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NCompass Live: EGAD! Bed Bugs in the Library?


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NCompass Live - Feb. 1, 2017

Yes, bed bugs can be found in a library. Libraries are not favorable environments for bed bugs to thrive, but they can hide in jackets, backpacks, and books. Jody Green from the Lancaster County Extension Office will discuss their life cycle and how to identify symptoms of infestations. Lincoln City Library staff, Julie Beno and Katie Murtha, will discuss how to recognize signs of bed bugs in the library and what steps to take if they are found.

Published in: Education
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NCompass Live: EGAD! Bed Bugs in the Library?

  1. 1. EGAD! Bed Bugs in the Library? Dr. Jody Green, Nebraska Extension Julie Beno, Lincoln City Libraries Katie Murtha, Lincoln City Libraries January 31, 2017 Hurrah for Nebraska! The land of the free, The land of the bed bug, grasshopper, and flea. ~ lyric from Staving to Death on My Government Claim
  2. 2. Today’s agenda Short video The lifespan and history of the Bed Bug Challenges for Libraries Policies and procedures Staff training Pictures
  3. 3. Bed bugs and Libraries!
  4. 4. Jody Green Everything you need to know about Bed Bugs
  5. 5. Are you ITCHING yet?  2012: Customer asked if a person could get bedbugs from books  2014: First introduction not infestation  We took the first book to the Extension office for bug identification.  Bed Bug Committee at Bennett Martin Public Library formed
  6. 6. Challenges for Libraries  Policy considerations  Providing training and determining best practices for staff  Treating materials  Determining workflow procedures and notifying customers  Providing information for the public
  7. 7. Policy Considerations Dealing with customers and bed bug damaged items: ◦ Discard or treat the materials? ◦ How to contact customer? ◦ Ban from using the library? ◦ Ban personal belongings? ◦ Require proof of treatment for reinstatement?
  8. 8. Staff Training All staff should be trained:  To identify bed bugs and bed bug damage  To know & follow workflow procedures  To know what to say to the public  To prevent transporting bed bugs home from the workplace  To protect themselves if bed bugs are found in the workplace: ◦ Tumble dry clothes on high heat (125° F or above) for 30 minutes or more. Contact County Extension for directions. ◦ Clothes that require dry cleaning should be kept in a plastic sealable bag until dry cleaning.
  9. 9. Workflow Considerations  Inspect materials and identify bed bugs or damage at check in  Determine if obviously damaged or suspected as damaged  Quarantine and treat materials  Charge customer and place holds for outstanding items on customer’s account  Contact customer  Post treatment inspection – discard or return to collection?
  10. 10. Treating Materials & Equipment Purchases  Equipment needed for treatment: ◦ Heat treatment Oven: 7 hours at 113° F ◦ Freeze treatment Freezer: 4 days at 0°F ◦ Lots of Ziploc bags & latex gloves!! ◦ Clorox wipes
  11. 11. Dogs? In the Library?  Spots, the bed bug sniffing dog-quarterly ◦ Bag identified materials immediately- we put in freezer ◦ Move furniture out of building-bag or wrap if possible
  12. 12. Providing Information to Customers  Draft and publish FAQs: ◦ How is the library addressing the threat of bed bugs? ◦ What if I return library materials that are found to contain bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs? ◦ Where can I find more information on bed bugs?
  13. 13. Examples
  14. 14. Bed Bug?
  15. 15. Julie searching! Thank you County Extension Office
  16. 16. Bed Bug Feces and Blood
  17. 17. Not Visible with Naked Eye
  18. 18. Final Thoughts & Questions?  We hire a bed bug sniffing dog quarterly  We go to other branches and train staff  We attend training sessions on bed bugs  Stay calm and everything will be OK!
  19. 19. Presenters  Dr. Jody Green ◦ Nebraska Extension Educator | Urban Entomologist ◦ ◦ 402-441-7180  Julie Beno ◦ Library Coordinator, Lincoln City Libraries ◦ ◦ 402-441-8535  Katie Murtha ◦ Librarian, Lincoln City Libraries ◦ ◦ 402-441-8592 Lincoln City Libraries, Lincoln, NE