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Big Talk From Small Libraries 2017 - Share the Gift of Reading


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Share the Gift of Reading
Traci McKeon, Librarian, Pleasanton Public Schools, Pleasanton, NE (Population served: 270)

Big Talk From Small Libraries 2017
February 24, 2017

Published in: Education
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Big Talk From Small Libraries 2017 - Share the Gift of Reading

  1. 1. Share the Gift of Reading Traci McKeon Pleasanton Public Schools Pleasanton, NE
  2. 2. Purpose To generate excitement for reading during the Holiday Break from school, some “little elves” and I wrapped nearly 300 library books in Christmas wrap and then right before break I let my students check them out. As the stacks of books grew, so did the excitement and by checkout day I had nearly 100% participation in the project!
  3. 3. Disclaimer :) First let me share that I work in a small library in a rural area. The population of the town is 342 and is nearly 100% Christian. On Wednesdays after school nearly all of our students go to one of 3 neighboring Christian churches for religious education and games, snacks, dinner, etc….This project can be modified so that it is not for “Christmas” if needed, but this works well for me and my school. One great suggestion I had for modifying this was to wrap the books to look like “animals” and put them in a nest or a “dog bed” and calling it “Teacher’s Pet’s”! Or you can just wrap books in pretty paper to celebrate “Book Week”
  4. 4. STEP 1: Select Books Notify all staff they need to stop by the library and pick some books. Minimum of 1 book per staff member. Include lunch room workers, paras, janitorial staff, office staff, etc... Help staff members find their favorite titles. Keep a checklist to track who has been in. Put a sticky note on each book or pile of books to track who chose them.
  5. 5. STEP 2: Purchase and Prepare Supplies Each book will need a blank barcode label attached to the outside in order to check it out to the student without them knowing the title or author. Prepare a barcode label for each book (hint: cut off title while wrapping) Buy or gather wrapping supplies Christmas paper, tape, markers I set the date for a small “party” for a group of volunteers to help with the wrapping. I asked several 7th/8th grade students and our Circle of Friends Group to help.
  6. 6. STEP 3: Wrap and Stack Have a party and wrap all the books! Each book needs: Wrap (I precut LOTS of squares in various sizes) Save 1 roll for use as needed Tape (1-2 rolls per table) Scissors (1-2 pair per table) Label To: YOU From: Staff Members' name Attach correct barcode Can add secret codes in the corners (B/G) (age/grade) Stack the books according to grade/age levels
  7. 7. STEP 4: Checkout Day Ensure proper books are under the tree as each class visits. Bins/Totes work well for quickly moving books in/out Gather students around and explain the project Let them choose books Checkout Watch for obvious mismatches HINT: I do not allow the students to open books in the library! Some teachers make them take the book home before unwrapping. Can make a small note explaining the project to send home
  8. 8. STEP 5: WHAT!!? I’m supposed to learn from this? #1 Accepting a "gift" gracefully The book might be one you would never have chosen for yourself. You have to read it anyway (or at least 2 chapters of it) #2 Create a relationship Have a conversation with the staff member who chose the book to thank them or find out why they picked it.“I don’t get to keep it AND I have to READ it?”
  9. 9. Questions? Comments? Contact me: Traci McKeon Pleasanton Public Schools 308-388-2041 THANK YOU!