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Useful phrases in english


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Useful phrases in english

  1. 1. Useful phrases in EnglishTelling about oneselfMy name’s …… and I live……My favourite hobby is…. because ….. What I like most is dancing…becauseI’m very goot at science but I hate studying MathsI would like to become a painter/ an architect/ a DJWhen I’m older I would like to be / want toBeing introduced to someone / meeting someoneNice to meet youPleased to meet you…Joana has talked about you…- What do you do for a living?- I’m a nurse/ I’m unemployed now.I think we have met before, haven’t we?It has been nice meeting youOh I think I know you but we haven’t seen each other in agesMaking questions and answering question (General topics)Suggested answers…there are plenty of answers!- What kind of music do you like best?I like Pop music but Hiip-hop is the one that I like best.-What’s the most important thing you’ve ever done?I have done many crazy things in my life but the craziest one was when Itried bungee jumping.-What’s your family like?My family is unique. My parents are adorable/ friendly/ strict and mybrothers are a bit naughty because they’re always messing around.-Do you like Chinese food?Well… I’m not a big fan of sushi but I love Chinese spicy noodles, they’reyummy yummy!!!
  2. 2. Making plans // Answering - Would you like to go to the cinema to watch Breaking Dawn part 2? - Absolutely! // I would love to// Oh yes… I can’t wait!!! - What about if we went for a drink after the cinema? - Oh really? It would be great!// It sounds really exciting… or are you kidding? I don’t have enough money, the cinema it’s too expensive! Giving opinion To be honest I feel that… I am convinced that… I can see why you are so annoyed/ disappointed… It is obvious// clear that pupils today don’t study as they used to do it before I personally believe that… It’s hard to understand why people don’t look after themselves Asking for opinion // Asking for advice So What do you think of Jane’s comment? Wouldn’t you agree that She is complicating her life? What would you do if….? If you were in my shoes, would you tell her that I love her? Disagreeing I see what you mean but I think that… I don’t exactly agree with you… I think you are right to a point because… I do see your point but I still think that… That’s not how I see it That’s very unlikely to happen… You must be joking! Are you kidding? I think it is not as simple as that… Understanding // Checking understandings I see/ I understand Do you know what I mean? Do you agree with me? Are you with me? Have I made myself clear? You’ve made yourself very clear!
  3. 3. Describing, comparing contrasting photographsIn this picture we can see that…In the background we can see a family sitting on the grass…Boths pictures are about practising sports…Mmmm…well.. let me think….The first photos shows people in the city while the other shows peoplein the country. I would prefer living in ….. because……Tips for the examThe first part of the exam would be individual. The second part willconsist of a dialogue in pairs or groups of three.