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Nederman Fire Exhaust Systems


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Nederman offers Total Solutions for clean, safe and healthy working environment in Emergency stations.

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Nederman Fire Exhaust Systems

  1. 1. Let’s give your mission a fresh start! Nederman Fire Exhaust Systems
  2. 2. Pioneer - 65 years of experience within fume extraction More than 100,000 extraction units in 30,000 emergency stations Worldwide marketing/sales and service organization with local presence in more than 50 countries Key focus areas: Welding and Machining. Vehicle Repair Shops. Emergency stations. Composite. From design, manufacturing to service and installations. Assembling and logistics in: Sweden, Norway, China and North America Nederman is a global company with global resources and local presence
  3. 3. Nederman offers Total Solutions for clean, safe and healthy working environment in Emergency stations EMERGENCY VEHICLES with Exhaust extraction and particle filtration • Pneumatic Rail System PRS • Particle filter and fan system FIRE VEHICLES with Exhaust extraction and particle filtration • Magna Rail • MagnaTrack HS • Pneumatic Track System PTS • Vertical Stack • Particle filter and fan system • Mobile vacuum cleaning unit • General cleaning - central system • Cable and hose reels for power and air supply MAINTENANCE AND OVERHAUL • Reels for air, water, gases, electric power etc • Arms for welding fume extraction • Welding torch with integrated fume extraction • On-tool extraction: grinding, sanding etc • Mobile blaster unit • Mobile extraction filtering unit • Central cleaning and filtering system WASH BAY • Pneumatic Rail System PRS • Reels for water • Mobile vacuum cleaning unit
  4. 4. Diesel engines generate dangerous gases • Thousands of different chemical substances. • 90% of the soot consists of <1µ diameter particles that can be inhaled and deposited in the lungs. • The particles carry absorbed cancer causing substances known as polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons
  5. 5. • Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat • Light-headedness • Feeling “high” • Heartburn • Headache • Weakness, numbness and tingling in extremities • Chest tightness • Wheezing • Vomiting Short term symptoms ” Diesel exhaust can penetrate into and absorb onto clothing, furniture and Other items which fire fighters routinely get in contact with, where it can later absorb into a fire fighters skin”* *International Personnel Protection, Inc study
  6. 6. Emissions accumulate at floor level – diesel exhaust are trapped between vehicles Breathing Zone General ventilation is not sufficient!
  7. 7. Extraction-at-Source - the only way for complete removal of emissions! Systems with Electromagnetic attachment • 100% extraction • Matchless exit speed (25km/h) and capacity • High heat resistance Systems with Pneumatic attachment • Quick air release and exit • Two interchangeable heat resistant nozzles (Nomex inlay) suit most vehicles
  8. 8. Nederman offers three different systems Nederman Track Systems Nederman Rail Systems Nederman Stack Systems 1 vehicle per system Up to 4 vehicles per system For vertical stacks and vehicles with normal sized and large volume engines
  9. 9. Systems with Electromagnetic attachment Matchless extraction, exit speed and capacity! Two interchangeable nozzles for different pipes. Ergonomic Nozzle attachment and grip Electromagnetic attachment device Short vertical hose 6 1/4 ” No loops and swingning hoses Easy snap-on mounting Suction trolley with integrated balancer Combined trolley rail/exhaust duct of aluminium Adjustable disconnection point Radio controlled fan operation (optional) Trolley stop/shock absorber Radio transmitter connected to ignition (optional) Alternative fan connection Particle filter (optional) Fan
  10. 10. Systems with Electromagnetic attachment Exhaust extraction 100% + Plus • Draws in air for cooling of high exhaust temperatures • Eliminates the risk of damaging turbo charger bearings when engine is off • Extracts even residual emissions from the tail pipe system
  11. 11. <ul><li>Instant, Safe and Reliable fan operation: </li></ul><ul><li>- fan starts before the engine is started = no start-up puffs of exhaust </li></ul><ul><li>- fan continues to extract residual fumes after engine is switched off </li></ul><ul><li>• Superior to systems activated by sensors for pressure, temperature or noise </li></ul>Systems with Electromagnetic attachment Radio controlled fan activation Optional
  12. 12. For stations where vehicles types vary NEW! Improved Pneumatic Systems
  13. 13. Track System PTS Rail System PRS Exhaust hose with integrated and well protected hose for compressed air. No external valves to scratch vehicles Optional Fan activation (pressure sensor Radio control Manual Switch Systems with Pneumatic attachment Expandable nozzle Safety Coupling Balancer Guide track of lightweight aluminium Trolley stop / shock absorber Combined trolley rail / exhaust duct of aluminium Suction trolley with integrated balancer Safety Coupling Expandable nozzle P article filter (optional) P article filter (optional)
  14. 14. MagnaStack   The reliable solution for vertical exhaust stacks Capacity: 1 vehicle per system  Application: B ack-in. Up to normal sized engines Normal speed exit: Up to 15 km/h; 10 mph Exhaust pipes: Vertical stacks Nederman Stack System
  15. 15. VerticalStack   For vertical exhaust stacks Capacity: 1 vehicle per system  Application: B ack-in and drive through. For large volume engines Normal speed exit: Up to 10 km/h; 5 mph Exhaust pipes: Vertical stacks Nederman Stack System
  16. 16. Nederman Track Systems
  17. 17. Nederman Rail Systems
  18. 18. Nederman Stack Systems