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NCompass Live: Teens @ the Library: Teen Read Week...and more!


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Sarah Dale-Piersol, from Lincoln City Libraries' Gere Branch, will share how Lincoln City Libraries has developed their teen programming. From getting the teens involved with a Teen Advisory Board to upcoming teen programming like Teen Read Week, come learn some tips and tricks for serving your young adult users.

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NCompass Live: Teens @ the Library: Teen Read Week...and more!

  1. 1. Teens @ the Library: Teen Read Week...<br />and more! <br />NCompass Live – October 14, 2009<br />
  2. 2. How Lincoln City Libraries developed our Teen Programming:<br /> <br />Under the direction of Susan Steider our Young Adult Librarian, and the YS and Administrative Staff, including Pat Leach, Vicki Wood, and Greg Mickells, we began a series of brainstorming sessions to direct the “LCL Teen Experience”. The youth services staff from each branch who work with teens met and we discussed how we wanted to proceed with teen programming system-wide.<br />
  3. 3. The Teen Experience <br />“Make it Your Space”<br />A collaborative programming project between Lincoln City Libraries and the teens of Lincoln.<br />
  4. 4. Principles:<br />Embracing an active role for libraries in youth development<br />Nurturing teens’ development into happy and productive adulthood<br />Advocating for teens in our community<br />Responding to the diversity of teen experience in Lincoln<br />Supporting and encouraging teens to succeed at school<br />Recognizing and celebrating teens’ talents, skills and achievements<br />Motivating teens through engagement, fun and relevance<br />Developing the status of “destination of choice” for Lincoln teens<br />Using popular culture as a connector between teens and libraries<br />Relying on relationships with youth<br />Seeking youth input in planning<br />Joining with others to maximize or streamline teen experiences<br />Families<br />Schools<br />Businesses<br />Organizations<br />Foundations<br />From the notes that got us started:<br />
  5. 5. Action PlanCreating opportunities for teens to participate in activities where they can learn, socialize, and create<br />From the notes that got us started:<br />Literature<br />Book groups<br />Readers’ Theater<br />Podcasts of book reviews<br />Art<br />Visual Arts<br />Music<br />Workshops<br />Performances<br />Video productions<br />Popular Culture<br />Gaming<br />Electronic<br />Mario Kart<br />Dance Dance Revolution<br />Chess<br />Fashion<br />Crafts<br />Knitting<br />Duct Tape Creations<br />Beading<br />The World of Work<br />Volunteer Opportunities<br />Internships<br />Advisory<br />Acting as library advocates<br />Problem solving in the library<br />Consulting regarding programs and spaces<br />Creating spaces for teens<br />Safe<br />Responsive to developmental need to socialize<br />Ample and relevant materials to check out<br />Ensuring that all library staff provide excellent service to teens<br />
  6. 6. At GereThings I’ve Learned<br />Ask your teens what they want<br />Teen Advisory Board<br />Draw from your summer kids<br />Those who are uber-present<br />Example of a Year’s Schedule for Gere’s TAB:<br />A couple of kid-inspired events<br />Gaming, parties<br />A couple of staff/administration-inspired events<br />Parent tea, all-ages Wii fest<br />A couple of help-out-the-whole-system events<br />Summer training, PB processing<br />A couple of work projects<br />Organization/Weeding/Shelving/Cleaning<br />Successes<br />Fashion Show coupled with “how to” dress for getting a job<br />The Adventures of Library Girl & Volunteer Boy<br />Living Chess games<br />Gaming Tournaments<br />Duct tape (anything with duct tape)<br />Facebook<br />MySpace<br />
  7. 7. At GereThings I’ve Learned<br />Keep an eye out for what people take to<br />Shelfari Book Group<br />Grew out of a summer book club that was reluctant to disband<br />Online book discussion<br />Monthly meetings for a movie or events<br />Lied (To Kill a Mockingbird)<br />Tamora Pierce Visit<br />ADAPT to your branch and your population of kids<br />Some branches in Lincoln have had success using the gaming as a ‘reward’ for good behavior<br />Other branches have lots of luck with organized gaming events <br />Still others use it as a draw – to encourage busy teens to view the library as a destination<br />BUILD COMMUNITY<br />Relationships with your teens are what keep them coming back<br />Sure they come for the books, and the games, and the food, but they also come because they know that someone at the library knows them, and is interested in them. <br />Ask about their day, about school, if they have homework. Sometimes just that simple question will trigger the – OH YEAH! I need this and such a book for my school project…<br />
  8. 8. At GereThings I’ve Learned - Grants<br />We’ve had good luck with creating teen programs out of nothing with the generous help of grants, specifically from the Nebraska Library Commission – helped out with some in house funding thanks to the approval of the Library Board.<br />Summer Interns<br />Our summer interns at Gere have been very successful. We’ve (so far) chosen interns from our TAB group, and this has resulted in some great experiences for those kids. Thus far, 4 of our TAB kids have graduated to being LCL employees – either pages, or interns, or both.<br />New Teen Zone Project at GERE<br />Asked for new equipment that will bring gaming right into the stacks. Our teen zone will have a mobile gaming unit with headphones right in the stacks, along with CD listening stations, great new seating and display space. <br />One goal here is to not segregate the teens. We have them coming in, we have them treating the library as a destination, but their space allotted for gaming is so far from the stacks, we feel they can be better served by being more closely in touch with the collection. <br />We also believe this will encourage more of our busy teens who sometimes elect NOT to ‘drop by’ the library with Mom & Dad in the evenings, to come with them instead. If they can spend a few minutes playing Mario Kart on the Wii, and grab a few books while M&D browse, we believe they will say ‘yes’ rather than ‘meh’ when Mom says, “let’s go!”<br />
  9. 9. Teen Read Week<br />Teen Read Week<br /> Teen Read Week is October 18-24, but we&apos;ll be celebrating it through November! Be sure to check out Susan&apos;s Teen Read Week Book List 2009!<br />Here are the special events we have planned:<br />