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Tiger Dispatch


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Tiger Dispatch is a web application which supervisors and field teams who work in Tiger Team project use for: Assignment Management, Live RSSI, VSWR and alarm info, Live Map Tracker, Directions and distance estimates, Weather Forecast, Site info, Reporting.

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Tiger Dispatch

  1. 1. Tiger Dispatch VERSION 1.5 3/2/2014
  2. 2. AGENDA • What is Tiger Dispatch? • Features • Architecture • Screenshots
  3. 3. TIGER DISPATCH Tiger Dispatch is a web application which supervisors and field teams who work in Tiger Team project use for: • Assignment Management • Live RSSI, VSWR and alarm info • Live Map Tracker • Directions and distance estimates • Weather Forecast, Site info • Reporting
  4. 4. ARCHITECTURE Industry standard three-tier architecture has been used. Presentation, application processing, and data management functions are logically separated which makes the application flexible and reusable. Presentation Application Data Technologies used: • Operator and Tester GUI • Output Files • Operation Workflow • Business Logic • Google Maps API • Database (Sites, Tests, Testers etc.) • Input Files (RFDS, Red Line, Photos etc.)
  5. 5. MAIN PAGE
  6. 6. LOGIN PAGE User Management: • Unlimited users • Unlimited roles (supervisor, field team, admin etc.) • Easy to use GUI • Secure connections
  7. 7. Supervisor screens: • Assignments • Tickets • Sites • Teams • Messages • Map Tracker • Forum • Reports
  8. 8. SUPERVISOR DASHBOARD Field Chooser Edit and Delete features Dashboard is a customizable table which shows all assignments at a glance.
  9. 9. SUPERVISOR DASHBOARD Grouping and filtering features makes management easier. Grouping Filtering
  10. 10. SUPERVISOR NEW ASSIGNMENT Auto-complete fetches the best matches from site database based on user’s input Location, weather forecast and health check for selected site
  11. 11. SUPERVISOR TICKETS Site photos uploaded by field teams
  12. 12. SUPERVISOR SITES Site database can be view or edited
  13. 13. SUPERVISOR TEAMS Teams can be view, edited or deleted
  14. 14. SUPERVISOR MESSAGES Messages with other users
  15. 15. SUPERVISOR MAP TRACKER • Field team application sends teams’ GPS data to Map Tracker. • Teams last location is shown on the map with their last site assigned.
  16. 16. SUPERVISOR REPORTING Assignment Counts
  17. 17. SUPERVISOR REPORTING Assignment Counts (Different skin, order value and chart type)
  18. 18. SUPERVISOR REPORTING Assignment Information
  19. 19. SUPERVISOR REPORTING Maximum speed graphic based on the data trackers in vehicles send to the application.
  20. 20. SUPERVISOR REPORTING Average Speed
  21. 21. SUPERVISOR FORUM Forum for knowledge sharing It supports single sign-on (SSO) and mobile devices
  22. 22. Field Team screens: • Lists for available, In progress and completed tests • Progress update • Site and issue information • Health Check • Site direction, weather forecast • Messages • Forum
  24. 24. FIELD TEAM ASSIGNMENTS • Field team can see the assignments • Details of completed tests can be seen. • Teams’ location is saved in the background periodically. • Forum and feedback modules are mobile compatible • Messages buttons create easy access for internal communication
  25. 25. FIELD TEAM ASSIGNMENT DETAILS AND PROGRESS • Field team updates the progress by clicking buttons: Leaving the office, Starting the test, Test finished, Arrived the office • Field team can close this page or restart the device. Data will be available after visiting back and all counters will continue from their last state
  26. 26. FIELD TEAM DIRECTIONS • Application redirects user to Google Maps with start and end addresses. • Both and Google Maps app can be used
  27. 27. FIELD TEAM FILES Field team can view the files uploaded by supervisor. Files are shown in mobile device’s native apps
  28. 28. FIELD TEAM TEST FINISHED • Field team enters the information about the issue and the solution after test has been done. • Site photos can be uploaded
  30. 30. THANK YOU