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Research shows that library customers want their community libraries to provide them with books—and so much more! Building on this reality, the Nebraska Library Commission is providing a tool kit and resources to help Nebraska librarians get the word out: In Nebraska Libraries: Books Are Just the Beginning!

This edition of NCompass Live will focus on welcoming members of your community to your library and using specific marketing tools to send the Books Are Just the Beginning message to specific segments of your target audience. Join Mary Jo Ryan, Communications Coordinator at the Nebraska Library Commission, to share ideas and explore the best ways to make use of the campaign.

This campaign was made possible by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

NCompass Live
September 2, 2013

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  • JoAnn short report
  • At the end of JoAnn’s report, ask for the audience stories!
  • Some examples of programming and training
  • Website: designed for community members
  • Go to site to demo news feature
  • Go to site to demo blog post
  • Go to site to demonstrate video
  • Demo directory
  • Share some examples
  • Staff and Volunteers wear buttons to encourage library customers to “Just Ask!”
  • Customize bookmarks and business cards
  • Customize posters
  • Pencils for customers inside and outside the library…ask library customers to help with marketing…give them 2—1 for a friend/drop
  • Work with a group of staff and volunteers to fill in the blanks
  • We are looking for feedback, examples. We hope to see you at NLA…Thursday 8:00 a.m. or anytime in the Nebraska Library Commission booth.
  • NCompass Live: Get the word out with

    1. 1. Books Are Just the Beginning How can Nebraska libraries use this campaign to communicate with their target audience(s)?
    2. 2. And Sustain all the good work they’ve done—developing and enhancing public computer centers…… As of September 30, 2013: • Active Phase of Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities ends • Results
    3. 3. Equipment, Computer Furniture & Software Expended $2.3 Million on equipment, software & computer furniture Final equipment deployment compared to original project application: Actual Original Desktop Computers 837 634 Laptop Computers 534 462 ADA Desktop Stations 81 59 Total Computers: 1,452 1,155 (126% of goal) Printers 177 136 (130% of goal) Scanners 169 154 (110% of goal) Projectors 114 73 (156% of goal) Laptop Charging Carts 43 33 (130% of goal) Routers & Network Switches 275 288 (95% of goal) Computer Desks & Chairs 1,325 1,251 (106% of goal)
    4. 4. Broadband Upgrades 122 libraries have received a broadband upgrade—31 of which were upgrades to fiber (45 was our goal of which 5 were fiber) (122 represent an 83% upgrade rate—goal was 31%) Of the 122 upgraded, the average speed moved from 3.8 M to 20.4 M (a 16.6 M increase) Electrical/Computer Technicians 63 instances of electrical/connectivity wiring upgrades at 47 libraries 85 equipment installations completed through contracts at 64 libraries 114 equipment installation visits by grant staff Other 1,452 public computer workstations deployed—663 replacement & 789 new stations (9/30/13) 27,656 average public computer users per week at the 147 BTOP libraries in latest quarter Over 85,000 total training hours provided at our libraries
    5. 5. What’s Next? • Sustainability Phase begins • Programming and Communication = KEY to Sustainability • Communication tools
    6. 6. For login password, email:
    7. 7. Campaign Packet for Library Staff and Volunteers • Who are the best marketers to communicate the message: Books are Just the Beginning? • What are some ways to say, “Just Ask!” • How can you use these materials?
    8. 8. Campaign Folder: Tools for Library Staff and Volunteers
    9. 9. Mousepads for Library Public Computer Centers
    10. 10. Staff and Volunteers wear buttons as conversation-starters to tell community members how Books Are Just the Beginning at our library.
    11. 11. Customize bookmarks with your library message. Visit Your Library! NEtown Public Library 333 Nebraska Ave. NEtown, NE 33333 Sign up for Health Insurance! NEtown Public Library Special Help Available Thursdays, noon
    12. 12. Customize business cards with your library message. Call Your Library! 308-333-3333 Friend Your Library!
    13. 13. NEtown Public Library 333 Nebraska Ave. NEtown, NE 33333 Customize posters with your library message
    14. 14. Outreach • Share the message directly. • Go where the customers are. • Partner with organizations. • Speaking engagements • Interview shows • Sponsorship of community events/activities • Offsite seminars • Offsite workshops • Service club membership/presentations • Other club memberships • Offsite delivery of library services • Offsite demonstrations • Offsite displays • Other
    15. 15. Inreach • How can we create a sales/marketing force? – Staff – Volunteers – Trustees – Library Friends – Library Customers…super-customers • What tools can we give them?
    16. 16. Audience What Who When Results Adults: 20s and 30s Business Cards Circulation Staff/vol. Every day f/ 1 month 50% more workshop participants Communicate about: Resume Writing Workshop at the library
    17. 17. Nebraska Library Commission Reference Staff Practice “Just Ask!”
    18. 18. Contact Us Mary Jo Ryan Communications Coordinator 402-471-3434 JoAnn McManus Project & Program Coordinator 402-471-4870