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Insider perspective on customs compliance nov 14 2013 final


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Insider perspective on customs compliance - Webinar presented to the import customs compliance community on Nobember 14. Key speaker: Mike Laden (Trade Innovations) a recognized thought leader on customs compliance, self-filing and the inside workings of CBP.

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Insider perspective on customs compliance nov 14 2013 final

  1. 1. 3rdwave GCM Global Commerce Management Direct Filing-Automating your ISF And Customs Entry
  2. 2. The following webinar was presented on Thursday, November 14. It was the second webinar in a 2-part series on the opportunities and benefits of Automating ISF and Customs Self Filings. Global Commerce Management Direct Filing-Automating your ISF And Customs Entry
  3. 3. Blinco Systems Inc. Since 1988, Blinco Systems Inc. (“BSI”) ( has been a leading developer and solutions provider in Global Commerce Management, synchronized global supply chain execution and consulting services to companies involved in global trade and commerce. BSI’s clients range from global sourcing divisions of multi-billion dollar companies to SMEs who participate in global sourcing, purchasing, importing and distribution. BSI provides 3rdwave GCM solutions that fully support our client's unique business processes. Our solutions insure that our clients execute, manage and control their global environment to deliver the highest levels of available-to-ship/available-to-deliver capabilities at the lowest possible cost and optimal levels of inventory. TRG Direct® ( is an importer direct-filing service developed by the principals of Trade Risk Guaranty, Corporation for International Business and Trade Innovations. Over the past few years TRG Direct® has become the fastest-growing Web-based solution for filing Customs entries in-house. TRG Direct® provides a compliance-based solution that allows importers of various sizes to save thousands of dollars annually in outsourcing fees. Even though savings has been a significant factor in the decision for many importers to direct file, the increased supply chain visibility and U.S. Customs compliance are known to be two of the greatest benefits of TRG Direct®.
  4. 4. Direct Filing-Automating your ISF And Customs Entry November 14, 2013
  5. 5. • About the product you’re importing than your own flesh and blood • They have access to technical specifications, the buyer, the manufacturer or vendor and possibly samples of the product No one knows more…
  6. 6. • …in the preparation and processing of that entry than your own flesh and blood • In case after case, importer compliance rates have been vastly improved – in many instances it’s 100% • Myth – Using a broker limits or otherwise mitigates my exposure and liability with CBP No one will take greater care…
  7. 7. • The best-in-class concepts and ideas we discuss today are scalable • All importers, no matter their size, are subject to the same requirements and laws – and the CBP standard known as Reasonable Care • Every importer or exporter needs at least one person who lays awake at night thinking about compliance • Easier said… Size does matter, but…
  8. 8. Direct Filing Program - 1987
  9. 9. • Reduced brokerage expenses to almost zero • Significantly improved our compliance rate with Customs • Took 3 full days out of the supply chain • Alerted us to untimely or errant suppliers and vendors • Virtually eliminated the need to audit Key Takeaways
  10. 10. • With support from the highest echelons of the company, it is possible to go from worst to first in trade compliance • Having adequate resources protects the company’s all important brand and image • It also fosters creativity and fuels continuous improvement • Direct-filing is attainable even for the 2nd largest importer Key Takeaways
  11. 11. Bozeman Montana Bozeman, MT Import Services Capital of America
  12. 12. It’s just a different type of traffic…
  13. 13. Self Filing & Automation It is just a different approach to A very old business…
  14. 14. Today, life’s a cloud… IT …so let’s play in it. Perhaps we are not so locked into our own IT infrastructure
  15. 15. What’s in your cloud? AS 400 Homegrown SAP
  16. 16. The Broker / Importer Relationship Where it all begins… TRG Direct Full Service Brokerage Self-Filing Application
  17. 17. Changes in Regulation CBP Now Homeland Security vs. Treasury MOD Act Responsibility resides with the Importer of Record
  18. 18. What’s my broker doing today…? • Policies • Procedures • Execution
  19. 19. Journey to Compliance For both the Importer of Record and the Broker
  20. 20. Supply Chain Tasks You may already be familiar with (or should be): • • • • Classification ISF/Entry Documentation Data Entry/File ISF Data Entry/File Entry • Port Relationships • Freight Relationships • Payment of Duties/Fees
  21. 21. Self Filing Choice Begins with: Risk Management Cost Control Compliance
  22. 22. COMPLIANCE • Greater role than ever before • Internal Compliance and Risk Management Mandates the establishment of Procedures • MOD Act
  23. 23. CONTROL ISF Documentation Entry Documentation Data Archive/Parts Lists No one knows your business better than your own Employees The Cloud puts this all on your Dashboard!
  24. 24. COST • Reduce Cost of ISF • Reduce Cost of Entry • Safeguard Potential Fines or Penalties
  25. 25. AUTOMATION New Technology Brings processes to procedures
  26. 26. AUTOMATION • Freedom to redesign your import team. • Managers of your Supply Chain From Data Entry Clerks
  27. 27. ISF DATA ISF Data Sheet
  28. 28. ENTRY DOCUMENTATION Commercial Invoice Bill of Lading Arrival Notice
  31. 31. AUTOMATION Let’s see how it works!
  32. 32. Q&A • We will now open the lines for any questions you may have. • Please raise your hand (if you’re on the phone and want to ask • your question aloud), or chat your question in the chat. • Questions will be answered in the order they are received.
  33. 33. Contact us with questions or to schedule a consultation: TRG Direct Customer Service 406-922-6600 Ned Blinick (416) 510 8800 ext 234