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NCompass Live: Library in a Dash


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Joyce Neujahr, Director of Patron Services & Emily McIllece, Reference Associate, from the University of Nebraska - Omaha Criss Library, will show how by means of an information dashboard, you can cultivate library data to visually connect departments within your library and the wider community.
NCompass Live - July 18, 2012.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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NCompass Live: Library in a Dash

  1. 1. Librarians as Master GardenersMaking Statistics Bloom for Your Community Criss Library DashboardEmily McIlleceJoyce Neujahr
  2. 2. Our Weedy Patch•Many statistics in many places•Many platforms •Formatting mess•Many users and different logins•No true organization•Not useful•Need easy access and quick analysis
  3. 3. Our Vision•Free means to collect and display data•Easy to implement•Sustainable •Dashboard leaders from different departments•Adaptable•Satisfied report needs •Internal and External•Connect to the campus community •Advocacy •Demonstrate our Value
  4. 4. The Dig• Searched Library literature and Google •Prevalence of proprietary software •Primarily used in businesses• Experimented with numerous examples of dashboards • Nothing library specific • If it was free there was little flexibility • Rest were costly
  5. 5. Our Gardening Tools of Choice• Google Sites & Google Docs •Free •Easy •Customizable (mostly) •Updates in real time •Accessible anywhere, anytime •Choice of who sees and who edits
  6. 6. Seeds & Planting •Google sites •Can use Excel and Google Docs •Easily upload or download •From multiple data storage places to this
  7. 7. Blooming•Cultivate library data to visually connect: •Departments within the library •Budget •Annual reports •Collection development •Staffing • Wider community •Campus •Newsletter •Faculty Meetings •Advocacy purposes to other campus departments •Database usage •ILL requests from departments •Accreditations
  8. 8. So What?•Are annual reports required from your library?•Do you have data and need information?•Do you need to show ROI to your community?•Presentation to your board/institution•Visual presentation is often easier to understand
  9. 9. Questions? Comments?