NEDMA14: Twitter Tips & Tricks - Victoria Smith


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This presentation was given by Victoria Smith, a Senior Account Manager at Amergent, at NEDMA's Annual Conference on May 14, 2014.

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NEDMA14: Twitter Tips & Tricks - Victoria Smith

  1. 1. Twitter Tips & Tricks -Victoria Smith @LiveVictoria
  2. 2. Why Use Social Media? More and more people are connecting more frequently through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms than traditional channels (TV, Phone, Email). Building audience / fan base / buyers / promoters Networking – we have access to more high- profile, influential people than ever before. Real-time, immediate interaction Cost-effective
  3. 3. Challenges and Learning Took a little bit of time to get the hang of it. Learning which social media channels are more appropriate and effective for certain content. Maintaining a consistent presence and daily interaction on social media. Planning a creative, interesting mix of content. Building brand recognition.
  4. 4. How I Do It…
  5. 5. Starting from Scratch Started with 2 channels worked my way into other social media channels when I felt more comfortable. Linked a few social media platforms to save time. Invested a small budget to build base of followers through Paid Ads – a larger base provided more opportunity for organic growth. Observed other people/companies that do it well. Used my official webpage as a home-base to cross-promote social media.
  6. 6. 90% GIVE / 10% TAKE Majority of my tweets do not promote myself. Example of “Give” Tweets: • Inspirational quotes • Charity Tuesday shout outs – promoting non-profits • Re-tweets • Thank You – to new follows • Conversations/replies to every-day topics • Compliments Examples of “Take” tweets: • Announcing gigs • Any “big news” • Inside Scoop – pictures of working/recording in the studio
  7. 7. Sample Tweets
  8. 8. What happens when you give more than you take? People will notice you more if you are “giving” and showing interest in others. Over time, people will become interested in what you are trying to promote, if anything. You will annoy people if you only talk about yourself… just like in real-life. People will start promoting you on their own by tagging you and conversing with you. It’s not blatant advertising, it’s public relations and stewardship. Bottom line -- word-of-mouth marketing will increase. As we all know word-of-mouth marketing is the best kind of marketing.
  9. 9. What goes around comes around…
  10. 10. Use the LIST feature – the sooner the better and keep up with them. As the number of people you follow and/or followers grows, it will help you filter tweets and audiences and interact more effectively. Use a dashboard to automate some posts. You should live tweet too! Cross-Promote - Invite your twitter followers to Events by posting the Event Facebook Link. Showcase your social links everywhere. Add a Twitter Tab to your Facebook Page to make it easy for your Facebook fans to find you on Twitter. Plan ahead - At the beginning of each week draft 2-3 tweets for each day (or set them up in a dashboard) – topics don’t have to be related to your business, remember the 90 /10 rule! Tweet videos and photos to increase interaction Some Twitter Tips
  11. 11. Success on Twitter The modern day phone number. Access to people you wouldn’t have a had a chance to reach before. I’ve connected with friends, fans, celebrities, music industry professionals, other artists, companies and more…. Google Analytics shows that the majority of traffic to my website is driven through Twitter and Google Search. Sales of my album increased when I increased my online presence.