Focus on sustainability and advocacy - short grant application 2012 (White)


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This session will cover the importance of local fund raising (in addition to tax income) for keeping technology as up-to-date as possible, and how that can be achieved most effectively. Speakers will discuss the Nebraska Community Foundation and its programs; Lincoln City Library’s fund-raising efforts through its Foundation; ideas from “Turning the Page;” and the establishment of “sinking funds.” The general idea is that keeping library technology must be viewed as part of the cost of doing business in a modern library.

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Focus on sustainability and advocacy - short grant application 2012 (White)

  1. 1. Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund An affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation Grant Application ProceduresEligible ApplicantsNebraska public libraries located in communities of fewer than 3,000 residents.Steps to Apply 1. Review the attached Grant Guidelines. 2. Complete the short application. Short applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. Short applications received before October 1, 2011 will be considered for the grant cycle awarded in March 2012. Short applications received after October 1, 2011 will be considered for the grant cycle awarded in March 2013. 3. The Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) and/or the Nebraska Library Commission (NLC) staff will be in contact you to discuss your application within 30 days of receipt. 4. Short applications determined to be the best matches in each grant area may be asked to complete additional paperwork including a full application. 5. Complete the full application. Deadline for full applications is 5pm on January 13, 2012.Applications may be submitted via email (preferred), mail or hand delivered to the NCF office.Applications submitted via email should be completed using the MS Word fillable formprovided. Email: Mail: Nebraska Community Foundation Attn: Sheri Hink PO Box 83107 Lincoln, NE 68501-3107 Delivered: Nebraska Community Foundation Attn: Sheri Hink 3833 S. 14th Street Lincoln, NES:Affiliated FundsKREUTZ_Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised FundApplication MaterialsShort Grant Application 2012.doc March 15, 2011
  2. 2. Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund An affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation Short Grant Application – Grant Year 2012Applicant Organization InformationOrganization NameAddressCity State ZipContact Person TitlePhone Fax EmailPopulation of community served:Is the library currently accredited? No YesCheck One: Governmental Entity (village, city, county, school district, etc.) 501(c)(3) Organization Please submit copy of IRS Letter of Determination. Other – please specify: (Additional information may need to be submitted.)Grant AreaSelect the grant area in which you are applying. Choose one grant area per application. Planning Grant Enhancement Grant Facilities GrantProposal SummaryPlease provide brief responses to the following questions. Limit answers to fit within the spaceallowed – approximately 125 words per question.Grant Amount Requested: $Summary of Proposed Work: What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. 3. Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund 2012 Short Grant Application Page 2Statement of Need: Describe why this work is important to undertake at this particular time.Local Leadership: Describe the local leadership currently involved in this work and/or how theproposed grant will help foster leadership involvement. Comment on how this will help insustaining the improvements brought about using this grant.Match: Describe how you will meet the required match for the grant area in which you areapplying.Questions:Sheri HinkNebraska Community FoundationPO Box 83107Lincoln, NE 68501-3107shink@nebcommfound.orgPhone: (402) 323-7347 or (402) 323-7330Fax: (402) 323-7349
  4. 4. Grant Guidelines Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund An affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community FoundationThe Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund was established by the estate of Shirley KreutzBennett. A life-long learner, Shirley graduated from Harvard High School in 1941, earned a BAfrom the University of Washington, Seattle, plus an MA and PhD from Columbia University,NY. Shirley was a retired Professor of Education at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.Grants from the Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund will provide matching grants for publiclibraries in Nebraska communities with a population of fewer than 3,000.Eligible ApplicantsNebraska public libraries located in communities of fewer than 3,000 residents.GrantmakingGrants will be made in three distinct areas: Planning Grants (leading to accreditation);Enhancement Grants (leading to improvement of library services and/or programs); andFacilities Grants (contributing toward new facilities or the renovation, restoration orrehabilitation of current libraries). Community leadership must be exhibited in the grantapplication(s) indicating the likely sustainability of improvements attained. Grants will not bemade to form or grow endowments.Planning GrantsGrants for non-accredited public libraries working toward accreditationEligible activities include those which foster community support for basic library accreditation.Activities may include technical support, education, planning and collaboration. View publiclibrary accreditation guidelines at  Grant amount per year: $500 minimum; $2,500 maximum  Match required: 1:1 (in-kind match not allowed)  Timeframe: Multi-year grants possibleEnhancement GrantsGrants for accredited public libraries to enhance programs and servicesEligible activities will enhance or create community education and outreach programs orservices. Preference will be given to programs or services that benefit low-income individuals orfamilies, new Americans or underserved populations. Programs or services that promotefinancial literacy, civic engagement and entrepreneurship will also be considered. Existing ornew programs may be considered. Ongoing or routine costs such as utilities, equipment orsoftware purchases/upgrades are not eligible.  Grant amount per year: $2,500 minimum; $20,000 maximum  Match required: 1:1 (up to 50% of the match amount may be in-kind)  Timeframe: Multi-year grants possible P.O. Box 83107  Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-3107  (402) 323-7330  Fax (402) 323-7349
  5. 5. Nebraska Community Foundation Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund Grant GuidelinesFacilities GrantsGrants for accredited public libraries to improve their facilitiesEligible activities include construction of a new facility or rehabilitation or expansion of anexisting facility. Preference will be given to rehabilitation of historic libraries and to projectswith a long-term sustainability plan. On-going maintenance costs and costs previously incurredare not eligible.  Grant amount: $5,000 minimum; $20,000 maximum  Match required: 3:1 ($3 other funding:$1 KBDAF grant, in-kind match not allowed)  Timeframe: One-time grants onlyGrant ApplicationComplete the short application and submit to the contact below. After receipt and review of theshort application, grant seekers will be contacted. Those eligible for grants will be asked tosubmit a full grant application. Full grant applications are due mid-January of each year.Grant AwardsA total of approximately $70,000 will be granted each year. Grants will be awarded annually ineach grant area starting in 2012.Nebraska Library CommissionTo avoid duplication and to attempt to leverage existing resources, the Nebraska LibraryCommission has agreed to assist NCF and the Fund Advisory Committee with grantmaking.For more information contactSheri HinkNebraska Community 323-7347 or (402) 323-7330S:Affiliated FundsKREUTZ_Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised FundGuiding DocumentsGrant Guidelines_2012.docx July 20, 2011