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Education Vs. Weekly Earnings

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Education Vs. Weekly Earnings

  1. 1. Education Vs. Weekly Earnings Asia Yisrael 5th Period
  2. 2. U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics Median Weekly Earnings in 2010 Based on Education levels. $444 Less than a High School Diploma $626      High School Diploma $712  Some College, no Degree     $767   Associate Degree $1,038 Bachelor's Degree $1,272 Mastor's Degree $1,610 Proffesional Degree $1,550 Doctorial Degree
  3. 4. y=-1104.87+140.48x Slope=140.48 y-int=-1104.875 C.C.=+0.5
  4. 5. Conclusion <ul><li>    There is a positive relationship between the x and y values. The relationship isn't very strong or very weak because only at at the end of the scatter plot does the y go down when the x goes up. The rate of change or slope is telling me that there is a significant difference in amount of money earned per week as education levels increase. The difference in money between not graduating HS and only graduating is $182.00 a week, but the diference between only graduating and getting a Bachelor's Degree is $412.00 a week. After seeing this data I am even more happy that dropping out of HS is never an option for me. Depending on the field of work I want to go into, and how long I go to college for that fielld, I now know how much money i could possibly make every single week. </li></ul>