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Welding Health


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Health problems affect production. The result is reduced capacity and reoccurring disturbances, eventually decreased profit. Furthermore, not only welders are at risk in unsafe environments. Production equipment, as well as end products, are negatively affected from the lack of adequate safety measures. Automated welding equipment such as robots - and its operators - can be subject to residual fumes and also need to be protected.

Good safety and health is good business!

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Welding Health

  1. 1. Good Safety and Health in Workshops is Good Business 1 2009-06-29
  2. 2. Nederman has been in the environmental business since 1944 • Nederman - founded in 1944 • Certified manufacturing - ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 • Production and assembly facilities in Sweden, Norway, Canada and China • Own sales organisations in 24 countries • Agents and distributors in around 30 countries • Around 600 employees • Welding is a Nederman core segment since the 50´s 2 2009-06-29
  3. 3. Experience from a broad range of industries and applications Machining Metal Fabrication incl Welding Industrial Cleaning Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/ Labs Heavy Vehicle Repair Shops Shipping, yards, offshore Composite Manufacture Emergency Stations 3 2009-06-29
  4. 4. Focus on clean and safe working areas • Increased awareness (industry as well individuals) of the environment and health risks and associated costs • Stricter directives and laws • Increased focus on production efficiency • Large interest for energy saving solutions 4 2009-06-29
  5. 5. Work is a significant part in the lives of most Europeans • 730,000 welders • 5.5 million welding related jobs • 160 sick-leave working hours per welder • Every 3,5 minute somebody in the EU dies from work-related causes = 150,000 a year • Work related accidents 8,900 • Occupational diseases 142,000 Survey every five years of all Europeans 28% of workers suffer from non-accidental health problems 35% of workers feel their job is a health risk 5 2009-06-29
  6. 6. EU-OSHA* collect, analyse and spread environmental information Objectives Reduce the total incidence rate by 25% of accidents at work per 100 000 workers in the EU 27 for the period 2007-2012. How? • Guarantee the proper implementation of EU legislation • Support the implementation • Adapt the legal framework to changes in the workplace • Promote development/implementation of national strategies • Encourage changes in the behaviour of workers and their employers to adopt health focused approaches • Evaluate new potential risks • Promote health and safety at international level *European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (set up by EU 1996) 6 2009-06-29
  7. 7. Welding fume - huge problem causing many serious threats to health and safety One single welder produces 20 - 40 g welding fume per hour = 35-70 kg per year WELDING WITHOUT PROTECTION AIRBORNE PARTICLES FROM 2 WEEKS WELDING 7 2009-06-29
  8. 8. Content of Welding fumes and gases and their potential health effects Fumes Source Health effects & symptoms Chromium (VI) Welding processes. Stainless steel, Skin irritation, respiratory tract irritation, effects on nose, eyes and ears; chronic plating, chromium pigment manufacturing, effects include lung cancer, kidney and liver damage electrode Iron oxide Welding processes: All iron or steel Acute effects are nose and lung irritation; siderosis (pulmonary deposition of iron dust) Manganese Welding processes, high-tensile steel Chemical pneumonitis; chronic effects include nervous system disorders Nickel Welding processes: Stainless steel, Dermatitis, asthma-like lung disease; chronic effects include cancer (nose, nickel-clad steel, plating larynx, lung), respiratory tract irritation, renal dysfunction Fluorides Electrode coating, flux material Eye, nose and throat irritation, gastro-intestinal symptoms; chronic effects include bone and joint problems, fluid in the lungs, kidney dysfunction Ozone Formed in the welding arc Acute effects include fluid in the lungs and haemorrhage; chronic effects include changes in lung function Nitrogen oxide Formed in the welding arc Pneumonitis, pulmonary edema; chronic bronchitis, emphysema; pulmonary fibrosis Carbon Carbon dioxide shielded metal-arc Headache, nausea, dizziness, collapse, death; chronnic cardiovascular effects monoxide welding, electrode coatings 8 2009-06-29
  9. 9. Sizes of welding fume/gas particles Welding fume 9 2009-06-29
  10. 10. Body´s defence mechanism: 99% of all particles reach the lungs! In our respiratory system, particle sizes: •10 – 2 µm are separated in the throat •2 – 0.5 µm are separated in the windpipe •<0.5 µm reaches all the way to the lungs •Particles <5 µm are the “respirable part” as they may enter into the lungs 10 2009-06-29
  11. 11. How do pollutions harm the human body? Pollutions affect: The brain: The skin: DDT, Carbon oxides PCB Metallic quicksillver Organic quicksilver The blood: Lead The lungs: Manganese, Zink, Copper Asbestos, Cadmium The kidneys: Nox (hydrocarbons) Lead, cadmium Sulfur dioxide remains from quicksilver The liver: Nerves in arms and legs: DDT Lead 11 2009-06-29
  12. 12. Exposure limits of welding fumes containing Cr, Mn or Ni during a 8 hour period (mg/m3) Czech Rep USA Sweden Germany France UK Cr (VI) 0.05 0.005 0.005 0.05 0.05 0.05 Manganese 1.0 0.2 0.1 0.5 0.5 0.5 Nickel 0.5 1.0 0.1 0.5 0.5 0.1 12 2009-06-29
  13. 13. Measuring dust concentration in our customers workshops. • Nederman is offering “consulting services” by reviewing our customers extraction systems (both Nederman and competitor installations). • Using a DustTrak for measuring dust concentrations in our customers workshops. • Based on this measurement being able to indicate if they are below or above legislative occupational exposure limits. 13 2009-06-29
  14. 14. Clean air should be a basic Human Right • We breathe 80-100 litres of air per minute = 4800 litres per hour! • With moderate work or exercise we breathe twice that amount. 14 2009-06-29
  15. 15. Different methods for protection General ventilation Breathing protection Curtains Welding Helmet On-torch welding Robot welding Capture at source with over pressure 15 2009-06-29
  16. 16. Optimal solutions Capture at source with arm/hood and Integrated on-torch system air cleaning filters 16 2009-06-29
  17. 17. Modular and flexible High Vacuum Systems Vacuum/filter units Ducting Tools Accessories 17 2009-06-29
  18. 18. Integrated High Vacuum fume extraction system – a multifunctional and economical system On-torch welding fume Cutting, grinding, General cleaning Central high extraction sanding & vacuum/filter unit with on-tool extraction Equipment/Machine cleaning 18 2009-06-29
  19. 19. Capture-at-source arm/hood systems with air cleaning filters Central systems Complete mobile system units Portable fume extractor 19 2009-06-29
  20. 20. Low Vacuum Installation Automatic Damper Operation Box NEX HD Fan Inverter Sensor Clamp FilterMax F30 NCF 30/25 20 2009-06-29
  21. 21. Cost saving systems where re-circulation of air is not allowed • Automatic vents with welding sensor • Extraction only at the points where welding is in progress • Also available with manually manoeuvred vents 21 2009-06-29
  22. 22. THIS IS A NEW SLIDE Nederman Control Systems - your way to lower energy costs and improved environment • Nederman NedSave software program can help you lowering your energy costs. • Based on your needs we will help you making tailor-made installations, lowering your energy costs. 22 2009-06-29
  23. 23. Competing in a global labour market THREATS • Jobs moving to low-cost countries - 7% • Increased competition between workers OPPORTUNITIES • There is a constant growing need for good welders • Young people demand the right to a safe and clean works • Pressure on European companies to adapt to new standards • Quality of life – opportunity to create a win-win situation 23 2009-06-29
  24. 24. Making your workshop safe, healthy and prosperous 24 2009-06-29
  25. 25. Positive effects of investment in Nederman extraction/filter solutions • Decreased number of sick days • Lower staff costs • Easier to keep co-workers • Easier to attract new workers • Increased productivity • Improved product quality • Better competitiveness • Decreased cost for cleaning of premises, machinery, etc • Good image 25 2009-06-29
  26. 26. Some References USA Bellingham Technical BELGIUM GERMANY SLOVENIA TURKEY College Aluvan AUDI AG Litostroj E.I. ABB Elektrik Corsair Engineering GE Power Controls BASF GORENJE Aksa A.S. Zieglar Catepillar Volvo Cars BBZ Wiesbaden Motoman Robotec Anadolu Endustri Motor Exxon Mobil Jan De Nul DaimlerChrysler RM INTERNATIONAL Assan Aluminyum New York City Transit Eandis Degussa GORENC Faculty of Bayer Turk General Electric OCAS-Sidmar Eberspächer Mechanical Engineering Beko A.S. Mercedes Benz De Hutten Eisenmann Chrysler A.S. Long Island Railroad Instromet Ford AG SPAIN Corro-Coat A.S. PPG, Ohio Nutreco Infracor Gedia Dow Turkiye Ashland Chemical Co. Vanerum KWM Weishaar Grupo Antlın ara Good Year Eli Lilley Co. Caterpillar Merk KG aA PSA Citroen Man Turkiye A.S. Sencient Flavors Inc. VW Vorst Toyota Motorsport Gestamp Mercedes Benz Turk A.S. Lonza, Inc. Cockerill Vögele AG TRW Nexsan Kablo Merck & Company Van Hool Volvo GmbH Navantia Novartis Ilaç E.I. Dupont Bekaert H.J. Barreras Opel-Gm AMTRACK Packo-Inox NORWAY Dragados Offshore Pfizer Ilaç Rohm & Haas TEC Vesst Base, Philsa A.S. Harvard University MIVB/STIB Norsk Hydro UNITED KINGDOM Rem-Renault Egitim Merkezi General Dynamics Daewoo GMI AS, Lydney Containers Sandoz A.S. Polaris Snowmobile BASF Aker Stord Ray Smith Group Siemens A.S. SAS Teknisk Base Whale tankers Tetrapak A.S. CANADA BULGARIA Frank Mohn, James Cowies (Scotland) Turk Hoechst Ilac Babcock & Wilcox Canada Prity Ltd. Høglunds Kvaerner Cleveland Bridge Motor Coach Industries Mini Maritza Iztok Pl Rolls Royce Plc MSI Wills Bros Omega Ltd PORTUGAL Ford Transit National Steel Car Capitan Pnevmatika Serta Pls. AutoEuropa Honda UK Overlay Martifer, SA Transbus Europe Bombardier CHINA A. Silva Matos, SA Marshalls Vehicles Russell Metals CIMC, Tianjin Metalogalva, SA Indespension Ltd Tech Cominco VW, Shanghai Tridec, Lda James Killalea Steel Ltd CGC Gypsum Tower, Wuhu Irmãos Sousa, SA Newage International Ltd Husky Injection Molding Joper, SA Gresham Bennett Ltd Rheem Canada FRANCE José Júlio Jordão, Lda DND Canada SNCF Ontario Power Generation AFPA SLOVENIA Syncrude CFA NEK – Nuclear Power Plant Dofasco Alstom KRKA Stoe Stelco DCN Airport Ljubljana Semat Premogovnik (Coal mine) Sirpa TES – Thermo Power Plant Mecaform Palfinger 26 2009-06-29