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We all have people come into our libraries looking for help applying for food stamps, foster care, Medicaid, etc. Stacy Schenk, Community Support Specialist at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, will give us a tutorial on how we can best serve our patrons using their ACCESSNebraska website and resources.
NCompass Live - December 12, 2012.

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  • Introduce yourself. My position with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is that of a Community Support Specialist. Coordinate with Community Partners regarding ACCESSNebraska Provide outreach to the ESA about ACCESSNebraska and other State services To gain input from the community on ACCESSNebraska related to Web Services, Kiosks, Customer Service and Accessibility Explain why you are here today
  • ACCESSNebraska is DHHS’s new way of doing business. Traditional way was local offices, one worker, and paper applications DHHS will now have increased accessibility, responsiveness and efficiency. We will also be able to maintain accuracy at a much higher level with the web services, Customer Service Centers and Universal Caseload Process. *** EXAMPLE: The traditional way of doing business is that a client would get an application mailed to them, they would fill it out, mail it back, make an appointment with their worker for an interview (is worker available?), come into the office for the interview, wait for the worker to process the benefits. HOW DO WE DO IT NOW? Along with the web services, Customer Service Centers and Universal Caseload process, we have local office kiosks, the Interactive Voice Response Unit and Community Partners to help make ACCESSNebraska a success.
  • When you go to , this is the screen you will see. From here, you will need to decide if you want to view our web services in English or Spanish.
  • The interview is generally required for all programs except children’s medicaid or for current pay SSI medicaid.
  • Instead of calling their worker or even the Customer Service Center, the clients can report a change in their circumstances with the click of a button.
  • Clients can report changes in: Address/Phone Number Housing/Utility Bills Persons Moving In or Out Pregnancy Marital Status Disability Employment Child Support Child Care School Attendance Resources If the change does not fall under one of these categories, they can type it under OTHER.
  • For clients, they can: Check the statue of a recent application or current benefits Report a change or request additional services Complete or reschedule an interview Find a Child Care provider Ask questions For providers (like child care), they can: Get licensing, claim and payment information Order forms Or, they can be transferred to Resource Development during business hours This line will also be used for: Reporting fraud Other States checking TANF 60 month tracking Other States checking client eligibility Contractors (like Employment First) to make inquires
  • These are the roles DHHS is looking for from our Community Partners. Having the internet available to access the DHHS web site for self-screening, applications, change reporting and benefit inquiry for either your clientele and/or the public Having a printer available to print out things like a paper application or community resources from our web site for either your clientele and/or the public If you can help an individual log onto the computer If you can help an individual complete the application Can DHHS have ACCESSNebraska materials at your agency for clients to pick up?
  • This is what the Community Partners page looks like once you get added to it. Go over the information on this page.
  • Questions???
  • NCompass Live: ACCESSNebraska: the Department of Health and Human Services Website

    1. 1. Welcome to
    2. 2. Community Support Specialist• Liaison for the Local Community Partners• Recruit Community Partners and Provide Training to Community Partners• Answer Questions and Update Community Partners on Service Delivery and/or Program Changes• Receive and Investigate Concerns and/or Complaints
    3. 3. What is ACCESSNebraska? The Modernization of Economic Assistance Service Delivery in Nebraska
    4. 4. Structure of ACCESSNebraska• Customer Service Centers• Interactive Voice Response• Document Imaging• Universal Case Management• Functional Case Management• Local Offices• Web Services• Community Partners
    5. 5. Programs• SNAP Program (formerly known as Food Stamps)• Energy Assistance• Social Services for Aged and Disabled (SSAD)• Social Services for Children and Families (SSCF)• Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD)• Medicaid• Child Care Subsidy Program (Title XX)• Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (ADC)• Refugee Resettlement Program• Developmental Disabilities Program (DD)
    6. 6. Advantages to Applying Online• Get Your Application in Quickly• Save Time• Protect Your Privacy• Use Any Computer with Internet • Home • Library • Community Agencies • DHHS
    7. 7. Go to:
    8. 8. Screening Tool• Pre-Screening• General Information• Approximately 10 Minutes to Complete• Not Definitive
    9. 9. Create AccountUser Name and Password
    10. 10. CONGRATULATIONS,you havecompleted theACCESSNebraskaonline application.• The confirmationnumber verifies thatyour applicationhas been submittedand DHHS hasyour application.• You may printthis page asverification that youhave an applicationsubmitted withDHHS.
    11. 11. Completing Your Application• Name, Address and Phone Number• Application Date• You may have someone help you complete the application.• Confirmation Number
    12. 12. What Happens After I Submit My Application? • The Department may contact you • Interview – Telephone – Face to Face • Verifications
    13. 13. The Interview…• 1-800-383-4278• Choose Language• Press 1 – Benefits• Press 3 – Complete or Reschedule an Interview• SSN/Date of Birth• You may call prior to your scheduled appointment.
    14. 14. Online Change Reporting Tips• Verification may be needed• High Priority• Request a Document
    15. 15. Reporting a Change by Phone• 1-800-383-4278• Select Language• Say Benefits or Press 1• Say Report a Change or Press 2• SSN and Date of Birth• Say Operator or Press 0
    16. 16. Benefit Inquiry• PIN Required• Choose Own User ID and Password• Case Status, Eligibility/Benefit Amount, Historical Information, Correspondence
    17. 17. PIN Number Tips• Mail Only• Obtain a new PIN by: – Call the Customer Service Center – Send an online Change Report – Send an email to
    18. 18. On this page you will enter your PIN, Date of Birth,and Last 4 Digits of Your Social Security Number Click on: Continue to view your Benefits
    19. 19. Submit Documents• Verifications – Yes• Applications – No• Scan your documents and save to your computer prior to beginning this process.
    20. 20. Tutorials
    21. 21. Learn More About ACCESSNebraksa
    22. 22. Additional Ways To Communicate with ACCESSNebraska•Interactive Voice Response•Customer Service Center•E-Mail, US Mail or Fax
    23. 23. Interactive Voice Response 1-800-383-4278 For Clients• Check status of application• Check on current benefits• Report a change• Request additional services• Complete/Reschedule an interview• Ask questions For Providers • Receive licensing information • Receive claim/payment information • Order forms • Be transferred to Resource Development during business hours
    24. 24. Document Imaging CentersLincoln/OmahaCentralized Mail ProcessingApplication ManagementOmaha HUB Contact: Email : Mail: ANDI Center, PO Box 2992, Omaha NE 68102 Fax: (402) 595-1901
    25. 25. TIPS• Send copies, not originals• List Name and Master Case number on EACH page submitted.• If you do not know your Master Case number, list the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number along with your Name.
    26. 26. • Computer with Internet access is available for current clientele and/or public use• Printer is available for current clientele and/or public use• Willingness to assist the individual in logging onto the computer• Willingness to assist the individual in completing the DHHS application• Willingness to hand out ACCESSNebraska materials Can we identify your agency as a Can we identify your agency as a Community Partner on our website? Community Partner on our website?
    27. 27. Coming Attractions• Verification Tracking for Clients• Review letters – PIN• Pre-populated Review Applications• Community Partner/Provider Accounts