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Talk story donated titles list 9 10


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Published in: Education
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Talk story donated titles list 9 10

  1. 1. Books donated for the Talk Story presentation by APALA. These books were given to the audience or added to the library collection. • Uchida, Yoshiko o Best Bad Thing o Jar of Dreams o Journey Home • Tan, Amy o Moon Lady • Watkins, Yoko o My Brother, My Sister, and I • Asai, Carrie (Samurai Girls Series) o Book of the Sword - #1 o Book of the Shadow - #2 o Book of the Pearl - #3 o Book of the Wind - #4 o Book of the Flame - #5 o Book of the Heart - #6 • Look, Lenore o Henry’s First-Moon Birthday o Love as Strong as Ginger o Ruby Lu, Brave and True o Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything o Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding • Yang, James
  2. 2. o Joey and the Jet in Space o Puzzlehead • Yu, Chun o Little Green • Sing, Rachel (Author) & Liu, Shao Wei (illustrator) o Chinese New Year’s Dragon • Kadohata, Cynthia o Kira-Kira o Cracker o Outside Beauty o Weedflower o A Million Shades of Gray • Wong, Janet o Alex and the Wednesday Chess Club o Homegrown House o Knock on Wood o Twist o You Have to Write o Behind the Wheel • Sierra, Judy • The Gift of the Crocodile • Demi o Boy Who Painted Dragons o Gandhi o Girl Who Drew a Phoenix
  3. 3. o Legend of Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching o Magic Pillow • Lake, Nick o Blood Ninja