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NCompass Live: Passive Programming for Teens and Tweens


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NCompass Live - January 22, 2014

Engage young patrons who hang out at your library with programs that run themselves. Rachelle McPhillips, from Columbus Public Library, shares several ideas libraries can adapt to year-round programming. These passive programs are great for libraries that have a thriving young adult program as well as those that are looking to reach out to tweens and teens but have limited time and money.

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NCompass Live: Passive Programming for Teens and Tweens

  1. 1. Passive Programming for Teens and Tweens NCompass Live January 22, 2014
  2. 2. Passive programs… O happen in your absence. O engage patrons. O connect YA patrons to staff. O foster collaboration. O are easy to recycle and reuse. O can be inexpensive. O provide fresh content.
  3. 3. Things to Consider O Stats – Do you need them? How will you track them? O Safety – Is it safe to leave scissors on a table? Do small children have access to the crafting space?
  4. 4. Things to Consider O Acceptable loss – Things will walk away. One patron will use all the cute glitter stickers. O Staff time and involvement – Getting a patron started shouldn’t be longer than a typical customer service situation.
  5. 5. More Things to Consider O Successful passive programs may take lots of time and effort in advance. O It’s smart to have someone else try your program before patrons see it. O Many passive programs can be revamped for younger or older patrons. O Moonsand is probably a bad idea.
  6. 6. Questions?
  7. 7. Programs That Work O Simple crafts O Bookmarks O Paper lanterns O Tissue paper flowers O Styrofoam cup art
  8. 8. Programs That Work O Read-In O Patrons read for extra tickets in Summer Reading prize drawing O Check in and out at a staffed desk O Must read for one hour in the library O Can visit and read in twice during “ReadIn” week
  9. 9. Programs That Work O Mini-box City O Collect small boxes from staff O Set up a “construction site” table with basic craft supplies – tape, glue, paper, markers O Set up a section of land (another table) O Post simple instructions O Watch the city grow
  10. 10. Programs That Work O Guess Where O Take pictures of familiar doors around town O Print and make a poster O Make clues O Have patrons fill out answer sheet O Leave answer key and prize box at staffed desk
  11. 11. Programs That Work O Book in a Jar
  12. 12. SPARK a Reaction SRP 2014 Anytime Activities O Registration O Mini Box City O Read-In O QR Code Activity O Catapults (pg. 37) O Rainsticks (pg. 68) O Pan Pipe with Straws (pg. 69) O Flame Line Art (pg. 75)
  13. 13. Programs That Work O QR Code Activities O Choose your own adventure O Found story on YALSA’s “yaac” listserv O Use “text” option on to create codes O Scavenger hunt O Inspired by O Did not use the URL shortener feature on because it takes users out of the code reader app
  14. 14. QR Reader Apps i-nigma Reader for iOS QR Droid
  15. 15. Thank you! Rachelle McPhillips Adult and Young Adult Librarian Columbus Public Library Did I mention YART? Like us and add us to your interests!