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2015-2016 Big Time Podcast Stats and Demographics from Bigfoot Podcast Studio


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Who listens to podcasts? How many hours of podcasts are listened to by active listeners? How many podcasts are there on iTunes? What percentage of US population listened to podcasts over the last month? How do you produce and distribute a podcast?

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2015-2016 Big Time Podcast Stats and Demographics from Bigfoot Podcast Studio

  1. 1. 2015-2016 Big Time Podcast Stats & Demographics for content creators, media buyers, marketers, advertisers, designers and advertising agencies
  2. 2. 89 Million (33%) of the U.S. population 12+ have listened to a podcast
  3. 3. U.S. podcast listeners (active in the last month) has grown to 46 million
  4. 4. 23 million U.S. podcast listeners are 18-34
  5. 5. 65% of 2.3 billion podcast downloads came from a mobile device
  6. 6. 17% of 12+ U.S. population actively listens to podcast monthly
  7. 7. 10% of U.S. population listens to an average of 6 podcasts every week.
  8. 8. 1/3 of Americans have listened to a podcast
  9. 9. 64% of listeners to podcasts have bought product they heard advertised on a podcast
  10. 10. 89% of advertisers consider their podcast advertising to be a success
  11. 11. 91% of podcast advertisers say podcast advertising offers good value
  12. 12. 26% of podcast listeners have household income (HHI) of over $100,000
  13. 13. 56% of podcast audience has a four year college degree or above
  14. 14. 2/3 of podcast listeners consume content on mobile device
  15. 15. 24% of Americans with a college degree listen to podcasts weekly
  16. 16. 54% men and 46% women is the podcast audience gender balance
  17. 17. 56% of podcast listeners use social media at least once a day to several times a day
  18. 18. People who listen to podcasts listen 2 hours on average a day
  19. 19. Apple has surpassed 1 billion subscriptions in its podcast app
  20. 20. iTunes has more than 250,000 podcasts
  21. 21. Podcast listeners favor internet over traditional media forms: TV, radio, newspapers, cable
  22. 22. Podcast listening is on demand 24/7, highly customized content, portable, and free
  23. 23. There are 2 billion smartphones worldwide out of 7 billion total global population
  24. 24. Podcast consumption is high while listeners are driving, exercising and doing chores
  25. 25. Sources: Arbitron, Edison Research, Lysbyn, Midroll, Earwolf, USA Today, The Infinite Dial, Triton Digital
  26. 26. Are you looking for media placement in a podcast network?
  27. 27. Perhaps you’re exploring creating your own podcast series ?
  28. 28. Contact: Mark Grimes 503-502-0185 @markgrimes