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NCompass Live: Digital Literacy Handout

NCompass Live - 10/31/18

We all know that librarians are the information superheroes of the world. It’s only natural that we would hold the key to digital literacy!

When the topic is raised, people think of everything from learning e-readers, to practicing web safety, or building a website. This is all part of learning how to find, use, create and share digital content. The fun part is that digital literacy is always going to mean different things to different people. The trick is to find free resources library patrons will want to use.

This webinar will help you prepare to teach digital literacy in your library. Tune in to find out:
•What is digital literacy?
•How digital literacy is evolving
•Using free, existing resources to save time
•Deciding what to teach in your library
•Catering to a wide variety of patron needs
•Working with local schools

It’s time to put on your Digital Literacy cape and prepare your library for the future!

Presenter: Amanda Sweet, Technology Innovation Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission.

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NCompass Live: Digital Literacy Handout

  1. 1. PRESENTER: AMANDA SWEET AMANDA.SWEET@NEBRASKA.GOV TEACHING DIGITAL LITERACY IN THE LIBRARY HANDOUT What is Digital Literacy?  Learning Digital Devices & Tools  Selecting the right tools to seek, create and share digital content  Learning and practicing digital safety and ethics  Common Sense Media: What is Digital Literacy Learn Digital Devices  Google for Education: Android & Chromebook Devices Training (free w/ Google account) o  Digital Resources to Learn Basic Computing o  BrainPop: Lesson plans for Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Computer Basics & More! o Learn Digital Tools  Getting Smart- “12 Digital Tools to Try in 2018” (Tools for Blended Learning Education) o  The Digital Teacher: “Cambridge Assessment English: Training Videos & Lesson Plans” o  Digital Digital Tools for Professional Development/ Work Skills o Search & Find Information Digitally  Hubspot: “How to Search on Google: 31 Google Advanced Search Tips” o  Global Digital Citizen Foundation: “10 Strategic Steps for Teaching Online Research Skills o  BBC Academy: “Real versus Fake News” Lesson Plans o Digital Safety  Discovery Education- “Learn About Cybersecurity” (through interactive videos) o  Family Online Safety Institute “How to Be A Good Digital Parent Workshop” (Free) o  Digital Resources to find Health Information Online o
  2. 2. PRESENTER: AMANDA SWEET AMANDA.SWEET@NEBRASKA.GOV TEACHING DIGITAL LITERACY IN THE LIBRARY HANDOUT Copyright/ Plagiarism- Use of Information  Edutopia- “5-Minute Film Festival: Copyright and Fair Use for Educators” o  Common Sense Education: “The Right Stuff: Teaching Kids About Copyright” o about-copyright  “Teaching About Plagiarism” o Online Presence  Google for Education- “Manage Your Online Reputation” course o  “What is Cyberbullying”- also has other great learning resources o  Common Sense Education: “How to Teach Your Students to Think Before They Post” o think-before-they-post Sharing Ideas & Content Digitally  Discovery Education- Learn About Cyberethics o  Common Sense Education: “Netiquette”, Lesson Plan builder o  Right to Research Coalition: “Why Open Access?” o