersonal Analytics ArchitectureUSERS: (Web App first)iPhone, Android, Web, Laptop Apps Web Hadoop / Data Accessed via OAuth, Mahout Gathering App / Crawler IMAP Cluster
  36. 36. Product Roadmap Q1 2013 Q1 2013 Professional Team Professional Team Activity Monitor Activity Monitor MADE AVAILABLE AS MADE AVAILABLE AS ENTERPRISE SALES ENTERPRISE SALES PACKAGE PACKAGESales, Install Base, REVENUE FOR SALES ORGANIZATIONS FOR SALES ORGANIZATIONS & BIZ DEV ORGS & BIZ DEV ORGS Q4 2012 Q4 2012 Individual Activity Monitor Individual Activity Monitor (DETAILED VIEW) ––MOBILE (DETAILED VIEW) MOBILE APPS, built more around APPS, built more around professional use cases professional use cases Q3 2012 Q3 2012 Individual Activity Monitor Individual Activity Monitor (for every consumer) – WEB APP (for every consumer) – WEB APP Time
  37. 37. AirIQ Timeline Dev Algorithm Algorithm Prototype Prototype First Instance of First Instance of Complete Set of Complete Set ofDevelopment & Development & Developed, Developed, Backend Server Backend Server Products Delivered: Products Delivered: Testing of Testing of Tested with Tested with Designed, Built, Designed, Built, Web App, Server, Web App, Server, Numbers Numbers Customers Customers Implemented Implemented Mobile Outputs Mobile Outputs Funding Seed Series A to Funding Revenue build on To Develop Funded ? Install Base First Product Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012 2013 2014 Product Business Model Business Model User Interface User Interface “PRO” “PRO” Market Market V1 PRODUCT V1 PRODUCT PRODUCT Competitive Competitive Prototype Prototype PRODUCTInvestigation Investigation Goal: Grow Goal: Grow for business Research Research Designed Designed for businessUser Studies User Studies Install Base Install Base delivered Pitch Deck Pitch Deck Built, Tested Built, Tested delivered
  38. 38. Working Together
  39. 39. Ned Hayes by the Numbers Experience, Knowledge, Insight, Ability• 15 years moving • 5 patents • 4 startups the needle – taking research around – Global PlanIT * from labs to real Data/UX/Mobile – Kiha Software * products: – TeleTrust – Meshin *• Adobe Advanced Technology Labs• SoftQuad XML • 2 Kiha/Vulcan • 2 Successful Exits Inventors team • 1 TeleTrust (Global PlanIT +• Vulcan Labs (Kiha) TeleTrust) – both sold• PARC (Meshin) • 1 SoftQuad to larger companies• Years of experience • 1 Meshin with planning, • * 3 focused on large- architecting and scale text analytics building multi-modal smarter systems
  40. 40. References• Hank Skorny, • Raine Bergstrom, • Eric Rock, GM Intel startup COO President & (former EVP Real, (former GM, Co-Founder, AOL Mobile, Adobe) AOL Mobile) TeleTrust• Michael • Matt Haugh, Schutzler, • Brian Golden, PARC CFO, TeleTrust CEO LiveMocha (former Microsoft, (Classmates, Adobe, Hitachi), Real) • Alex Algard, CEO • Peter Sharpe &• Pat Ferrel, startup CTO Tom Magliery, (CTO Trailfire & Kiha) XML Co-Inventors
  41. 41. Next Steps• Q1 (Jan – March) (Ned) – Market Validation with Customers – Customer Research / Market Research – Business Model / Complete Business Plan – Competitive Research / Price Point Research• Q2 (April – June) (Ned) – Competitive Research – Detailed Product Planning – Algorithm Development – Technical Due Diligence and Build-out Strategy• Q3 (July – Sept) (Ned+CTO) – Technical Co-Founder Recruited – Pitch Prototype Developed – Pitch Deck Ready for Seed Funding – Initial Seed Funding• Q4 (Oct – Dec) (Ned+CTO+Team) – Company rolls out, goes BIG or goes home
  42. 42. Wrapping UpThe Future…
  43. 43. What’s yourNumber?
  44. 44. Live Life By The Numbers 41 12 88 69 10 99 79 57
  45. 45. AirIQ: Numbers Matter 99
  46. 46. There aresomepotentialissues usingnumbers…
  47. 47. appendix
  48. 48. Pitch• “Klout for your Communications” (not just social media or social sentiment reponses)• Semantic Web on your own personal communications • Semantic Web technologies applied to Personal communications: made pertinent to your day-to-day life.
  49. 49. Problem We Solve For End-UsersPROBLEM – FOR INDIVIDUALS / PROSUMERS•You’re spending a lot of your day in email and in communications of all types.•How much of your time is being spent on the highest priority items?•How do you know if you are actually being productive, or just moving things around? Atthe end of the day, how do you KNOW if you’ve actually done anything productive? Haveyou touched on the most important people? Have you tackled “what matters most”, orhave you simply wasted some time on email?SOLUTION•See a quick chart of your communications, every day, on every incoming and outgoingitem. See how this stacks up against your highest priority people and opportunities.Understand your own personal productivity in a highly visual form.SPECIAL SAUCE•AirIQ provides a “score” per contact that represents your success rate in reaching back tothem and in taking rapid action. This score isvisual and dynamic, and looks like “Klout for Your Communications”
  50. 50. Problem We Solve For Managers / BusinessPROBLEM FOR MANAGERS / BUSINESS•The New World of Work: Workers are increasingly telecommuting and working remote.How do you quantify / keep informed about their productivity? How do you know ifthey’re doing any good work at all? TODAY many managers simply check if people havebeen online all day, or read an end of week status report. There is no visibility into theiractual work product and communications with prospects, etc. (Stats)SOLUTION FOR MANAGERS / BUSINESS•Quick and straightforward visualization of the communications productivity of individualteam members, would include phone calls, SMS, emails, etc.No need to see all the content – all you need to have is proof of a connection within Xamount of time with a prospect. The score tells you everything.PROOF CASE•The first proof case for this type of tool would be sales people and sales teams, becausethese teams are already mobile, remote and telecommute. These teams already aremeasured on communications - this is a natural fit. – Therefore, first integration out of the gate is OR MS Dynamics.
  51. 51. Roadmap for the Business1) Stage 1: Create initial product - Grow the audience2) Stage 2: Extend an analytic framework to drive engagement, thus building enterprise backend system3) Stage 3: Create and sell the “new” enterprise productOPEN QUESTIONS TO RESOLVEA) What does the user experience look like at each stage?B) How does the problem set evolve over time?C) How does our audience evolve over time?D) How are we delivering value at each point?
  52. 52. Product Roadmap (Hypothetical)• ScoreKeeper – tracks communications and response times against an importance algorithm. Simple to use for consumers, business professionals. Sell product to managers for aggregate team scores. (Basic Product) (Q3 2012 )• MOBILE ScoreKeeper – Add mobile apps that sync all these scores, and track phone calls, SMS, etc. (Mobile Output) (Q4 2012 )• Smarter ScoreKeeper – Add Companies & Topics and tracking mechanisms over time (Analytic Framework) (Q1 2013 )• Sentiment Analytics Analysis – today’s systems that claim to track “sentiment” actually do a very poor job, and are not using semantic technologies at all. No entity recognition, no tracking against indices, little that is done that is unique in this space. (Q2 2013 )
  53. 53. Product Components To Build• Access to Communication Streams – OAuth access to Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.• Connection to Social Profiles for Pictures & Other Info – OAuth access to Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.• Config Screens – Web Site: Add and edit which accounts you want to see here.• Importance Algorithm – Can we chart who you correspond with, and provide instant feedback on who we think is therefore “important” to you? – Can we just use Google’s built-in algorithm Priority Inbox features for this? (this is exposed to developers, I believe)• Charts / Graphs – Chart the activity we observe in your Email, Twitter, FB, etc.• Time Constraints on the Graph• Viewing of the Emails / Messages, Threads, etc.