NCompass Live: The Internship: A Win-Win Situation


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Recorded on May 7, 2014.
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From advertising for the position to saying goodbye, thoughtful planning of an internship will go a long way to making the experience meaningful for you and your intern. Kathryn Brockmeier and Laura Johnson, from the Nebraska Library Commission, will also discuss ways your library and your community can benefit from an internship at your library. Time for brainstorming and sharing will follow the presentation.

The internship program is made possible by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Nebraska Library Commission, in partnership with the Nebraska Library Association.

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NCompass Live: The Internship: A Win-Win Situation

  1. 1. Internship Grant Program Orientation May 7, 2014 Welcome!
  2. 2. Sponsors Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program
  3. 3. Chime in…
  4. 4. We got an internship grant… …now what?
  5. 5. Advertising Be serious… They’ll take it seriously. Ann Arbor District Library Employment Opportunity Job Posting The Intern Nebraska Program
  6. 6. Hiring Contract worker Temporary employee Other Press release 3InternshipGrantsAwardedtoPublicLibraries.aspx
  7. 7. Complete the required paperwork Once the intern has been hired… Inform us of the start date and estimated end date of the internship
  8. 8. Complete the required paperwork At the start of the internship… Direct intern to complete and sign the survey completion consent form Direct intern to complete the online baseline survey
  9. 9. Complete the required paperwork During the internship… Track intern’s hours and activities
  10. 10. Complete the required paperwork At the end of the internship… Direct intern to complete the online post-internship survey Complete the online Final Report
  11. 11. Goals of the program Interns get involved in real library work that takes advantage of their experience and interests
  12. 12. Goals of the program The program introduces promising interns to the varied and exciting work of Nebraska libraries
  13. 13. Goals of the program The internship functions as a recruitment tool, helping the participant view the library as a viable career opportunity
  14. 14. Goals of the program The internship provides participants with an enlightened view of the roles of libraries and librarians, an understanding of behind-the-scenes library operations, and insights into the role of technology in libraries
  15. 15. Goals of the program Libraries receive financial assistance to provide stipends to interns who often help expand a program or complete a project and bring in fresh ideas
  16. 16. Schedule of activities Work with the intern to determine how supervision will be conducted and what projects will be completed
  17. 17. Schedule of activities Orient the intern to all aspects of library work
  18. 18. Schedule of activities Proposed Timeline and Schedule of Internship Activities Sample Public Library Orientation Plan
  19. 19. Schedule of activities …Using an NLC-provided database to answer a reference question
  20. 20. Schedule of activities … Sharing information about a library service by posting to the library’s Facebook page, composing an entry on the library’s blog or Twitter, making a flyer or poster, writing a short library newsletter article, or similar task
  21. 21. Schedule of activities … Critiquing a website visited to answer a reference question
  22. 22. Follow the intern’s progress Save copies of the intern’s written works and other projects Take pictures of the intern in action Consider keeping a scrapbook or diary
  23. 23. Join us on Facebook
  24. 24. Stay in touch
  25. 25. Brainstorming Whom you plan to hire Special projects Looking outside the library’s walls Transfer of knowledge What else?
  26. 26. Questions? Kathryn Brockmeier, 402-471-4002 Mary Jo Ryan, 402-471-3434 Laura Johnson, 402-471-2694 Robin Clark