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Seed saving libraries webinar links

  1. 1. 1 SEED SAVING LIBRARY WEBINAR--- FEB. 2013Seed Saving Libraries with LinksArizona- Pima County Public Library Richmond Public Library Francisco Seed Library Community Seed Libraries Library of Los Angeles Valley Seed Library - Westcliffe Public Library – Westcliffe Saving Difficulty LevelBeginner: Bean, Lettuce, Pea, Pepper, TomatoExperienced: Corn, Cucumber, Muskmelon, Radish, Spinach, Squash, PumpkinExpert: Beet, Swiss Chard, Cabbage Family, Carrot, Onion, Radicchio, Endive, Turnip, Chinese CabbageIsolation DistancesBean- 5-10’ Lettuce- 25’ Pea- 50’ Pepper- 500’ Tomato- 5-10’ Corn- 1 mile Cucumber- ¼ mileMellon- ¼ mile Radish- ½ mile Spinach- 5-10 miles Squash/Pumpkin- ¼ mile Beet- ½ mileCabbage- 1 mile Carrot- ¼ mile Onion- 1 mile Watermelon- ¼ milePotential ClassesBasic Seed Saving Rain GardensStarting Garden Seeds Rock GardensSquare Foot Gardening RosesCatalogs and Seed Companies Prairie GardensSalad Gardens Berries and FruitInsects: Friend of Foe Tomato Tasting Competition (Watermelon,Growing Herbs Pepper)Growing Flowers Choosing the Right Tree for the Right LocationContainer Gardening CompostingCompanion Planting Gardening With KidsOrganic gardeningFood PreservationFlower arranging, dried flowersLandscapingWildlife GardensWater GardensBackyard Ponds/ Streams
  2. 2. 2Links:Seed Savers Exchange Webinars Savers Exchange: Vegetable Planting and Seed Saving Instructions Seed Saving Handbook Matters Seed Alliance- A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers State University Extension Seed Saving Institute LinksRichmond Grows Seed Saving Library to Save Peas and Beans to Save Lettuce Library Association Conference - Seed Lending Library Saving Part 1: Saving Part 2: Saving Part 3: to Seed --- Suzanne AshworthBreed Your Own Vegetable Varieties: The Gardeners & Farmers Guide to Plant Breeding & Seed Saving--- Carol DeppeThe New Seed Starters Handbook --- Nancy BubelGarden Seed Inventory --- Seed Savers ExchangeThe Heirloom Life Gardener- The Baker Creek Way of Growing Your Own Food easily and Naturally--- Jere & Emilee GettleHeirloom Vegetable Gardening- A Master’s Guide to Planting, Seed Saving and Cultural History---- William Woys WeaverSecrets of Plant Propagation---- Lewis Hill
  3. 3. 3The Complete Squash- A Passionate Grower’s Guide to Pumpkins, Squashes and Gourds---- Amy GoldmanMelons for the Passionate Grower---- Amy GoldmanThe Heirloom Tomato---- Amy GoldmanHeirloom Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer---- Tim StarkThe Organic Seed Grower---- John NavazioAll New Square Foot Gardening--- Mel BartholomewThe Apple Grower- A Guide for the Organic Orchardist ---- Michael PhillipsThe Winter Harvest Handbook--- Eliot ColemanHerb Gardening for the Midwest---- Debra KnapkeGardening in Nebraska----- Melinda MyersSpecialty Cut Flowers---- Alan ArmitageThe Flower Farmer- An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers---- Lynn ByczynskiThe Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Flowers from Seed to Bloom--- Eileen PowellThe Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food--- Tanya L. K. DenklaSeed CompaniesSeed Savers Exchange Johnnys Selected Seeds3076 North Winn Road 955 Benton AvenueDecorah, IA 52101 Winslow, ME 04910(563) 382-5990 1-877-Johnnys (1-877-564-6697) http://www.johnnyseeds.comBaker Creek Heirloom Seeds Native Seeds/SEARCH2278 Baker Creek Road 526 N. 4th Ave.Mansfield, MO 65704 Tucson, AZ 85705-8450(417) 924-8917 (520) 622-5561, Fax: (520) 622-5591 http://www.nativeseeds.orgBountiful Gardens Ronnigers Potato Farm18001 Shafer Ranch Road 12101 2135 RdWillits, CA 95490 Austin, CO 81410fax: (707) 459-6410 (877) 204-8704 Valley Farm & Garden Supply Sand Hill Preservation CenterP.O. Box 2209 1878 230th StreetGrass Valley, CA 95945 Calamus, IA 52729 http://www.sandhillpreservation.comFedco Seeds Seeds of ChangePO Box 520 P.O. Box 15700Waterville, ME 04903 Santa Fe, NM 87592(207) 873-7333 (888) 762-7333
  4. 4. 4South Carolina Foundation Seed Association The Victory Seed Company1162 Cherry Road P.O. Box 192Box 349952 Molalla, Oregon 97038Clemson, SC 29634 (503) 829-3126 (voicemail and fax)(864)656-2520 http://victoryseeds.com High Mowing Organic Seeds 76 Quarry Rd.Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Wolcott, VT 05680P.O. Box 460 Phone: 802-472-6174Mineral, VA 23117 894-9480, Fax: (540) 894-9481 Territorial Seed PO Box 158Vermont Bean Seed Company Cottage Grove, OR 97424334 West Stroud Street Phone Orders: 800-626-0866Randolph, WI 53956 349-1071