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MTech13: "How to Jump Start Sales Productivity with Content" - Paula Crerar


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Paula Crerar, Sr. Director, Content and Product Marketing at Brainshark walks through how to get started in the world of content marketing.

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MTech13: "How to Jump Start Sales Productivity with Content" - Paula Crerar

  1. 1. How to Jump Start Sales Productivity with Content Marketing
  2. 2. Challenges: New Buyer Cycle Marketing Sales Source: Sales Benchmark Institute
  3. 3. Challenges: Sales Content • 40% time spent looking/creating content • 1 hr/week = $300k more per year • Inconsistency of message Sources: CMO Council, IDC
  4. 4. Content Marketing: Beyond SEO & Awareness
  5. 5. Sales Training
  6. 6. Prepare and Train Positioning for target audiences Benefit statements Testimonials and case studies
  7. 7. Source: Marketo
  8. 8. 88This presentation contains confidential information of Profile: • Organization size: Over 750 FTE’s • Sales buying role: Decision maker or heavy Influencer, user • Title: Comp Analyst • Reports to: VP HR (smaller firm) or VP/Dir Comp (1000 FTE+ sized firm) • Characteristics/motivation/personality: – HR person who is analytical, proactive, provides analysis and not just data. – Has a stronger relationship with finance than with the person being paid. – In a smaller organization, he’s a comp program planner, designer, developer, implementer, provides program support. In larger organization, focused on data/analysis only and his boss will be the program planner, designer, etc. – Has peers but few reports, if any. Peers are comp analysts who focus on a unit or group (exempt/non exempt, sales/execs, international) or region. • Where they gather, what they read: He looks for opportunities to self- educate, WorldAtWork. Gathers best practices and does not want to reinvent the wheel Persona: Andy Analyzer
  9. 9. 99This presentation contains confidential information of Persona: Andy Analyzer Impact • Perception of Questions the validity of the data and the methodology, the sources. Asks the RIGHT questions • Data sources : Various surveys • Which solutions to propose: – CAMD – CompAnalyst Full Suite • How they use our solution: Will use all features including creating salary structures. • Our value add: We meet/exceed their need for real reporting and for making comparisons/modeling. • Key Messages: – Highly reliable, updated data combined with software to make it easy to market price, stay competitive and not overpay – Time saving, modeling and analysis tools designed by certified compensation professionals using comp best practices. Ensures accuracy, internal pay equity. Helps you model costs and scenarios so you can make smarter decisions, back up your proposals with data and reports. – Low implementation time/costs compared to consulting firms. More analysis and time saving features than lower tier competitors.
  10. 10. Sykes – Sales Training
  11. 11. Success Tips Get buy-in from sales management Get Sales involvedRun training sessionsSales methodology
  12. 12. Sales Content for Great Sales Conversations
  13. 13. Prospecting and Social Selling
  14. 14. Sales Communications Later in the Cycle
  15. 15. 5 Characteristics of Sales Content Effectiveness
  16. 16. Sales Content Effectiveness: Actionable Captures attention A new idea or insight Shows subject matter expertise Easy to consume and share Has a call to action
  17. 17. Sales Content Effectiveness: Reusable • Can it be used for internal sales teams and channels? • Viewed and shared across any device? • Can it be personalized by sales reps? • Can it be easily updated?
  18. 18. Sales Content Effectiveness: Targetable • Map to personas • Provide for every stage of the sales cycle • Tag to identify when to use
  19. 19. Sales Content Effectiveness: Findable • Organized in one repository • Catalogued, searchable • Versioned
  20. 20. Sales Content Effectiveness: Trackable • Is the content being used? • By whom? • When? • How much? • Alerts • Is it engaging? • Is it converting? Also track training content
  21. 21. 3 Ways to Maximize Your Sales Content
  22. 22. Reengineer Your Content Production Process Put someone in charge Reengineer so it’s actionable and reusable.
  23. 23. Reorganize Your Sales Content Target to personas and stages in sales cycle Architect it so it works across programs, channels, devices gCreate an editorial calendar
  24. 24. Systemize content targeting, delivery and measurement Consolidate, catalog, target, update, approve, and manage your content assets Implement tracking to measure usage, conversion, and training
  25. 25. Thank You! Resources: Sign up and get the research Whitepapers, videos and more resources.aspx Thought Leadership Selling blog Brainshark blog @pcrerar