NCompass Live: Snapshot Day: What It Is and How Your Library Will Benefit from Participating


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Join Robin Clark, chair of NLA's Advocacy Committee, and Jessica Chamberlain, NLA's PLTS Vice-Chair, as they explain what Snapshot Day is, how your library can participate and how your library will benefit from participating in this advocacy event.

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NCompass Live: Snapshot Day: What It Is and How Your Library Will Benefit from Participating

  1. 1. Nebraska Snapshot Day 2012: A Day in the Life of Nebraska Libraries Robin Clark, Sump Memorial LibraryJessica Chamberlain, Northeast Library System
  2. 2.
  3. 3. •Let us know•Plan•Participate•Report
  4. 4. PLAN Customizable Press Release• Decide which day you’ll have your Snapshot Day• Get together with library staff and think about how to get your patrons involved• Advertise your Snapshot Day
  5. 5. Some Ideas…
  6. 6. Some Ideas…
  7. 7. Participate
  8. 8. Printable Data Collection Form
  9. 9. Patron Comment Card
  10. 10. Report Both reporting forms found on Toolkit page
  11. 11. Submit Photos and Videos•If you or your library already uses Flickr, simply join the “Nebraska Snapshot Day2012” group and upload your photos to the group pool.•If you are new to Flickr, go to the Flickr home page and click on Create An Account.Once you have signed up for an account, join the “Nebraska Snapshot Day 2012”group and add your photos to the group pool.•If you are unable to create a Flickr account, email your photos to JessicaChamberlain, NLA’s PLTS Vice-Chair, at to have themuploaded to the NLA Flickr account.
  12. 12. ResultsOur goal will be to compile allthe statistics and make a niceinfographic for statewide use.But each participating librarywill have their own tally for theday, so they can create anadvertising piece for theirindividual library too.
  13. 13. Ways to use the results to advocate for your library…• Print a paper flyer with the information. Use it as a handout at the circ desk. Or make a coloring page for the kids.• Put the information on your website• Put a portion of it on your facebook page every day for a week.• Set up a Flickr page for the photos and put the link on your website and your facebook page.• Send/Give it (either in print or the link) to your mayor, city council members, department heads. And your chamber of commerce. Use it as a handout at an outside organization• Send it to your senator – and your congressman. Think BIG.• Send it to other stakeholders in your community.• Show everyone what your library does and how it make a difference in your community. Get the word out…
  14. 14. Libraries change lives.
  15. 15. Questions?Robin Clark Jessica ChamberlainSump Memorial Library Northeast Library jchamberlain.nels@gmail.com402-597-2042 800-578-1014