NCompass Live: Opportunity - Collaboration - Engagement: UNL Extension's Community Vitality Initiative


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NCompass Live -
July 23, 2014

The future is before us! The opportunity exists for innovative collaborations to help Nebraska communities expand their capacity to be vibrant, prosperous places where people want to live and raise their families. A new University initiative, Community Vitality Initiative (CVI), brings partners together throughout the state. CVI engages organizations and communities in three areas:

•Creating 21st Century Communities
•Developing and/or Growing Business
•Engaging Youth and Young Adult

The presentation will provide an opportunity to discuss local and statewide collaboration, engagement and involvement!

The University of Nebraska is a land grant institution committed to serving Nebraskans through research, education and engagement (or Extension).

Presenters: Connie Hancock, Connie Reimers-Hild, and Kim Bearnes; UNL Extension

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  • To help develop our future workforce, rural youth will discover viable career choices and gain measurable career/job skills consistent with the needs and opportunities in rural communities.
    Youth will be engaged with adults in meaningful leadership experiences that help them become
    more connected to rural community leadership needs and opportunities.
    Young adults will own and/or manage more businesses.
    Youth-­‐serving professionals, volunteers and community partners will possess the skills to create
    learning experiences that increase young people’s community connectedness.
  • Support entrepreneurs to develop and/or grow businesses that create jobs and bring young people to rural Nebraska. One opportunity is the development of food systems and natural resources profit centers. To achieve this outcome, we must consider local, regional and global opportunities.
    Facilitate the transfer of businesses, land and natural resources to retain wealth and provide capital to entrepreneurs and support rural community sustainability.
    Produce, process, and market local foods and agricultural products to increase food access/quality and create new jobs that will retain and bring young people to rural Nebraska.
    Develop agritourism and other business ventures that bring people to rural Nebraska. In addition to economic impact, people attracted to rural Nebraska may choose to stay.
  • Rural communities that provide the social, cultural, physical and health assets that attract and retain young people in rural communities.
    Engaged leadership that is inclusive of the people, interests and opportunities of the community and generates more diverse ideas/projects/goals.
    Community infrastructure (including technology/connectivity) that supports entrepreneurship and business development.
    A larger and better-­‐educated workforce that attracts new and/or expanded businesses.
  • Ask the question to get input on what they think success looks like! Have them type in chat -
  • NCompass Live: Opportunity - Collaboration - Engagement: UNL Extension's Community Vitality Initiative

    2. 2. Introductions…… Connie Hancock Kim Bearnes Connie Reimers-Hild
    3. 3. OPPORTUNITY Help Nebraska communities expand capacity to be vibrant, prosperous places where people want to live and raise families
    4. 4. MISSION Community Vitality Initiative Fosters the Future of Nebraska through: Community-centered capacity building Educational opportunities that are relevant and research-based Collaborative networks to address opportunities and challenges of rural people and places Collective impact – together we make a difference
    5. 5. Evolutionary Process….
    6. 6. Let’s Hear From You….
    7. 7. What opportunities do you see for potential partnerships and collaborations to help Nebraska communities?
    8. 8. COLLABORATION Innovative Collaborations Bringing Partners Together
    9. 9. Engaging Youth and Young Adults Developing and/or Growing Business Creating 21st Century Communities OUTCOMES
    10. 10.  Youth, as young adults, will:  Pursue career opportunities in Nebraska communities  Become contributing members of Nebraska communities  Own and /or manage more businesses in Nebraska communities  Communities will have a healthy structure for fostering community involvement  Youth and adults will create a shared vision for the community’s future ENGAGING YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS
    11. 11. ENGAGE YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS  Developing future workforce  Youth discover viable career choices locally  Own businesses  Local Opportunities  Provide meaningful leadership opportunities  Increasing community connectedness
    12. 12. ENGAGING YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS Social Entrepreneurship/Business Development Matchmaking/Mentoring Programs Community Awareness/Programming Training and Connecting Young Adults
    13. 13.  Rural Nebraska Businesses Develop and/or Grow  The creation and growth of rural Nebraska businesses  The creation and retention of jobs for rural Nebraska  An increase in the number of young people in rural Nebraska  Business resources transferred to maximize community wealth retention  Ag and Natural Resource Enterprises Start and Flourish in Nebraska Communities  The expansion of agriculturally based profit centers within the food and natural resource industry  Food access and quality are improved through the production, processing, and marketing of local food and agricultural products  Eco- and agri- tourism opportunities attract more people to rural Nebraska  Resources transferred to maximize community wealth retention and sustainability GROWING NEBRASKA BUSINESS
    14. 14. GROWING NEBRASKA BUSINESS  Entrepreneurial and Economic Ecosystem  Transitioning Community/Agriculture businesses  Business Answer Guide/possible collaborative project with Rural Futures Institute  Develop a model of best practices for offering work- based learning experiences in rural communities through internships and job shadowing  Creativity/Innovation exploration Online with customized consulting
    15. 15. GROWING NEBRASKA BUSINESS Support entrepreneurs  Opportunity - Food systems and Natural resources profit centers  Must consider local, regional and global opportunities Facilitate transfer of businesses, land and natural resources Local foods and ag products Develop agritourism/other business ventures
    16. 16.  Communities exhibit a healthy and vibrant environment where people of diverse backgrounds want to live, raise their families, work and grow their businesses  Community institutions and infrastructure are available to support, entrepreneurship and business development  Community members are involved and/or engaged to create their vision for the future  Leaders generate ideas, projects and goals to implement the community vision CREATING 21ST CENTURY COMMUNITIES
    17. 17. CREATING 21ST CENTURY COMMUNITIES  What assets attract and retain young people  Social, Cultural, Physical and Health  Engaged leadership  Community infrastructure  Broadband/Connectivity  Supports entrepreneurship  Educated workforce
    18. 18. CREATING 21ST CENTURY COMMUNITIES Leadership Ag Literacy and Advocacy Entrepreneurship/Economic Opportunities Education Vision
    19. 19. ENGAGEMENT
    20. 20. ENGAGEMENT Core Member Focus on Community Vitality Initiative Have expertise and knowledge that address the topic Active in the long-term creation and delivery of programs Engaged Member Members have identified Community Vitality as important to clientele Choose to participate at a greater level but not long term Program Member • Have specific program to market and deliver • Short term program delivery • Specific program, guest blogger, peer reviewer etc. • Identified for particular interest and skill.
    21. 21. COMMUNITY VITALITY INITIATIVE Growing Nebraska Business • Jessica Jones • Marilyn Schlake Creating 21st Communities • Phyllis Schoenholz • Randy Cantrell Engaging Youth and Young Adults • Angela Abts • Dennis Kahl • Linda Dannehl • Nancy Eberle • Shane Potter • Sue Pearman
    22. 22. DESIGN TEAM  Coaches – UNL Extension staff  Kim Bearnes  Connie Hancock  Cathy Johnston  Connie Reimers-Hild  D’Ette Scholtz  Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel
    23. 23. Join us - CVI listserv – and click on Subscribe to List - the name of the Community Vitality Initiative listserv is CVI
    25. 25. THANKS